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Tessa loves to photograph things! From discarded trash to well-grown gardens,she snaps it all with her camera! When she’s assigned to photograph the haunted Blythe mansion,said to be haunted by a lonely girl named Gehenna,she finds unexpected love along the way..

Paranormal Vampires Not for children under 13.

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Chapter One

Once upon a time,in the year 2018,there was a sixteen year old girl named Tessa.She had long blond hair and dark brown eyes.Her freckles danced around her face.Tessa saw the beauty in everything (Even in discarded plastic cups!) and wanted to capture that beauty.

That's why she became a photographer.

She went to a high school that specialized in photography and went to the photography class.She was learning so much and having a wonderful time.

One day,her teacher,Mrs.Melissa walked up to her and gave her the toughest assignment yet.

"Tessa,come here." She said.

She came.

"You are going to photograph the Blythe mansion.You will stay there for a week and you will hand me the photographs for our showcase on Halloween." Mrs.Melissa said.

"But..that place is haunted!" She panicked.

"Oh please.Blythe mansion isn't haunted! It's just old! There is a reason I asked you and not the other students.I know favoritism is wrong,but you are an exceptional student and I can't pick anyone else.You are going to take pictures of that mansion,yes?" Mrs.Melissa wouldn't take no for an answer.

She nodded.

"Then what are you talking to me for?! GO! Be a future photographer!" She waved her off.

Tessa was about to leave,but before she left,Mrs.Melissa called out:

"Everything happens for a reason,Tessa.Everything."

So Tessa the photographer stood in front of the haunted Blythe mansion.She swore she saw a girl look at her from the window.

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