amber-pain Amber Pain

Crystal painfully woke up she was laying in a puddle of blood with Lilly dead next to her...anger and vengeance now runs through Crystals vanes someone killed the love of her life and they will pay...

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A puddle of blood

At first Crystal saw nothing but black. 'am I dead?' but soon the question was answered. Crystal felt rain it was cold and refreshing. She slowly opened her eyes. Crystal wasn't dead "I-I'm A-alive" the words stumbled out of her yes she was alive Crystals haert leped she slowly turned her head painfull through it was she moved her haed to look at Lilly. Crystals heart felt like it was going to stop and she would have died right there and then. For lying next to Crystal was Lilly...dead she had been shot in the heart and had died swiftly and yet an painful death. Crystal tried to scream but nothing came out she tried to move and get up but the pain of losing the love of her life she had no more hope. So not being able to move Crystal just layed there. she felt like she was in a puddle Crystals curiosity helped her hoples heart and she lifted her hand. As a car passed there was a moment of light against the black night sky there on her hand was blood she was laying in a puddle of blood...

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