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A 16 year old boy named Michael suffers a series of unfortunate and cruel acts of despair, making him question the true nature of humanity. Several years later a brutal vigilante rises in a glamorous city, murdering several criminals and shutting down a drug operation run by a wealthy weapons dealer. Though one day a mysterious drug breaks the limits of human power and threatens the lives of several. In the wrong hands this power of unknown origin could lead to a travesty...but in who's hands is this power truly safe? And is there actually any true good in the human race?

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We need a hero

Chapter 1: Freedom of a hero.

(I've always envied birds. Their able to fly. Able to roam wherever they want. They have freedom. Physically and emotionally. When they fly infront of us its almost like a taunt. A sign that they're better than us. No restraints to school or work. No worries like money or stress. They are truly free. Humans are always imprisoned. Within their minds or physical cells doesn't change a fucking thing. We're all forced into doing things we don't want to. Forced into life. Kinda like a prison. To be honest I guess its fitting. Humans are all guilty in one fucked up way or another. We're all guilty for something. Some more than others. No justice. We need a hero. We need the concept. The idea that there is freedom even when its all a lie.)

A man lies on the floor. His eyes crunched. He's beaten and bruised. Cut below the eye.

He has a bleeding nose and his glasses lay beside him broken on the edge. The setting sun sets the atmosphere showing the day has passed as yellow light flashes through the buildings into the small alley. He has grayish,blue eyes and brown hair. Along with a miss-formed nose. A beard that only concists of a small lair of hair on his side burns. Without his glasses he's technically blind. He lies there out of breath wearing school clothes. A long gray pair of school pants and a white shirt with a red tie and red blazor. All dirty. He's backed up against a wall on the dirty ground filled with trash and glass shards. Above him stands a fat man. He has blonde hair and green eyes. He holds folded money in his hands.

"You didn't even put up a fight shrimp dick. Thanks for the cash. Always so eager to give it to me aren't you?"

The man on the floor is rather small and thin. Also slightly pale. He doesn't react to his words. He just stares up blankly to the yellow tinted sky. To the crows as they fly around effortlessly.

They're here to stay for the season. The fat man laughs and walks away with the money. After a while of silence a girl comes rushing towards the man on the ground. Through blurry vision Michael tries to discern her.


She has short blonde hair,braces with an overbite and brown eyes. She wears the same color pattern as the defeated man just a girls uniform instead. She's rather chubby aswell.

"...Hey...Alex...Im good..."

(She always appears at this point. Always here to check if I'm ok. Even she isn't free. Even innocent Alex doesn't have freedom...Even innocent ex is guilty)

He mutters incoherently grunting and pausing in-between.

"...Michael this is the third time this month. This time worse than normal...You can't let this keep happening..."

Michael ignores her and finnally directs his gaze towards the girl and away from the yellowish sky.

"...I'm fine..."

He says with a serious face and tries to calm down Alex. He knows that his father will beat him twice as bad when he comes home without groceries.

Even though Michael is 16 his dad beats him violently more or less everyday. It all started after his mother had died. After his father muttered his final "bitch" to her he redirected his rage to his only son. Michael is too afraid to tell anyone of it. He feels that his dad would kill him if he did. At this point even death seemed better than living in his life though. He was controlled by fear and self doubt.

"...I just want you to tell me if something's wrong okay?"

Michael slowly stands up and leans against the wall. He's about 6,2 feet tall. Alex is only 5,3 though. Much shorter for her age.

"I'll be fine...That guy hasn't got anything on me. Have you seen the diffrence in our size. I can best his ass any day..."

Michael says as he grins. He's trying to make Alex feel better. Though inside everything hurts like hell.

"You don't have to play hero and be brave Michael. Sometimes even when we need heroes we can't be those heroes. This world would just kill us. Don't try to be a hero...I can't lose you too..."

Altough it seemed random it made sense. Alex's dad died a few weeks back. She isolated herself from Michael and got to school later and later. The days she shows up she barely speaks.

He was a cop. He died in an explosian after trying to help a man who had gotten trapped inside his car.

"...I won't."


All of a sudden there was a silence between the two. After walking for a bit the two stop.

"My house is left. Sorry I can't help you back home Michael..."

"Its fine. I'll make it. Just go home and get some rest. Your mom needs you."

Reluctantly alex slowly walks away. Afraid for Michael? Michael is too beaten up to even notice her strangeness and thinks nothing of it. Slowly Michael walks back home as the sun starts to set some more. He continues to walk and eventually stops at a small house in the suburbs. The house is next to several other houses and a busy road. Next to the street is a shopping area with a 3 story high shopping center. Well 2 story but one of the floors is 3 stories high for a billboard. Michael walks on an old small path with dead grass and opens the door to the home. The paint on the walls are peeling off and the door handle is nearly broken. He enters and closes the door behind him. The smell of smoke fills the air. The noise of a TV heard in the background as Michael hangs up his keys. The kitchen was small and open with dirty dishes and empty beer bottles on the tables. Even cigarette buds lied everywhere. The paint inside was even worse than outside. Next to the kitchen was another open room. The living room. With an old TV on a small table and one single old leather lazy boy coach. Its handle was broken and couldn't sit upright anymore. The room has a curtain that was always closed and a msrroon carpet that was filled with cigarette and beer stains. Sitting on the coach with a beer and cigarette in hand was Michael's dad. Michael would try to sneak by and go into the hall to his room but his dad stops him.

"You get the food?"

He asks in a deep voice.

Michael stops walking and leaning against a wall speaks.

"No dad...Some guy took the money from me..."

Michaels dad stands up and slowly walks toward Michael. He wears a stained white tank top with a black short. He has bags under his eyes and his breath smells of beer. No hair at all and a fat stomach peaking out of his tank top. He puts his hand on Michael's head. His arms are rather big and hairy.

"Its okay kid. Just guess we won't be eating tonight at all. Because your money got taken again by 'some guy'."

He scoffs and sighs. Then takes his hand off of michaels head and left hooks Michael in the face. Michael hits his head on the wall and falls to the ground.

"One fucking job thats all I give you. One simple fucking job you pathetic little shit!"

He screams. Michael grunts and falls.

Michael sits on his knees as his father speaks.

"You want me to starve. I've been keeping us alive you damned coward. 'tHe mOnEy gOt StOLen.' I mean jesus how many times have you said that now huh?"

He kicks Michael in his chest and Michael falls on his back on the ground. His other nostril now bleeding. His eye already slightly bruised from the punch. His lip bleeding open again from earlier.

After a brief silence michaels dad paces across the room then goes back and sits.

"Clean yourself up. Don't fucking leave your room. Im gonna go get food."

(This is my pathetic life. My repeating routine. Everyday. This is the fourth time now. I can't do anything against this. He'd kill me if I said a word of it to anyone...)

Michael cries not responding.

(Now like a cherry atop a fucking ice cream Im crying like a whimp...Great...)

After a while Michael stands up and crouched walks to his room. His room has the same type of stained carpet with old posters of rock bands on his walls. His bed is just a thin mattress on the floor with one thin blanket. The only clothes he own are his school clothes and other clothes that cover up his bruises. Never short clothes. Short clothes showed the scars. He sat on his mattress and wiped away his tears mixing with blood in the dark room. After a while the door could be heard opening and closing loudly. After that Michael gets dressed in his other clothes and walks to the bathroom. The bathroom's mirror is cracked. The white tiles are filled with stains and the toilet smells god awful. Michael walks towards the broken mirror and tries his best to wash up his cuts and dirty spots. The bath was filled with old newspaper and taxes his dad refused to often times pay. Final notices. Car tickets which resulted in him losing his car and school bills. After a while he cleaned himself up. Walking outside to see the sun now glaring a perfect ray of light giving the sunset atmosphere its final display before leaving.

As he stared at the crows flying off he'd see cars drive by and think back to his talk with Alex. He was tempting telling Alex about his dad but he knew she'd tell someone. He trusted Alex. Since he was young she's been the only one truly there for him. Her and his mother who died when he was five. Sighing Michael would stare up and freeze. Not believing his eyes. A crowd of people had gathered around the shopping building and a woman was standing on top of it. It took him a while but soon realized the woman was Alex.

(No...What...My eyes must be seeing things right...Alex wouldn't...She has a reason...)

(She isn't up there to jump...No she's...She wouldn't do that just earlier today she told me to talk if something was wrong so...Why wouldn't she...fuck...)

Without thinking Michael grunts and runs forward. He runs straight through the oncoming traffic. His feet almost falling on the asphalt and gravel. Cars honk at him as he runs through them.

(No...When she walked away. She was acting strange. It was a cry for help and I was stupid. I was fucking blind. She needed me and all I did was stand one side stay quite and act useless. I'm not letting her die. Fuck this. Don't try to be a hero? Was she trying to get me not to save her. Did she come here to kill herself intentionally?)

Michaels head are filled with thoughts. Leaving him more questions than answers. He lushes through the crowd of people and looks upward. The noise of the people is too much for her to hear him.



Random people on the crowd yell.

(What the fuck is wrong with these people. Are they seeing to situation. Why are they cheering.)

Michael looks on with worried eyes and runs forward bursting through the door to the stairs leading to the roof. He runs up and falls a few times but continues to run as fast as he can. His injuries prevent him from going full speed.

(Did she see life the same way as me. Did she think suicide was the way to get freedom...After her dad...)

Michael grunts and bursts through the door to the top floor.


He yells as his voice cracks.

"Michael...I-I....Im so so so...sorry..."

She days her eyes red with tears flowing down her face. She's standing on the edge of the billboard.


"...Im sorry Michael. Life isn't fair..."

Everything seems to slow down for Michael. The crows fly away dropping feathers that float in the air. Alex smiles as she lets out her hands and faces the edge of the billboard. The sun glaring in michaels teary eyes.

"...There's no freedom..."

Alex says softly and leans forward dropping off the edge of the building.

Michael leaps forward and grabs her feet to try and save her. He falls on his stomach and stops Alex from falling. Her head bashes into an exposed pipe bellow. Stabbing into her skull Blood going everywhere. Michael stares shaking. His eyes wide open. He's frozen at the sight. Blood drops from her head down bellow like a tap. Her eyes look dead. Michael lets go and her feet lean backwards. She slowly slides off of the pipe. He blood squirting in the process into Michaels face. She finnally falls after a while and lands on her back crunching and splatting blood on the floor. Like dropping a wet towel. On lookers yell. Michael however stays on the building lying on his stomach staring at Alex's lifeless,bloody corpse. His eyes blank. The crows fly over the body and feathers fall on top of it. Soon police sirens can be heard in the distance. Michael's glasses fall but he catches them last second. Looking through his lenses as everything else blurs his best friends corpse stares him in his face. He suppresses the urge to vomit. He shakes but gets back onto the roof. Now he vomits not being able to hold it in. The sirens drawing near. Flashes of blue and red light illuminate the saide of the building as the sun dissappear slowly behind the line of the horizon. Michael makes his way down the stairs slowly. Stoping every few to try and vomit. Though he'd just gag as there was nothing to vomit. He didn't have dinner. He slowly walks and finnally after what felt like hours reaches the door. Opening it he slowly looks left to see Alex get bagged like grocery. Yet again not being able to vomit yet he wants too. A police comes to him and blocks the body by standing infront of him. He throws a blanket over Michael

"Kid don't look...Just come one side and sit down catch some breath. We'll call your parents and they'll come get you. Ok?"

Michael nods not focusing. It feels like he hasn't blinked in a long time. The pain from his own wounds dissappear. The noise of the sirens,the flutter of the crows going to their nests and the voices of police and civilians alike all seem to fade away. As Michale focuses and looks up he realises his father is speaking to the same police who found him.

"What happened officer?"

"...Sir a girl I assume one of your son's friends-"

Michael stops listening. He can't focus anymore. Michael's dad walks toward the car where Michael had been sitting this whole time and acted nice. Hiding his true self. He has a bag of groceries in hand.

"Hey let's go inside. Its freezing out here."

Michael blankly stares at his father and after a brief moment walks with him towards the home. As they enter his dad closes the door not locking it and without sparing a second punches Michael in the face.

"You fucking idiot. Getting involved in this shit. Now their gonna search the house. Find my bills. I could be going to prison you pathetic!"

He punches him in the stomach.


He punches him again forcing Michael to spit some blood.


The door creaks open as his dad says the words. The police in the doorway looks at him disaprovingly and aims his gun.

"...Oh is that how its gonna be huh?"

He lets go of Michael and puts his hands up. Michael steps back and breaths. His father takes a glance at Michael as the officer puts him in cuffs.

"I'll fucking kill you when I get out you hear me? You're gonna fucking die!"

He screams. Michael runs out of the door. Somewhat out of fear. Out of shock. Trauma. The emotions mixing in his head. He doesn't know what to feel. The pain in his mind or body. He can't focus. He can't do it all. Every word sets him off. He can't focus like this. Running even the nighttime wind blowing sounds like whispers in his ears. He dashes unto an alley. He can't even recall where he is or how long he's been running. He runs unto the alley out of breath and leans against a wall coughing again. Lights of passing cars Illuminate the anyway revealing a ladder. Looking at the ladder Michael breaths heavily.

(Why would she...Did she know...Maybe she thought that suicide wasa way into freedom. Humans don't deserve freedom but I haven't done anything. I've never done anything. Why do I deserve the fucking prison of life. Why. These spoiled fucks can just go on and do whatever they want. Live in luxury and not care. Why am I the one caged...If their the parasites of the world...Why won't anyone do anything to the parasites...I can't...Im weak...Maybe my only way to freedom is suicide. Alex did it. My dad is going to kill me anyway right. So why not...)

Michael's thoughts go quite. All he thinks of is climbing the ladder and ending it all. He reaches for the handles of the ladder but as he reaches the first one and grabs on he can hear a woman scream in the alleyway deeper in.

(...No one is free...No one is helping her...The police are too busy near my house...No one else is helping her...The spoiled fucks are just getting their way again...I can't do anything about it either...)

Michael grips the pole of the ladder and lets go grinding his teeth.


Michael says in a deep depressed voice. The woman screams but her mouth his held shut by a rather lean man. He has a tattoo on his left cheek and a scar on his right eye. He grabs the woman by he arms and mouth and smiles. Another man stands on the side. A short fat man holding a gun. He had a hoodie on and a disgusting smile with yellow teeth.

"Calm down will yah lady I'm not gonna kill yah. I'm only gonna pleasure myself. Its been a while."

The woman tries to scream but can't.

"You guys shouldn't be doing that."

Michael comes walking around the corner looking with dead eyes at the two men as they try to rape the woman.

"How can you people do stuff like this. Tell a girl to jump to her death. Rape innocent woman...Is this your fucked up idea of a joke?"

The fat man walks up to him and aims the gun at him.

"Get the hell out of here kid. We wouldn't want this to be a bloody transaction aight?"

The man says with a smug grin on his face. He isn't much taller than Michael but still aims the matt black gun at his forehead. Michael doesn't even react.

"...If it's a joke it isn't a good one. Privileged. More powerfull. You guys just wanna rape her for no reason. Scum of the earth with no reason to live..."

"I told you to fucking leave kid!"

The fat man screams and hits Michael in the face with the handle of the gun. Michael falls to the ground and looks down. Blood dripping from his lip.

"...We need someone realistic in this world to take scum like you away...We need..."


The fat man yells aiming his gun at him

"Stop rambling and get the fuck out of here before I shoot you!"

The other thug unzips his pants and laughs as the woman tries to escape his grip.

"...We need a hero...I've always said it couldn't be me...I can't..."

The fat man gets pushed on the shoulder by the woman and he drops the gun. It falls next to Michael. Michael looks at it as ever flash of today flies back in his mind like a movie scene. It feels unreal. Without thinking he grabs the gun and without aiming shoots the fat man in the head. A lucky shot. The bullet flies through the air and shoots through his skull. Blood trailing behind it as it leaves the other end of his head. His body hitting the floor and blood forming a puddle by his head.


The other thig says looking down at the fat man's corpse. He throws the woman one side laughs as Michael aims at him. Michael's eyes are wide. His heart beating.

"...Come on kid. Shoot me. You can't do it...You're not a killer. You're pathetic. Now I'm gonna kill you."

(I'm...Not pathetic...Im not...I can't...)

"...Scum like you deserve to die. This world needs a hero...It needs someone realistic. Someone who can give the honest people a slight feeling of freedom by taking away scum like you. If killing is the only way to do it then...I'll take the sin...SO THAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU FUCKING DIE!"

Michael steadies up. His eyes crunched angry and his grip tightens. He no longer shakes and everything goes silent as he pulls back the trigger. The noise of the bullet deafens Michael. The bullet leaps through the cold night against the wind and shoots through the thug's penis. Blood falls out on the floor as the thug screams.

His penis falls on the floor followed by allot of blood. He tries to cover it with his hands and runs away screaming. Michael tries to aim for his head and shoot again but pulling the trigger reveals no more ammo. A moment of silence issues as Michael sits there still aiming the empty gun.

(What the fuck have I done. I killed him...I...No...I helped her...For once in my life I helped someone. They were scum they deserved to die. Scum like my father. Im not pathetic Im not pathetic Im not pathetic...Im...I can be...)

"Kid...Your a hero!"

The woman yells. Her green eyes filled with tears as she hugs Michael. Michael is shocked but starts crying himself. He doesn't know why but the embrace of anyone else comforts him.

"I would have been raped if you hadn't come along...Thank you..."

She let go and Michael smiled.

(I'll be a hero...I'll give freedom to those who deserve it...)

"You need to get out of here before the cops come. They'll arrest you..."

The woman says walking away. Michael sits there and the cold breeze blowing against his ears say the same. He stands up and runs away as sirens come closer. He runs into the road and hides the gun in his back pocket. His shirt covering it. The sirens were the police looking for him. They didn't know of the murder and Michael wasn't planning on telling them about it.

"Kid you can't just run away like that...I know everything that happened but you can't just..."

Michael runs and with tear filled eyes hugs the officer. A man with black hair and brown eyes. He's rather short and looks rather average.

"Listen kid...I can take you down to the station and you can spend a night there but you can't run again. We'll ask questions after a few weeks or months whenever you're ready okay?"

Michael nods. Not saying a word or breaking the hug. The officer puts one hand on Michael's back and looks up at the crows flying past the alley.

(I can be a hero...I can finnally give people freedom...I can have freedom...)

The memory of the woman thanking Michael flashes into his head along with the moment his father was caught. The moment his mother died. The moment Alex died.

(I'll never let anyone feel like they dont have freedom. I'll never let people beat or rape others. I'll never let people murder eachother. I'll never...I'll be a hero...I'll kill all the scum of the earth and help those who need it...



I can be a hero

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