A girl, whose life changed when she started living with her husband She had a very bad Life growing up and it all changed when her husband embraced her in his arms

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Chapter 1 when i met you

As the sun, shined in Angela's room on a cold winter night as she refused to open her eyes after a night with her newlywed husband, she felt someone's hands on her ankles pulling her off the bed as she shrieked seeing it was her dad who Physically, Mentally abused her she wasn't the girl who was a strong one to protect her mind or her heart she feared men and everyone around her she had a sad childhood growing up till now Her late mother has recently passed after being tortured.

"Get your, ass up You disgrace your husband is out there working and your lazy piece of shi- is laying, down, " He said so rudely to the girl as she sat up looking down not even to dare to look him in, the eyes

"I~I'm very sorry," she said apologizing to him as she, stuttered badly

"You should be you're nothing just like you MOTHER," He said, aggravating her to anger

" Do not speak on Mother Like that!...... you know nothing father" she said, protecting the name of her deceased Mum, As he looked at her and slapped her pushing her on the floor and then kicking her as she began to cry loudly in pain and agony What the poor girl went through.

4 hours later

'' Let's go" Her husband spoke to her in a low soft tone as he helped her out of the car into the castle

"o-okay" She, said softly trying not to stutter as she thought to herself " What is to come now? Will he treat me better? Will I be safe with him? Can I trust him...

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