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This story is all about a teen girl struggling with depression, abuse, anxiety, stress, school, manipulative and toxic relationships and everything in between. This is a story to show you that no matter what you're going through, you shouldn't give up because every story has a happy ending, sometimes it just takes the entire series to get to that happy ending.

Teen Fiction Not for children under 13.

#toxic #teen # #alcohol #drugs #sexualassault #sexualcontent #abusivecontent #depression
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"He told me everything was going to be ok and it was"

When we think about life, we tend to think about the future, our friends and families, school, our education, jobs, marriage, kids, ect.

It's just the same at our brains are wired. Or I should say how must kids are wired. I however didn't get so lucky.

I handled abuse and depression everyday of my childhood and I unfortunately let it all go to my head. My dad helped me through a lot of this, he's my emotional support anchor. He told me everything was going to be ok, and you know what, it was.

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