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Hello Everyone; I Am Jalena P. I Am From Detroit, Michigan. I Been Writing Short & Long Poems Since I Was 12 Years Old. I Started Writing Because I Lost A Love One In 2012 That I Was Really Closed To Which Was My Grandmother. So I Start Writing Everyday About How I Be Feeling. I Finally Want To Share It With The World. I Wrote This Book For All Women Around The World. The Book Is Short & Long Poems About Different Emotions Of A Woman. When She Feels Sad, Happy, Angry, Or In Pain. I Start Writing These Poems When I Was Younger. I Always Have A Pen & Notebook In My Hand. I Always Wanted To Be A Writer One Day. I Want Women To See That You Will Always Feel A Certain Way. You Go Always Have A Different Emotion Everyday. As Women We Have To Control These Emotions. Women Are Going To Feel A Different Emotion Everyday. As Women We Are Beautiful Queens On This Earth. For My Readers: I Want To Thank You For Reading My Book. I Hope Everybody Enjoyed It & Love It. I Appreciate It.

Poetry Epic Not for children under 13.

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Beautiful Women

I Shall Remember Her As A Very Beautiful Girl, No More Than Five Feet In Height.

The Sun Is Beautiful Honey But The Moon Is You.

You Are A Beauty From The Heaven Above, Like A Flower That's Blossoms.

The Lord Has Crafted You With Intense Care, Beauty Like You Is Very Rare.

You Are The Most Beautiful Woman In The World.

Staring At You Has Only Been For One Reason, Your Beauty Glows Like Every Season.

Every Creature Is Beautiful In Its Own Way.

Like A Beautiful Daisy In A Garden, Blossoming In It's Own Faith.

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