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Stella is a bold demon girl who isn’t afraid of getting into trouble.Amanda is a more reasonable angel who isn’t a goody-two shoes. Both have been friends for the longest of times. When a power-hungry female demon called Luanne threatens to destroy the human (and possibly supernatural) world,the two must work together to stop her. From battling living donuts to undead zombies,these two are ready for anything. Are they ready for their friendship to grow into something more?

Humor Satire Not for children under 13.

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Part One

Once upon a time, there were two girls in the spiritual world.They were teenagers.Not normal teenagers.One was a demon (An actual demon).Her name was Stella.She was dangerously beautiful.She had white hair and red eyes.She had zebra print nails.Her nails were so beautiful that any girl would have been jealous.This girl was also weird.She liked eating worms and snails.Alive.But she was awesome to be around.That's why she had a best friend.

Her name is Amanda.She's an angel (an actual angel).Amanda was beautiful,too.But in a different way.She had long,auburn hair and hazel eyes.Her nails were blue with pink hearts on them.Amanda was,well,angelically beautiful.Who knew the girls would get in trouble?

It all started when Stella suggested that they sneak on God's study and find out what if he was keeping secrets from them. Amanda was reluctant,but she did it anyway. After many hours,they found a file on a person named Luanne.

"Who's Luanne?" asked Stella.

"Let's find out." said Amanda.

Apparently Luanne was an evil villain that almost destroyed the world.She was dead now, but who knew when she would be at large again?

That's when God stepped in his office.


"What?" asked Stella.

"Oh dear.." said Amanda.

Then he zapped his fingers and sent them to earth as four year old human girls.

They fell with a thud on the ground.

"That's strange.Why do I feel pain? We're immune to pain." said Stella. But Amanda was too busy looking at their surroundings.

That's when Stella noticed that Amanda was replaced by a little human girl.


She also noticed that her voice sounded strange.Like a little girl's voice.

"Amanda, I think we turned into humans!"

"But that's-"

"Our voices sound weird,and you look like a little girl."

They ran over to a nearby pond to look at their reflections.Indeed,they were little human girls. They looked four years old.Stella had,long ,dark hair with big brown eyes.Amanda had,long,auburn hair,and brown eyes.

"Damn it! God punished us because we looked at secret files! Arrrghhh!!!!" yelled Stella.

"Now,Stella.I know we're in a human forest and look like four year olds,but we can still find Luanne.I stole the files and we can look at them for clues so that we can defeat her." Amanda said.

"But she's dead and even if she does turn out to be alive,we can't defeat her.We're four year old humans,remember? She'll be powerful and capable of defeating us." Stella pointed out.

"I guess that's for us to figure out. In the meantime,let's find a place we can stay." Amanda said.

The girls struggled in the forest, searching for a place to stay.They finally found a house right in the middle of the forest.

"Why would you want to live in the middle of the forest?" asked Stella.

"People are peculiar creatures. They like to live in different places. At least there are plenty of worms and snails for you!" exclaimed Amanda.

They knocked on the wooden door.A young woman opened it.She had long,black hair and red snake eyes.She wore a blood red dress."Come in,little girls." She said with a sickening grin.It would've scared the deepest demon from Hell.But,nevertheless,they went in.

"I don't like this." quivered Stella.

"Nothing is going to happen to us! Calm down." Amanda said,rolling her eyes.

"Feel free to go anywhere. Except the attic.Never go in there." and with that,the woman locked the door.

"What was that you said about nothing happening to us?" The girls asked.

"Guess what? We're going to the càfe.I have dresses for you girls upstairs.Get ready!" The creepy lady yelled excitedly.Almost like a crazy person.

They ran up the stairs.Each of the girls went to their rooms and saw dresses.Amanda's dress was blue tulle and decorated with roses.Stella's dress was black tulle with dead roses."How does this lady know what we like?" asked Stella to herself.

The girls put on the dresses.They were WAY too tight. So tight they were choking."I-'m-takkk...inng -this-dre-ss off." She said in between gulps.

"Ag-reeee-d." choked Amanda.

They tore the dresses off and instead put on identical ruby dresses they found in an old chest.They walked down the stairs,grateful they didn't wear those tight dresses.The lady was furious.They were supposed to wear those dresses.Why weren't they wearing them?

"How come you're not wearing the dresses I made you?" She asked.

"Too tight." They said in unison.

"Well,let's just go." She said.

They walked out of the forest and into a hustling,bustling,town.Cars zoomed everywhere.People looked at their cellphones, immersed in some other world.

"Are those human life sources?" asked Stella.

"No.They're cell phones.Humans love looking at those devices.No one knows why.It's one of Earth's greatest mysteries." answered Amanda.

They followed the scary woman to an equally scary cafe.It was called "Destroyer Donuts."Under the name it read "So good it will destroy you!"The place had frames of dried up donuts.The walls were a deranged pink,and the people who worked there looked at them funny.It was a scary place.

"We should run." said Stella.

"It's fine. No one will hurt us." But even Amanda didn't look convinced.

The woman ordered two donuts,one chocolate and one strawberry.She uttered words over the donuts before passing them to the girls.

When they took the donuts,the donuts jumped off their hands.Then the donuts shot laser beams at them.They laughed evilly.


The donuts weren't just trying to kill them.

They were trying to kill everyone.

Well, everyone except the workers.They were cackling with the black-haired lady.

"Mwahahahaha! I,the great Luanne,shall rule once again! Destroy,my lovely creations!DESTROY!" Luanne cackled.

"How do we defeat her?" asked Amanda.

"Either we step on them.." just then Stella stepped on a donut. It inflated itself back to life.

"..or we eat them."

She picked up a donut and ate it. It died in her mouth.

"But-" Amanda was saying,but she got interrupted.

"We have no choice! Tell everyone to eat the donuts! Now!" Stella yelled.

Amanda shouted at the top of her lungs (which is extremely loud,by the way): "EAT THE DONUTS!! NOW!"

Soon,everyone was stuffing donuts in their mouths.It was quite disturbing,watching them wriggling and screaming.But,it was effective.

"You think those are the only donuts I have? I made plenty more.Attack!" Luanne yelled.

More donuts came out at Luanne's command.

They came storming out of nowhere,chattering evilly and jumping at humans,ready to kill them.

"How are we supposed to defeat them NOW?! There are millions of donuts waiting to kill us, and we can't just eat them." cried outAmanda.

"Amanda,look!" Stella shrieked.

"Stella, what's more important than the world crumbling before us?" Amanda asked.

"It's God!" She yelled.

"What?" Amanda asked.

It indeed was God.God came shining down on them,and then he said: "Well,I guess I shouldn't have banished you. After all,you are going to save our butts."

"We don't have time for this,God! The world is being destroyed." Stella yelled.

"You might change your mind,Stella." God said.

Mist surrounded them.They grew taller and their hair and eyes changed color. "We're becoming our normal selves!" exclaimed Stella.

"This is great!" She yelled happily.

"Don't just stand there,use your powers that I gave back!" God yelled.

"You're right,God. Amanda,let's go blast some donuts." Stella said.

They really did go,as Stella would say,"blast some donuts."

The two girls used their powers to destroy the donuts.Stella with her demon powers and Amanda with her angel powers.

Pretty soon, the donuts were dead.But Luanne had one more trick up her sleeve.She yelled: "Spirits of the demon sweets,give me my full powers!"

Suddenly,Luanne was surrounded by weird colors and green mist.When the mist cleared,Luanne wasn't there.Instead there was an angry,ugly,monster.It had black fur that looked like Luanne's hair,and it had red eyes like Luanne.But it had big weird fangs and an ugly growl.

"What's that stinky thing?" asked Stella.

"I think it's Luanne as a monster." She replied.

The ugly,stinky,monster ran towards them.

"I'd never thought I'd say this,but RUN!" yelled Stella and the girls ran.

"How are we supposed to defeat THAT?!" shrieked Amanda.

"I really don't know." She replied.

The girls did the first things that came to their mind.They beat the tar out of the monster by using their powers.Yet it still got up and destroyed buildings.

"WHY ISN'T THIS STUPID,UGLY,WEIRD,MONSTER DEAD ALREADY?!" Stella yelled and when Stella yells,you know something terrible is happening.

"I KNOW,RIGHT?! WHY CAN'T IT JUST DIE?!" Amanda replied.See,Amanda never wishes for anything to die,but today had exceptions.

The monster wobbled after hearing them yell.Almost like it was dying...

"Wait,does the monster die when we yell?" Stella asked.

"I guess so." Amanda replied,shrugging.

For the first time,Stella was speechless.

So they yelled louder.So loud other people's ears were hurting.But then they couldn't yell anymore.In fact,their voices were hoarse.

"How are we going to kill it now?" Amanda asked groggily.

Stella didn't answer,in fact,she was too focused on the digital store.

"Maybe they have something that can amplify our voices." Stella finally replied.

"Let's go check." and the girls ran to the digital store.

They did.In fact,they had many tools that could amplify their voices.Megaphones,bullhorn trumpets...

"Stop looking at the devices and pick something already!" Amanda shrieked.

"This one looks promising." Stella picked up two megaphones.

"Let's just go already!"

They flew to meet their opponent. Then they talked on the devices. But the megaphones made their voices louder. So loud the monster crumbled up and died.

"Oh wow..." Stella trailed off.

"Oh my..." Amanda also trailed off.

"We just saved the world. "They said in unison.

Then they danced.It's a good thing they were great dancers.

"So,now what?" asked Stella.

"I guess we help clean everything up.Then we go home." suggested Amanda.

So,with nothing else to do,they helped the humans clean up the damage and rubble. When they were done cleaning up,Amanda knew there was a problem and she had to fix it.

"I'm going to have to make the humans forget what they saw." Amanda said.

She used her powers to make everyone forget about what happened.

Then they floated all the way to the sky,towards home.

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