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Losing her was the hardest thing. To tell her goodbye for the last time was heartbreaking. But her Spirit seeks Laura's help, to get justice for her death, just two days after she let her rest in peace. Huh, she must be insane. ©copyright 2022 by Milla All Rights Reserved

Thriller/Mystery All public.

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Chapter 1


6:00 am

Beep beep beep beep...
Laura woke up early in the morning. With the sounds of her alarm clock ringing like hell on her bedside table. She stretched out her arm and turned it off.

But she was feeling sluggish and sleepy. Like she did not sleep all night. She covered her face with her pillow and gave herself thirty more minutes. Before she got up on her bed and fixed herself to go to school.

Suddenly, they were a knock on her bedroom door. She removed the pillow from her face and yawned, "Who is this?"

Michelle said with a restless voice, "Laura comes downstairs, we need to talk."

Laura opened her eyes wide with fear and asked, "Mum, is everything?"

Michelle just said, "Come downstairs, I will tell you" and she left her bedroom door.

"What did I do wrong?" Laura mumbled to herself.

Laura did not want to waste any time. So she sat on the side of her bed, stretched her body, put on her rainbow flip flop, and go to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

After she brushed her teeth. She goes straight downstairs.

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