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Love is a feeling that everyone wants.But, for some people love doesn't exist. Y/N, a 23 years - old simple indian girl who is gonna enter a dark mafia world. Will she adjust with this mafia world? Will she can experience love in her life??

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Kim Taehyung:-

Age: 26 year

Proffesion: CEO in KM Financial ( do mafia works secretly)

Freind: Jungkook and Jimin

Family: Father, Mother, two sister and a brother

Sister: Jisoo and Tzuyu

Brother: Jin


Age: 23 years

Proffesion: recently graduated

Freind: Tzuyu( korean best freind) and Shagun( Indian bestie )

Family: father,mother and a sister

Sister: Palak


Age: 22 year

Proffesion: manager of finance department in KM Financial

Nature: arrogant but, love her family


Age: 27 year

Proffesion:- fashion designer

Nature: Nice and freindly


Age: 25 year

Proffesion: doctor in U.S.A

Nature: Nice and love her sister


Age: 30

Proffesion: director of KM Financial

Nature: Mature, caring and hardworking

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