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When two contest winners are given the beta of update 1.19, they find a "small" bug. A "small" bug that causes them to be sucked into the survival game of cubes and crafting! To leave, they must defeat the ender dragon! Nothing the gamer, L0ui5e2007 (Aka Abby) hasn't done 1000 times before, but BOTH the players must fight the dragon, and her fellow player, Nathan, can't even make a crafting table! And the new mobs are unbelievably over powered! Will the two ever make it out of the game? And what will they think about each other after all they have been through? Ignore where it says 'New Chapter Every Week', I just put out a new chapter whenever I finish one.

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The Gamer Girl

I carefully aimed the arrow at the head of the enormous black dragon above us. In an instant, the green pixels of xp fell from the black sky of the end. I had just killed the ender dragon with my signature death blow using my favourite enchanted bow. I saw the familiar notification that we had "Freed the End".

"We did it!" the voice of my friend, Lauren, squealed from my headset. Lauren was the only person I knew from real life in our group (our group was just a bunch of people who had joined our minecraft server at the start and we just organised it around everyone's schedules). Her user was r4bb1tl3ap69

"That was a great shot Louise!" said a boy, whose user was EnderB0y200. Everyone called each other by the names hidden in our usernames, like mine is L0ui5e2007, so everyone called me Louise. But that isn't my name, it's my middle name. My real name is Abigail, but almost everyone in real life calls me Abby.

"Should we look for an End City while we're here? We can mine some endstone so we don't run out of blocks," said Li11y0fth3va!!ey.

"Might as well while we're here" I agreed.

"Let's do it!" EnderB0y200 said.

We all put our enchanted netherite pickaxes in our main hands and started digging up as much endstone before bridging over to an end island.

"Have you heard about the contest that Mojang are setting?" EnderB0y200 asked as we gathered some chorus fruit.

"No?" I said, "What do you have to do?"

"You need update your game and there'll be a quiz about the game in general," Li11y0fth3va!!y explained , "if you get it all right, you get a build challenge where you have to try and build a new structure for the swamps or the Deep Dark! The winning two will be put in the game, given custom skins tailored ro their real appearance and they get to beta test 1.19.1!"

"Oh my god, that sounds incredible!" I told them.

"You should do it!" EnderB0y200 said.

"Do you think I could do it?" I asked, uncertainly. Almost immediately, their words of encouragement flooded my ears!

"Okay!" I yelled through the noise,"There's an end city with a ship there, Rabbitleap, Enderboy and Lilly can get that elytra, then one go left, one go forward and one go right and look for three more. I'll leave and enter the competition, while you get back to the overworld and go to the nether, and get the stuff for a wither, I'll join next week on Monday, OK?"

They all agreed and I left the game, updated and completed the quiz. It started easy with 'What kind of portal can be found incomplete with a chest of loot such as golden tools?' (the nether portal ruins ofc) but soon the questions became harder, with things such as 'What version was wither first released?' (0.16. 0) and the last question was almost unanswerable.

It was 'What did Notch originally call the Ender Dragon?' This was it. This was the only question I couldn't answer... using my knowledge of the gameplay. I remembered another quiz I had done with this question, and it had told me the answer! What was it....? It was.......... Raqreqentba! I quickly typed in the answer and, after triple checking that I had spelt it right, I clicked the long black 'Enter' key on my keyboard. I closed my eyes, and after I heard a ding in my headset, I slowly opened them...................

"YES!" I squealed, jumping up from my spinning desk chair. I startes dancing around in my dark, messy room, hitting my head on my cabin bed, tripping over some cables and falling onto my light purple couch.

Suddenly the light flicked on as my dad and step-mother burst into the black, purple and green, minecraft themed room.

"Why are you banging?" my dad asked.

"I did an official minecraft quiz and I got all of the questions right!" I squealed, unable to hide my happiness.

"That's good!" my step-mum said, "Do you get anything for it?"

"Because if you do, it's mine" he joked.

"Not yet, if my building wins, I'll get to test the new update and my building will be put in game as an official structure!" I enthused.

"We'll you need to come have dinner before you start building" she smiled.

"Ok, I'm just going to see if anyone else has won yet," I told them, opening a new tab on my computer and googling it.

There was one person who had already won (or were very likely to), but they wouldn't get the update until the next person won.

His name was Nathaniel Walker, the son of the richest man in England, David Walker and an incredibly popular actor and model. He was not the kind of person who I'd expected to have won.

I muttered to myself, "I wonder how he won..."

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