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The insight

After all these years, I have been alive, I have never expected this. Everyone I killed ruthlessly, never expected it like this. I killed my whole family: father, mother, brother's, sisters without showing mercy. Hahaha 😂😂 ruthless right.

The pain of losing to this is insufferable. Being killed by your own blood. Especially the one you never expected.

Being killed by my own daughter, the one you never expected.

Can't blame her, it's all my fault. I ignored my kid, saw them as nothing but tool, even killed their mother. A woman who want only money and wealth. Which made them motherless.

Like father like daughter killing runs in the family

I wish I can change it.

I don't care if I die but I can't let my kids be like me. I can't let her be like this. If I can change their future and make them love each other. I will be happy.

Well, Good BYE

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