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Victoria Leana is just getting used to Rose’s presence.It’s a lot living with a ghost girl,you know. But Rose isn’t the only paranormal being she’ll have to worry about.. *The cover is one of my dolls.

Paranormal Not for children under 13.

#paranormal #fantasy #friendship #ghost #creepy #adventure #Doll #action #haunted
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Chapter One

It was on a December night when nineteen year old Victoria Leana heard a strange noise in her bedroom..

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There will be six photos and the last one will show Rose as a ghost.There will be detailed wounds from her death.)


Rose (alive) (She's one of the ghosts):

Rose's doll:

Rose's doll in real life (The doll isn't actually possessed,I just thought of making a story about her):

The back of Rose's doll in real life:

Rose (ghost):

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