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The story is about a girl "Sarah" and after dying how she meets the Grim Reaper, "Simon". Inspired from a story boarding assignment of mine and a text game, this here is my first story. This is my first every story albeit short, so I'm open to any constructive criticism. Do leave a review. Thank you.

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Sarah And The Grim Reaper

“Ahhhhh” yelled Sarah. Police sirens can be heard nearby. Sarah is just sitting when suddenly a hand reaches her from behind and grabs her shoulder. “Sarah?” asks the man, “What are you doing here?”. “None of your business Jim” Sarah mumbled. “Well seeing my wife sitting in front of our house when she should be at the hospital working is very much my business ma’am” Jim scoffed. Sarah smiled. Jim sat beside her asked what happened. “Well, when I said bye and just left the house, I got a call from the hospital and they said that my shift will start from evening till midnight” Sarah was complaining while Jim only nodded. “It’s okay” Jim patted her head, “I’ll pick you up after work and keep your favourite food ready at home, okay?”. “Love you Jim” Sarah hugged Jim and they both went inside the house.

“I am just so stressed” Sarah sighed, “I have spent all these years in med school and now working day and night in a hospital. All these years I worked so hard that I couldn’t enjoy a bit”

“You will get your chance Sarah, believe it” Jim assures Sarah.

“Hope so Jim” Sarah smiles.

Jim smiles and kisses Sarah.

“I am going to take a nap then” Sarah said and went to her room.

“My lady” Jim knocked on Sarah’s door. “Yep, I’m ready” Sarah said. She got out of her room in an all-blue hospital uniform with her side bag. They got out of the house and got into their car. “You haven’t left anything in the house, right?” Jim asked Sarah “Because I’m not coming back to get it”. Sarah laughed and shook her head. While on their way to the hospital Sarah was continuously looking at Jim and Jim when noticed her staring at him, he asked what happened. “Nothing” Sarah said while smiling, “Was just wondering how lucky I am to have you beside me, so lucky that I can die as a happy person”. Jim sighed, “okay dumbhead but no talking about the dying stuff”. Sarah just smiled. Jim stopped the car in front of the hospital and Sarah got off. “I’ll pick you up after your shift so make sure to call me few minutes before your shift ends” Jim said to Sarah. “Okay love” Sarah nodded. After Jim left, just before Sarah went inside, she felt as if someone was watching her. She looked around and found no one so she hurriedly went inside.

While Sarah was at work, Jim was at home working on his laptop. Suddenly, a notification from his backup drive appeared and when he clicked it some old photos appeared on the screen. Jim who now forgot he had work started scrolling through his childhood photos and at the end there was an old photo of him and Sarah. Jim smiles as tears falls down from his eyes. “I need a break” Jim wipes off his tears, closes his laptop and gets up from his seat.

Sarah after taking a break was passing through the corridor. It was nearly midnight. She was walking and texting Jim to come and pick her up. Suddenly, Sarah stopped near a room and felt as if someone was watching her. MORGUE was written on the room nameplate. “Sarah” someone yelled, scaring Sarah. “WHAT THE HELL ANNIE?” Sarah shouted while holding her chest, “I almost got a heart attack, I could have died”. Annie was giggling “Well the morgue is right here”. Sarah sighed, grabbed Annie jokingly and went to the front desk to get her stuff. “Well, I’ll be going now” Sarah said to Annie and started walking towards the exit, “don’t miss me” Annie said while Sarah smiled and waved.

“Sorry Sarah I will be there in an hour or two” Jim said over the phone, “the car has gone dead for some reason”. “Okay come quick” Sarah ended the call and just stood on the sidewalk scrolling through her phone.

Meanwhile cab driver Bill, who was trying his hard to stay awake couldn’t stay awake and longer and fell asleep on the wheel and the car lost control.

Sarah lifted her head to saw a high-speed car coming towards her and then suddenly everything turns black.

Sarah opened her eyes, checked her body to make sure she’s fine and almost celebrated until she saw the lifeless body of hers lying in a pool of blood.

Few hours later, Sarah was sitting on the sidewalk near the accident zone. Police sirens can be heard.

“Well, that’s quite the mess”

Sarah looked back and saw a mysterious figure appearing out of nowhere.

“Hey there” Sarah greeted.

“uhm” the figure was confused “aren’t you confused about the situation and scared of me or anything?”

“Nope” Sarah said instantly “I know exactly what’s going on and who are you”

“In that case, call me Simon” the figure said, “so are you ready to take my hand Sarah?”

“I have some unfinished business here Simon” Sarah replied, “and it will take days to finish so you will have to stick with me”.

Simon sighed. “It can’t be helped”

Sarah smiled “then let’s get started”.

“This is....” Simon was confused.

“An amusement park” Sarah finishes his sentence and goes inside.

Meanwhile Jim was at the police station.

“I am sorry sir” an officer said, “I know its hard for you right now but you have to fill out the required paperwork to take the body with you sir”

“I understand” Jim said in a low voice.

Few days later,

Jim was standing near Sarah’s grave in a black suit, “This would not have happened if I had come earlier”. Jim starts crying.

“I am so sorry Sarah”

“Hey Sarah” Simon calls her, “these past few days we have been going all around the world thanks to our teleportation, but I don’t get one thing”

“I know Simon” Sarah replies, “Instead of being with him I am sitting in a cliff watching the sunset”

Simon looks at her, confused

Sarah continues, “I spent most of my life obeying my family and studying and working that I forgot to enjoy and the days were honestly getting harder and harder for me. The only thing that kept me going was Jim and I am going to see him after this and then I’ll go with you”

Simon nods but says nothing.

“Look how beautiful the sunset is”.

“Look Simon” Sarah says “my home looks as good as ever”

Sarah and Simon went inside but didn’t find Jim there.

“Let’s wait till he’s back” Sarah said to Simon.

Sarah then looks around and finds Jim’s laptop open.

“This picture” Sarah sits in front of the laptop “this was when we first met”

Sarah tries to touch the laptop’s screen but her hand goes through the screen.

Suddenly they hear a car outside.

“It’s Jim” Simon says.

Jim enters, looks around and then sits in the sofa.

“Oh dear” Sarah says while going towards him. She hugs him from behind, “My love, I know its lonely without me but that’s life you know? Where there’s life there’s death and death really come without warning. Stay Strong Jim, even after death I still love you and I will keep loving you”

Sarah while hugging Jim nods to Simon.

“Let’s go Sarah” Simon says


Sarah slowly fades away.

Jim suddenly felt something and looks around but took a deep breath and went inside his room.

“So” Sarah asks while flying with Simon, “what does afterlife looks like?”

“You tell me” Simon replies

A bright white light appears.

“It looks like...” Sarah smiles as everything turns white.

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