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If Charles and Jessie Jones could turn back the clock. Am pretty sure they will never let their emotions get the bests of them. Maybe their daughter Annabella will never be born cursed. Because of their desire to have a child of their own. Ā©copyright 2022 by Milla All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 01

March 1981

It was a stormy evening. Charles was driving around in a small neighborhood, with his wife Jessie sitting beside him on the passenger seat. They were on the way to Madam Lilly Wilson's house. Because they had an appointment with her that evening.

After a few circles to locate her house. They finally spotted it in a distance. But they were not a hundred percent sure if that was her house. Because it was very hard for them to see outside the window, with that heavy rain.

Even that. They decided to go to that house and asked where Madam Lilly lived.

So Charles parked his car beside the sidewalk and they grabbed their umbrellas from the back seat. They stepped out of the car, cover themselves, and ran on the porch.

They close their umbrellas and Charles rang the doorbell. He made a step backward, looked at Jessie with a worried face, and anxiously asked her, "Do you think there's someone home?"

Jessie said, "I don't know, love." She lift her left arm and looked at the time on her silver watch, "We are already two hours late. I hope she allowed us to explain ourselves."

Charles sough and rolled his eyes, "Huh, me too" and he rang the doorbell again.

A few minutes after Charles rang the bell. They heard the door creak open and they saw an old woman, with short grey curly hair, wearing round glasses and a pink flower dress on her, glaring at them through a half-opened door.

"Hello, good evening, ma'am," Charles said to her, at the same time he was getting closer to the door.

That old woman answered back with a serious voice, "Good evening, can I help you?"

Charles said, "We are looking for a woman named Lilly Wilson. Do you know where she lived, please?"

She smiled and said, "Well, I think you are already at her house talking to her."

"You are Madam Lilly Wilson?" Charles asked her with an excited voice.

She nodded her head slowly, "Yes, am her, and you must be Charles and Jessie Jones? Am I right?"

"Yes ma'am, we are them," Jessie replied.

"You are late." Madam Lilly said with a furious voice and gave them disappointing stares.

Jessie came closer to the door and started to apologize, "We are very sorry for being so late, ma'am. We got lost on the way here, because of that bad weather. Please, forgive us."

Madam Lilly made a smirked face and rolled her eyes. She stepped aside, opened her door wide, and told them to enter inside.

They say thank you and they walked inside.

Madam Lilly said, "Put your umbrellas in that blue bucket behind the door and removed your shoes and put them beside that bucket. After that, follow me please."

Charles and Jessie put their umbrellas in that bucket and they removed their shoes and put them besides that bucket. After that, they followed Madam Lilly into the living room.

Madam Lilly said, "Please, take a sit."

Charles and Jessie sat beside each other on a two-seat sofa. Madam Lilly sat on her armchair, crossed her arms and legs, and asked them, "Tell me what is going on and why do you want to see me?"

Jessie started to explain to her, with tears in her eyes, "Ever since we get married eighteen years ago. We lived a normal, quiet, and happy life together. We are been blessed with so many things in our lives and we are very grateful for it. But one thing we have never been blessed with and until now we are still seeking one. Is our very own child."

She wiped the tears on her cheeks, Charles embraced her and she continued, "We are been trying to conceive a baby for many years. We saw numerous doctors and do all sorts of treatments. But unfortunately, nothing has worked. So we came to see you, to ask for your help, please."

"But...who told you about me?"

Jessie replied, "A friend of mine."

"What did tell you?"

"Well, she told me that you are the best Sorcery in the world and she guaranteed me, that you are the only one who can help us."

"But, how long have you been trying to get pregnant?"

"For about sixteen years, ma'am."

"So, what do you do for a living?"

Jessie soughed, "Well, I have my Coffee Shop and he's a Dentist."

"But what do the doctors tell you and your husband about the complications you are facing?"

"Well, they all said there is nothing wrong with us, maybe it's not the right time. But, you know, am not getting younger. My chances of getting pregnant began to fade away."

"But if the doctors are not able to help. What made you guys think, that I can?" Madam Lilly was very curious.

Jessie looked at Charles with white eyes and bend her head slowly.

Charles quickly said, "Well, many people said that you are the best Sorcery in the world. You helped many people in need and most of them came out successful. So we were thinking, maybe you can help us too."

They begged her, "Please help us, please. You are the only hope. Please help us."

Madam Lilly knew well, that she needs to evoke the Demons, just to grant their wishes. However, the results will never turn out perfect. That child will be born cursed and grow up as an evil person. Because of the sacrifices. But when she heard the desperation in their voices and saw the sadness in their eyes. She felt so bad for them. So she agreed to help them.

They were so overjoyed and started to thank Madam Lilly. Because she told them yes, she will help them.

Madam Lilly said, "Ok, now we are going to work." She pointed her finger to a door beside the staircase and said, "Go inside that closet on your right. Remove all your clothes and accessories. Left everything inside and come back here."

"Do we need to remove all our clothes on us?" Charles asked her with a shy voice.

Madam Lilly chuckled and shook her head. She said, "No, I don't want to get flashed with your hockey stick. What I meant to say, is both of you removed everything. But stays only in your underclothes."

They felt relief when Madam Lilly said that way. So they got up on the sofa and walked inside that closet.

They started to remove their clothes and accessories. Jessie put accessories inside her handbag and hang her bag on a coat stand, with their clothes on it, and they walked out of the closet.

"Are you ready?" Madam Lilly asked them.

They nervously nodded their heads with her as replied.

Madam Lilly stood up and said, "Ok, good. Come with me."

They followed her upstairs to a room on the second floor. She held the door handle and warned them with a clear tone of voice, "Do not touch anything." She opened the door wide, lighted up the light in that room, and told them to enter inside.

They said thank you and they walked inside.

Their hair stood up on the backs of their necks when they looked around that room. They were so surprised to see all those demon things.

Madam Lilly said with a loud tone of voice, "Do not be afraid. Had faith in me and everything will be okay."

She made them kneel sitting, with their faces turned to each other. She told them to keep their eyes shut, relax, don't speak, and had faith in her words.

She put a black robe on her and tied a red rope around her waist. She lighted up two black candles and put them in the middle of Charles and Jessie, with two teddy bears. One pink and one blue.

She turned off the light and started doing her voodoo things and her procedure goes about three hours.

After that. Madam Lilly sent them to a bathroom on the first floor to clean their selves. Because they were covered in blood chickens and bird feathers.

She goes downstairs to the closet, took their clothes and shoes, and brings them to the bathroom. She told them when they are finished, come back to the living room.

After Charles and Jessie clean their selves. They go back to the living room.

Madam Lilly gave them a small bottle of medicine that she arranged herself and she said, "Drink this for two weeks, two times daily. But starting tomorrow morning and you will see your results afterward. You may go home now."

Jessie took the bottle in her hand, wrapped it up in a plastic bag, and put it inside her handbag.

"How much is arrived, please?" Charles asked Madam Lilly.

Madam Lilly thought and said, "15k."

Charles removed his wallet from his pocket, counts the money in front of Madam Lilly, and gave her.

Madam Lilly said, "Sorry, I don't take money in my hands. Put inside that gold bowl on the table, please."

Charles place her money inside that bowl, they thanked Madam Lilly for everything and left her house.

For the whole two weeks. Charles and Jessie did exactly what Madam Lilly instructed them to do and they wait for the results.

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