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Home Sweet Home

nce upon a time there were 4 ancient builders. They were in a jungle, They knew that jungles were not safe. This was a special world, in this world there is increased mob spawns, and only wood and dirt. The four builders had cobblestone from magic, they constructed panic shelters across the jungle. But soon they figured out that these panic shelters are not gonna cut it. Builder 4: These things are falling apart, we won't survive if we don't make something new. Builder 1: I agree. Builder 3: Yep. Builder 2: Alright. They had all agreed on building something new. They then started building a tower. The tower was complete, fences, trapdoors, ladders, and a roof and floor. But they forgot one thing… builder 1: OH NO… Builder 1 screamed, Builder 2: Torches!! Suddenly creepers started spawning rapidly. Builder 3 pulled out a command block, Run! He cried. He quickly entered the command: Gamerule water stops fall damage set to true! The 3 other builders jumped into the river below them… SPLASH!

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