John Newton

Two teens find themselves in an intense situation when their friend summons a being that causes people to act on their darkest desires.

Thriller/Mystery Not for children under 13.
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Somewhere in Missouri is a small town that pretends to be bigger than it is. Housing more shops and autopart related services than necessary, lacking almost anything interesting for rambunctious teens to do that doesn't require money to spend.

But the library is open.

I'm John, my girlfriend is Ashley and the third and most Gothic friend is cheylo. It is 7:30 pm according to my phone, and we just left a domino's pizza after eating. And I feel like I should explain to you while on the curb with my group what we look like.

I'm a 19 year old guy, pale with brown messy hair and blue eyes, average height, I got a grey hoodie on with blue shorts and black nikes.

Ashley is an 18 year old girl, white with light brown long hair and blue eyes, a little shorter, she has a white sweater and blue jeans on with grey fur boots.

Cheylo is a 19 year old girl, native American with brown eyes and black hair, same size as Ashley, imagine a stereotypical goth minus the piercings aside from a septum and you have cheylo.

"Hear me out, I know you guys aren't super big on paranormal stuff but this is gonna be fun!" Cheylo interrupts my train of thought.

Ashley assures Cheylo that paranormal games are pretty dangerous and can effect all of us negatively.

"Remember your randonautica phase? You got stranded in an abandoned hotel with no ride out, was that fun?" Ashley reminds her

I wasn't there to help her but it still sounded stressful.

"Yeah chey, that didn't sound fun.. maybe we should tone down the scary stuff" I suggest. Cheylo rolls her eyes and chuckles. "It's like paranormal truth or dare, we play truth or dare with a demon. It's not as bad as you think guys" cheylo says and wraps her arms around me and Ashley

"Look at you typing away, what are you typing anyway??" Ashley asks and cheylo reads over my shoulder but I stop a second and shoo them away

"Just a little story, I'm gonna be a platform writer"

I say and finish typing my sentence.

"Well, if it keeps you from gaming all day it's good with me" Ashley jokes, cheylo fake scoffs and mentions her epic gamer status as well.

"I at least accept SCARY truth or dare, want to join, john?" Ashley asks

"It's gonna be fun homie!" cheylo adds. I roll my eyes and stand up, to follow them as they were behind me on the sidewalk.

"Truth or dare in a scary place sounds pretty exciting I guess, as long as nothing too freaky happens I'm in!" I say enthusiastically. This is a game we haven't tried before so it's new and exciting for me, though I have a feeling there's more to it that chey is hiding... but as of now if we get uncomfortable we can always change to regular truth or dare. Nothing could possibly be that bad when three friends can control all the dares and have chicken outs.

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