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Everything was normal for Rin and his family, until the government fell and secret experiments that are not so secret anymore are loose

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Entry 1



Dear diary,

I've started writing in this so that I can count the days when this all happened.

To explain it further, so I don't forget, I'm going to write everything that's happened today and what's going to happen from now on...

At 7:28 this morning, I received a text from an unknown number, stating that the government is no more and secret experiments that are no longer secret are roaming free. I ignored this message and went to school like usual, taking the train (even though I don't like trains) instead of walking.
About halfway through 1st period, the emergency bell rang, and we were all instructed to go home immediately. My school never closed early, not even when the nearby river flooded the town. Because of this fact, I ran home with my little sister Izzy at my heels.

As soon as I got through the front door my older brother Vincent gave me a hug saying "I'm glad you're both ok!" Then he instructed Izzy to go upstairs to pack clothing, batteries and all the torches we have. At that moment my twin brother Ray burst through the door carrying 3 bags full of food, hot water bottles with reusable heating pads and a baseball bat wrapped in nails and barbed wires.

After Ray came through the door Vincent told me to get ready.

In a quite voice I asked "ready for what...?"
The next words my brother said made me tremble.

"For the end of the world."

End of entry 1

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