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What started as a joke with me and a friend is now a massive story. Two boys find themselves pulled into a top-secret pedophile hunting task force called the GPA. What could go wrong?? (Please know that everything in this story is a joke and not to be taken seriously, nothing in this story reflects my views on any group of people)

Adventure For over 18 only.

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Dawning Light

"A long, long time ago, the universe was nothing. Blank and empty. Then came the whisps. Small glowing flames began to light up the endless dark. Together they grew slowly, spreading the light all across the galaxy. They took on the shapes of humankind and began to create. Moving their fingers through the inky black void. Solar systems, stars, planets. Life. The universe began to take the form we know today. The two whisps created and populated worlds all around the universe. When they created the earth and began to populate it, things began to change around the universe. They took on the names of Valous and Zealous. The two of them began to see the differences in their powers, and it wasn't long before they began to fight. The Clash lasted eons, and worlds were lost forever during the conflict. In the end, Valous defeated Zealous, sending his essence far across the universe and deep into the void. Valous's body fell to earth and sank deep to the core. With the last of his power, he created two more lives... To this day, no one knows where they are"

The wood gently cracked and popped while the flames danced under the night sky. "Do you think that he will ever return?" Burnie asked, looking to the Ancient One. She shifted her gaze to the fire then up to the stars. "Things are happening all across the stars, Burnie, But something has changed on this world too; I can feel Valous; the lives he created have finally made their way into the world. You must find them" The Ancient ones' voice was firm and powerful.

"I will, I promise."

No more words were spoken. Burnie stood up and nodded to the Ancient one; He made his way down the mountain and through the small town found below it. Leaving the town, he walked to the port where the ship was waiting for him. "Yar! Be ye, okay lad?" BlackScrote asked, helping Burnie onto the ship. "Ya, ya, I'm ok. Let's go home," Burnie said calmly. The Capitan nodded and moved to the helm, where he, with the help of the crew, set off back to the GPA.

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