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Lillian is excellent at teaching English she loves her job with students even though she wishes to have a few kids and a husband would be fantastic for her especially the kid part, but no man has been on a date with her in ten years, so she lives alone in her apartment across town. Isabel has always done well with her English until she noticed how beautiful her teacher is which made a significant drop in her grades, neither of her parents are home still working not to care. Isabel does have a girlfriend on one part the girl is abusive and very dark in ways that would scare most people. Isabel deals with it though cause she cannot tell her teacher that she has a crush on her.

LGBT+ For over 18 only.

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Chapter 1

Isabel would skip all her classes to be with her girlfriend Grace then appear in English to skip doing her work to focus on the teacher. Isabel would quietly write in her notebook what she would love to do with her teacher if they were together by day or night if the teacher came over she would cover it then pretend to do some class work even though she wouldn't focus on that at all. Isabel has beauty from her beautiful; she is a sixteen girl with curly blonde hair, hazel eyes that change color with her mood, and petite.

Isabel whispered to herself, "Damn, I wish Lillian would see me more than just a student." Lillian is a beautiful teacher, young early twenties woman with soft brunette hair, beautiful green eyes, and a thin figure like a model. Heard one of her students speak she didn't know which one she scanned the room they were all doing their assignments, was grading the assignment on Love and one student she recognized who did very well was Isabel.

Lillian called for Isabel as the young girl slowly came up front saying, "Yes."

Lillian placed the paper in front of her with a one-hundred percent on it as she replied, "This is the best you have done all semester I can't believe you're failing on something so simple, you have talent, Isabel."

Isabel wanted to wait until after everyone left to speak with her teacher thought she knew Grace wouldn't appreciate her making up most of the class credit by writing an assignment on something her teacher would give her so responded, "Can I do extra credit at home to bring up my grade?" Lillian studied the girl eyes seeing that she is willing to put the effort in responding, "You could write me an essay on who you are in love with currently since that seems to be your interest at the moment."

Isabel knew this is a bad idea for her to write something on her teacher the one she has been after since she started high school, Isabel never knew her assignment would ever come to this so she replied, "Can you give me something else please?"

Lillian raised her eyebrow responding, "Why? What is wrong with this assignment? Don't you have a boyfriend?"

Isabel felt embarrassed at this moment from her teacher not knowing she is a lesbian. Isabel instantly replied, "I am not with a guy, I am with a girl and this assignment wouldn't involve her anyways, it'd involve someone else."

Lillian took an interest in this as she placed her hands on her face on her desk with such a look of amazed responding, "Oh, care to talk about it."

Isabel instantly shook her head no going back to her desk in no time to finish the assignment as Lillian stood up announcing to the class saying, "We have an impressive writer in here her name is Isabel."

Isabel stood up from the shame of seeing everyone clapping for her goal of writing an assignment that was easy of an essay for that reasoning; she took a seat back down when the bell rings soon she tries to bolt then Lillian calls for her again saying, "We can talk now Isabel."

Isabel walked up to her desk replying, "After embarrassing me, do you think I want to speak to you."

Lillian didn't hold back on this firing teenager responding, "That is a compliment from your classmates maybe you should appreciate them type of things in reality."

Isabel started to walk off then Lillian grabbed her replying, "You stay with me, as now I want you to write me a ten-page essay on appreciation maybe you will learn something from it."

Isabel snatched her arm away responding, "You know what you're just my teacher, I can toss all the assignments and not graduate, I am sure you would love that wouldn't you."

Lillian didn't like Isabel's attitude at all towards her as she decided to call the front office seeing if someone else can take over her next class in the library. Hurried to lock the classroom door closing the blind saying, "Okay, Isabel now it is just us, care to tell me what is going on?"

Isabel didn't like this feeling she became wetter between her legs wanting the teacher more than she could imagine, she trembled her words replying, "I..uh..um..uh.."

Lillian didn't get what was wrong with this girl; she is bright seeing her not able to speak left her wondering what was running through that child's mind that she had no words to say.

Lillian then steps a bit closer asking again, "Isabel, will you tell me what is going on? I am not going to hurt you honestly; I am your teacher."

Isabel couldn't get the words out so she went to the area where her stuff was at and grabbed her journal that she been working on giving it to Lillian saying, "Here is my journal that explains my emotions, can I please go?"

Lillian took the journal replying, "Hold on, you can't leave, yet I want you to read it to me since it looks like a novel."

Isabel became instantly shy at her teacher replying, "I can't do that, not here anyway."

Lillian nodded responded, "How about we plan to meet at my house lets say over the weekend?"

Isabel backed away replying, "Maybe not right away since I am still unsure how to reveal anything to you."

Lillian smiled softly responding, "That is fine then, will you at least stay here for the rest of the time until the bell rings to keep me company?"

Isabel sat down in her seat writing more in her journal, Lillian took a seat back at her desk sitting in silence. Lillian slowly got up from her desk quietly walking over to Isabel to see if she can find out anything. She got behind silently seeing that Isabel was writing about her it amazed her to see someone like a young teen to lust after her, she walked away back to her desk to place everything in mind as Isabel stood up saying,

"I must go, I will be on Monday."

Lillian looked up replying, "Have a nice weekend, by the way, nice journal about your secret admirer."

Isabel bolted from the classroom knowing her teacher knew something that was when Grace approached Isabel saying, "Where have you been?"

Isabel sighed replying, "My English teacher kept me in class."

Grace slammed Isabel against the wall responding, "You ever stay in class late again I'll make sure you hurt more than you already do."

Isabel nodded instantly shaking wanting to go back to class where she never had to face this type of abuse or even treatment from someone like Grace. Isabel wanted to turn around wanting to go back to Lillian so severely feeling everything making her nervous between lusting her teacher and dealing with Grace has left a mess of emotions.

Isabel decided it was now or never to run to Lillian as she did since Grace headed out to her bus, she reached the door as the knob turned seeing Lillian, Isabel hugged Lillian bolting her back in the room saying, "Please hold me."

Lillian did just that knowing this is her student that she needed comfort brushing her hair replying,

"What is going on Isabel? please tell me."

Isabel looked up at her teacher in tears responding,

"My girlfriend Grace hurts me, and all I want is to be loved, my parents aren't even home to give me that comfort."

Lillian kneel down enough to look eye to eye with her replying, "You let your girlfriend abuse you?"

Isabel stumbles with words responding, "She...uh..more..than..abusive."

Lillian wondered what that meant as she replied, "What does she do Isabel?"

Isabel not wanting to say then blurts out, "Controls me."

Lillian backs up for a moment to take it all in this was way more than she imagined would happen to her students then she rushed to give Isabel a hug replying, "I will protect you, just know you aren't at the right age for me either."

Isabel nodded knowing the answer to that looking up responded, "All I want to know is you will be around for me."

Lillian brushed her hair back whispering, "I will always be here for you Isabel."

Isabel wiped her tears lifting her head up replying, "Do you love me?"

Lillian looked into her eyes intensely those beautiful hazel eyes responding, "I can't love my student, can only be there for them."

Isabel looked down at the floor shuffling her feet replying, "You read my journal earlier, so you must know something I wrote down."

Lillian grabbed her hand nervously responding, "I did, I am just not sure of my emotions on this especially since I never seen anyone lust after me."

Isabel kept looking down replying, "Then can we have a chance off of school property, I'll leave Grace I promise."

Lillian released her hands from Isabel responding, "We can't do that no matter how much you want me, it is impossible."

Isabel felt tears soaking her face as she dropped down to the floor hands hiding her face replying, "Why me...why me..why do I even try?"

Lillian dropped to the floor with her holding Isabel whispering in her ear, "We will be together eventually just let me sort out my feelings, and you got to be eighteen before I can even attempt this."

Isabel wiped her tears again replying, "I have to be eighteen to be with you, why?"

Lillian couldn't help feeling bad that it had to be this way just student and teacher as she said, "It is the law Isabel I'll lose my job."

Isabel stood up then unlocks the classroom door turning around replying, "Then the waiting game it is until I turn eighteen will be our turn, no matter how much Grace abuses and controls me I'll stay with her until I can have you, I have to go home now before my parents get there to see you tomorrow."

Lillian nodded letting Isabel go leaving her with emotions and thoughts. Lillian went on home after her emotional experience with Isabel feeling like she neglected the sick child who seems to have no one except for her abusive girlfriend Grace. That she didn't want to see Isabel with, and it disturbs her immensely, she would go over to Isabel's house to check on her or even call though knowing it would risk everything her job, life and friends just over a student. Lillian lived alone no friends or family that never came by to see her.

Lillian friends always worked or had a family to take care of so she would not bother them far as she knew none of them knew if she even existed maybe once in a blue moon they'd see her in the store. Lillian couldn't get Isabel's last words out of her mind, "No matter how much Grace abuses me I'll stay with her until I can have you." Sent her chills down her spine not knowing what to do about Isabel because she didn't want to risk anything especially with her emotions towards this young student. Finding out that she been lusting after her teacher sent a wild excitement yet turned her on she never imagined this kind of passion through and through, Lillian crushed on men never dated a single one though.

Same with women, so she figured that she was just a-sexual and leaving it at that, now all of a sudden her hormones arise from imagining her student Isabel it felt so unusual for her even to do this. Lillian decided to get away from it all just to have a drink of red wine that stored in her cabinets above her sink.

Lillian went back to her couch then all of a sudden the doorbell rang, she placed her wine glass down rushed to her answer it as she opened the door it was Isabel saying, "What is going on? Oh goodness, you got a black eye."

Isabel ran into Lillian's arms being held replying, "She won't stop, I hate her."

Lillian brought her in more placing Isabel on the couch responding, "Where is Grace now?"

Isabel looked up nervously replying, "I am not sure, hope she didn't follow me here because I ran as fast as I could away from her."

Lillian kneels down in front of her responding, "Will you just dump her then and find someone else?"

Isabel cried hearing that even though it hurt her eye, Lillian went to the kitchen grabbed an ice pack and came back quickly as Isabel looked up grabbed the ice pack placing it over her eye finally replying, "Finding another teenager like me is impossible especially in that High School."

Lillian knew one student that is just like her, haven't seen her in a long while though so she bluntly replied, "I do know another student that you would like her name is Trinity, she is wonderful and has such imagination on everything."

Isabel looked at Lillian like she was crazy responding, "Isn't Trinity the one who always has her nose in a book in your class that is always done before me most the time."

Lillian smiled a bit from her interest that sparked her eyes replying, "Yes, guess what though she is into girls just like you and isn't going to hurt you as Grace does."

Isabel smiled in return with a blush responding, "Trinity sounds sweet, breaking up with Grace sounds impossible though."

Lillian gave her a brush on the cheek to wipe the tears away replying, "I will handle Grace not to worry, call up Trinity tonight to offer her a date night at a movie or something you teenagers do."

Isabel held Lillian's hand in place responding, "What about you?"

Lillian smiled gracefully at Isabel replying, "I will be okay Grace will be handle best way I know."

Isabel hugged Lillian tightly responding, "Thank you so much, you are the best teacher in the world."

Isabel placed a kiss on Lillian as it sent chills through them both didn't want to let go though of one another feeling the sparks fly, Lillian released herself from Isabel placing Isabel back on the couch.

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