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Heh. Just an apology note. Well, poem. Wrote this at 11:00 at night, after being completely sleep deprived for the whole day. Read at your own risk.

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I'm sorry...

I'm sorry I didn't stay strong

I'm sorry I let them get to me

Their promises felt so faithful

Oh, why didn't I listen to you?

Now I'm here, all alone

I wanted to fit in, to be popular

Now I'm lonelier than ever

I'm sorry for losing myself

I'm sorry for changing the way I act and think

I let them change me, I realize now

But, back then,

I thought I was finally figuring it all out

Now I know what they were trying to do

I'm truly sorry for not listening to you

But I promise I'll try harder from now on

What they told me made me feel so special

I felt so good about me for once

But I lost your trust

I can't stop replaying in my mind what you said to me

About not knowing me anymore

I promise I'm still me

I just need some time to unlearn what they said to me

I promise I'm still me

I'm sorry for not talking to you sooner

I'm just realizing how much it would've helped

I guess it was part of their plan

To make me mistrust everyone around me

I'm sorry for making you feel so bad

I'm sorry I let them break me

I'm sorry if these apologies feel empty

But I honestly don't know what to do

I'm sorry for everything I did

I just felt so lost...

But, I promise I'll make it up to you

I promise I'll trust you more

I promise I won't listen to their empty promises anymore

I promise I'll stay strong next time

But please forgive me

Without you, I'm nothing

Without your trust, I don't know what I'll do

I can't handle everything right now

I need you to forgive me

I need you in my life

I'm truly sorry

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Lyra Auburns I'm extremely awful at writing biographies. Let's just pretend I wrote a very inspirational biography, that is so amazing that it filled 500 pages, is printed in 72 languages, and it won a Nobel prize or something like that.

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