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Seventeen year old Victoria Leana and her parents move to a haunted house,said to hold evil spirits. Well that house also has a possessed doll. Between evil spirits and an evil doll,whatever will Victoria do? Will she survive? Or will she die and join the crowd? *Cover is one of my porcelain dolls.It’s what the possessed doll will look like.

Paranormal Not for children under 13.

#paranormal #evil #ghost #doll #scary #inkspiredstory #hauntedhouse #Creepydoll
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Chapter One

My name is Victoria Leana and this is my story.

Last summer,I was seventeen and drawing pictures to my heart's content,happy to be where I was,suddenly,my Mom comes in,saying:

"Victoria,we're moving to a new house! It's cheap and beautiful." She said.

My Mom opened the door to my room and showed me the house we were moving to.

I looked at the mansion in the photo.It looked old and abandoned.

"Are you kidding? That house looks haunted.Besides,why do we need to move? We're perfectly fine where we are now." I said

"Victoria,this neighborhood has better job opportunities for me than the neighborhood we are currently living in and the schools there are spectacular.We can make a living in this place." My Mom said.

It was no use.We were moving in that house.

I did not like the look of that house..

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