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Thomas HATES Halloween.He absolutely DESPISES the holiday.All those decorations,predictable horror movies and the overpoweringly sweet candy..he just doesn’t get the hype. Too bad he lives in a town that absolutely WORSHIPS it. Wanting to avoid the festivities,he decides to hang out with his boyfriend Cain at his house. Cain’s house might be creepier than Halloween itself..

Paranormal Vampires Not for children under 13.

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Chapter One

Hello,my name is Thomas and I hated Halloween.I live in a town that LOVED Halloween,however.Why do I hate Halloween,you ask?

Well,I used to love it.But one night,when I was eight years old, I went to open the refrigerator to get a glass of water,but then a BLOODY CLOWN WITH A KNIFE popped out of nowhere and said:"HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" Being eight years,I thought it was real and cried like a baby.Soon after,I learned that the clown was just my Dad in a bloody clown costume and that he was trying to have fun with me.That's not the worse of it.This town celebrates Halloween EVERYDAY,even when it Christmas! It's so annoying! So,I lose a little piece of my sanity at this time of year.

My little sister,Bethany,loves Halloween and so do my parents.They make a big show out of it every year.

I wasn't going to take any part in this vulgar holiday,so I decided to stay in my boyfriend's house to not take part in it.

Too bad that house was more scarier than Halloween itself.

Characters in Gacha Club:

(There will be fourteen pictures.The tenth picture will have Cain's Dad in a pirate costume for Halloween.He will have scars on him.The scars are fake.They are part of his costume.The twelfth picture will have Thomas' Dad in the bloody clown costume.The blood is part of the costume.)


Bethany (regular clothes):

Bethany (Halloween costume):

Cynthia (Thomas & Bethany's Mom) (regular clothes):

Percy (Thomas & Bethany's Dad) (regular clothes):

Cain (regular clothes):

Cain (Halloween costume):

Flora (Cain's Mom) (regular clothes):

Leroy (Cain's Dad):

Leroy (In a pirate costume) (The scars are part of his costume):

Cynthia (Halloween costume) (She is a monster doll)

Percy (Halloween costume) (The one he scared young Thomas in):

Percy (Halloween costume) (now) (He is a monster doll):

Flora (Halloween costume):

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