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Artifact of the Unknown

Eyeless gaze

Volume 1 :

It was a rainy evening around 7-7:30 pm

Noah and his fiance Lena were going through a woods ( an one way road )

To visit thier friend Melvin. Noah was driving the car , while Lena was busy on her phone , suddenly noah hit something and Lena started to panic and when Noah got out of the car there was nothing up there , he was confused , he could've sworn that he hit something . He looked around and the straight road surrounded by the woods looked like it had no end , He got into the car and calmed Lena and they started to drive to Melvin's place.

After a while they reached Melvin's house. Lena rang the doorbell and A guy opened the door and he told them that he was Melvin's younger brother and that Melvin will be home soon and he invited them into the house. He looked kind tho he acted kinda weird.

He spoke with them for some time and after Noah asked when would Melvin come and his brother told him to wait for some time meanwhile he invites them for dinner . They agree and sit at the dining table , Melvin's brother goes into the kitchen which is like an attic conected to the dining room , the kitchen's underground , it's been a while and Melvin still haven't returned and there's no sign of his brother who went to the attic and there was no noise all of a sudden and Noah spots something in the shelf , when he goes near it , it was a video camera recording them , and he smells something very bad , he couldn't stand it and Lena stands up and goes near the fridge where the odour was coming from , the fridge was white in colour a single door fridge , looked old , there was red stains in the handle , Lena who is already in a frightened opens the fridge and something spherical falls down coverd in a white cloth and when Noah unwraps the cloth it was Melvin's head with lots of blood and the whole fridge was filled with human body parts covered in blood , Lena and Noah were petrified and thier legs were shaking and from the attic comes the monster who did this ( Melvin's brother) covered in blood and with a huge Butcher's knife chases them and picks the video camera from the shelf and chases them like a maniac screaming , they ran out of the house and they ran towards the woods and he was chasing them into the woods and out of sudden they lost him. Melvin's brother realised it and started to laugh, and he pressed the button on his earbuds and whispered " Melvin , I scared the shit outta them " and continues laughing "They believed our setup and you must have seen their faces" **laughing ,** "now that's my boy, send me the footage and stay right where you are at , I'll be there in a while " says Melvin to his brother and hangs up the call. Melvin's brother opens the camera and and sends the video to Melvin Melvin's brother started to play the video and was laughing seeing it, but suddenly in the footage when he left to the attic leaving both of them in the dining area , something creepy happened, Lena took a screwdriver which was covered in blood from her purse and was hiding it beneath the table and Noah had a knife behind his hands , they both were laughing looking at the video camera like they both knew where it was from the beginning , and Melvin's brother in a terrified state realises that they both lured him deep into the woods and he starts to panic and Melvin calls him and shouts "Run!!!! They are not my friends!! I don't even know who they are!!! Just run!!!!" Melvin's brother turns around and suddenly he freezes gazing at those two standing behind a tree and smiling and waving at him with bright red eyes.

To be continued....

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To be continued... New chapter Every 10 days.

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