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The image of a lake house is NOT MINE. I got it off goggle Two siblings, Cathy Carry and Theo Carry, are going on a road trip to their brand new lake house in new york city, a few hours from where they live. What they don't know is they're not there for a week off of school, but for their parents "unfinished business." The lake house looks fancy from the outside, but has a dark meaning and history. Will Cathy and Theo find out what their parents have been hiding ever since they were a baby? A littel bit about the characters Mark Carry (dad) : Loves any type of music, is 47, born in 1975, May 2nd. Anne Clark (mom) : Loves animals, playing piano, and guitar. Is 46. born in 1976, May 13. Cathy Carry (sister) : Likes wearing shorts and staying in p.js. Loves watching and making tiktoks. Likes basketball and texting her friends Is 14 years old and born in 2008, June 10. Theo Carry(brother): Loves soccer. Playing on his phone. Playing outside with is friends. Is 13, born in 2009, May 11

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Arrival at the Lake House

The Carry's were on their way to their new lake house in New York City that had just been renovated and is now done construction. The lake house was a few hours away from where they lived so when they traveled there, it would be a "fun" family road trip, right? Well this isn't one of thoes fun, cheerful roadtrips. The Carry family is mysterious, and cold . This was just a cover up for Mr and Mrs Carry to finish their "unfinished business." Theo and Cathy had no idea what their parents had been up too this whole time, so they didn't expect anything, as any "normal" kid would. Theo, being annoying to everyone kept questioning why they had to leave school for the week just to go. "I thought we were gonna go this summer?" Theo kept announcing the same thing over and over again. But they would keep replying the same thing. "We just thought you both needed a break, after all you both are topping your classes." That started getting old because that would be the same answer everytime. Of course, they didnt question anything at the time, but they didn't know what was to come for them.

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To be continued... New chapter Every week.

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