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A cartoon doll-size man lives with his adoptive red-clad twelve years old troublemaker divorced parenting dad chipmunk, Alvin Seville, and Uncles.

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Doll-size Man’s Tale Part One

The pilot episode on the white leather couch in the living room at 702 Liberty Lane Seville house... “Is me on the photo,” Dad Alvin? A cartoon doll-size man notices this. “Yes, when you were a tiny doll-size lad I tell you,” Dave. His cartoon adoptive red-clad twelve years old troublemaker parenting dad chipmunk Alvin Seville dialog with him.

Flashback tale in the orphanage... “I want to adopt a human child,” Mrs. Lea Thompson. He and his cartoon beloved pink-clad fifteen years old fabulous wife Chipette Brittany Seville talk to the adopter Mrs. Lea Thompson sitting on the black desktop chair. “But, I will show both of you. Follow me.” She escorts them headed to the boy's room.

Meanwhile, in the boys’ room... “Who is a doll-size human lad,” Mrs. Lea Thompson? He was confused and noticed that. “This is David Seville. just call him Dave,” Mr. Alvin. A cartoon adopter Mrs. Lea Thompson explains to him. “Hello, Dave, I am Alvin Seville, and this is my wife Brittany.” “Hi Mr. Alvin, Are you adopting me?” A cartoon orphan doll-size lad greets and asked him. “Yeah! my wife Brittany and I adopt you are my son, Dave. Mrs. Lea Thompson, I need to sign an adoption paper for my new adoptive human doll-size son Dave?” He answered says yeah to him. “Of course! I get it from my office,” Mr. Alvin. A cartoon adopter Mrs. Lea Thompson dialog.

After the interviewing from the orphanage... “Wow! That’s a fantastic place,” Mr. Alvin. A cartoon orphan doll-size lad enters Alvin and Brittany’s house. “Come on my hands. I have a surprise for you,” Dave. He said.

Enter the room... “Cool! But, I can not reach on the bed is bigger than I am,” Mr. Alvin. His high-pitch cues and squeaky voice dialog. “Don’t worry. I will make a tiny ladder that you can climb up on your new bed,” Dave. “I have unpacked my clothes and things out of my blue suitcase and put them in the drawers.” A cartoon orphan doll-size lad said.

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