A. Typist

The Orchard introduces some of A. Typist’s metonymic characters who inhabit his indistinctive landscape. There is The Gambler, the man who would gamble his arm off but won’t chance not believing in a higher power or afterlife – The Alcoholic, who gains fame from singing early in life and loses it when he gives up drinking. Then as an aged man wants to hear the cheers again – The Writer, who can only see the worst in life. Gets fame and riches by writing about it, but can’t feel joy because of the loss – The Masseuse, who can give pleasure to anyone but can’t feel physical sensations herself. Strong as a bear but allows herself to be abused when she could prevent it. These seventy-four tales, unpoetically display how our seemingly unimportant decisions can affect someone generations away that we will never meet, the power of prayer in the face of evil and the limitless possibilities and potential of the universe, untapped by the human mind

Drama For over 18 only.

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The Title

The Orchard

The First Step

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