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Dave Dalin was living his life until one day while he was on his way to school, he was pushed from a bridge and was hit by a car. Moments after he was hit, he found himself in a new world. In which he is being called as "Demon Lord".

Fantasy Epic For over 18 only.

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Chapter 1

On a sunny Monday morning in September, Dave Dalin, an average guy, was going to school. He was wearing a very formal suit. He had short straight black hair and yellowish-green eyes. He was also very slim and seemed relatively tired every now, and he closed his eyes for a bit longer periods.

"Ah... the first day of school again, I hate it. I am so tired... I shouldn't have read for so long. I think it was 2 am when I stopped reading. But it was so good; my last few hours without having to think about anything, especially about school. How long will I be left alone, I wonder. Two hours maybe? That might be a miracle. I can't wait to go back to being bullied again, especially by her... "

Thought Dave to himself as we took a deep sight as he stopped by a red light and looked around. It was early in the morning, so no cars were on the road.

"Oh, this system. No cars, but I still have to wait 75 seconds before being able to cross this damn road. It would be great if today was the first day of the summer holiday..."

Mumbled Dave as he crossed his arms and started tapping on his elbow with his finger. And after about a minute, he could cross the road but couldn't walk for too long because he got another red light.

"Are you kidding me? This should not be red this soon! My luck again! The first day of school, and every time I want to cross the road, I get a red light, great!"

Said Dave, and now he started to get frustrated. After three more red lights, he finally reached a long bridge and started crossing it.

"Great, now I just have to cross this bridge. A portion of it goes over a busy road and the rest over water; because whoever designed this school had to choose an island for it. At least it has a great view."

Thought Dave as he was walking. Dave looked at his watch; then, he decided to stop and looked down at the passing cars.

"I wish I was already finished with my studies, and I could be free, or at least freer."

Said Dave as he leaned onto the metal fence of the bridge. As he was looking ahead of him, he felt like time slowed down around him. He could hear the birds twittering. However, this calm stat didn't last for very long because he heard a shout.

"Daly! Did you miss me? I hope you did! Here let me show what I have learned during my summer holiday!"

"It's not Daly; it's Dave."

Said Dave angrily and was about to turn around, but suddenly he felt a powerful wind coming towards him. The wind was so strong that the next thing he saw was him being above the road. The wind was strong enough to lift him higher than he was initially, and he could see that the fence was slightly bent where the wind hit it. In the next second, Dave started falling.

"Oh no! Daly!"

Shouted someone, but it was too late. Dave was almost instantly hit by a car before he could have landed on the road. The driver instantly put on the brakes and lost control of the car. As for Dave, He was sent to the side of the road, which was solid concrete; he hit it so hard it slightly cracked behind him. Dave was layin on the ground and vomited blood and could say one thing.


Dave closed his eyes, but he could hear as the cars stopped and that their door suddenly opened. He could hear loud steps, but then everything went silent, and he found himself floating in darkness.

"So this is it... I died... great job me! I managed to die three days before my 20th birthday! At least I will no longer need to worry about going to school, being bullied, and being forced to study things which I will probably never use. "

Commented Dave as he was still floating in nothingness; however, suddenly, he heard another voice.

"Please...wake up"

"What the"


"What is this voice? I can't recognise it!"

"My lord!"

"Alright, I think this is for someone else; I am sure I am just hearing things now!"


Dave closed his eyes and thought to himself.

"What is going on... Are they bringing me back from the dead? Also, I am starting to feel a strange pain in my arm and stomach. I think they are... putting me together, maybe? Does that mean I will just open my eyes and... "

Before Dave finished his monologue, he opened his eyes and found himself laying on the floor in some sort of cave. Next to him stood a man and a woman.

"...wake up in a hospital... it seems I was wrong. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!"

After he finished his line of thoughts, he tried to look around and noticed the man and the woman who were hugging each other. The woman was crying, and the man was gently patting her back.

"HEY, what the hell is going on?!"

Shouted Dave, and upon hearing his voice, both the man and the woman jumped up and quickly looked at him. Dave tried to stand up while looking at them, but something prevented him from standing up. After trying to stand up, he felt a surge of pain coming from his stomach and his left arm.

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