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Elanssa Mortem is a young girl who just,leathery bat wings?! She learns from her parents how they met and their love story from there.

Fantasy Not for children under 13.

#action #paranormal #fantasy #adventure #romance #Vampire
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Chapter One

Elanssa Mortem was a young sixteen year old girl who lived in a beautiful mansion with her two loving but weird parents.She had long black hair,eyes like a snake and sharp nails that were more like claws.She was proper and liked to wear long historical dresses and take a walk in the forest.

She was taking this walk,when all of a sudden,leathery black wings appeared on her back.She screamed:


They quickly ran to her side.

They didn't say anything.

"What?" She asked.

"I guess we should start from the beginning." They said.

Characters in Gacha Club:

Elanssa Mortem:

Morgan Mortem (Her Mom):

Christopher Mortem (Her Dad):

Christopher Mortem (With wings):

Elanssa Mortem (With wings):

Morgan Mortem (With wings):

*Elanssa isn't a real name-I made it up!

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