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Digital Marketing & it's trends. How does it impact us?



Not too scare you or anything but I’ve seen my fair share and have grown up with the internet. It’s only been in the last handful of years I’ve been apart of the digital marketing game and have learnt a few things that I think people recognise but don’t necessarily understand. Like how, someone can jump up in instagram likes while others can’t? Or how, regardless of an instagram accounts’ number of follows there’s not enough likes. Or how a business can get so many purchases within a small amount of time regardless of their limited social presence? Well, there are various reasons for this, which I’ll go into a little more detail about later but if you’ve been reading up on digital marketing I’m sure you’ve heard about all the tips and steps you need to take to make it work. This article does not cover that.

Most articles or experts say to niche down on your business, brand and ideas, but how can you, when your niche is overflowing with tons of other businesses and their content? I’d advise to be unique with your content and when I say unique I don’t mean try to be so original that you’ve replicated copycats—even if sometimes copycats are a form of flattery while other times they’re taking your clients and readers.

If you do decide to niche down which is recommended, then niche down to your strengths, talents or specified knowledge. After all, there is only one of you in the entire world. Niching to your strengths, talents or specified knowledge will only diversify the content already out there by adding your own style which will be unique in its own way. With your style identified and utilised, you’ll find people who like it, who don’t and who’ll pay for it. Those that follow, share, stay up to date and purchase your style of content, will form your own community whether it’ll be on on Youtube, Instagram or a random blog on Google. So my advice is this: be unique enough that you have something to offer people. You’re paid based on the value provided not the amount of time it takes you to provide your content or services. Another piece of advice: don’t regurgitate whatever’s on youtube or follow some trend. People will spot this sooner than you realise and as such you’ll be easily forgotten.

I’ve noticed a fluctuation in the type of trends that have entered the internet market and it’s a rather interesting concept once you’ve understood the reasons behind such trends. What trends are popular at that moment on the internet will not be popular say in a few coming months or years and making a business around this and marketing around this, is a sure way to loose money in the long run especially if you’re not intending to you stick to it in the long run.

Other businesses, influencers and general masses have been quick to go with these trends because they’re #trending, will quickly have abandoned their work or ideas that they’ve spent an excessive amount of time building around this specific trend, because they recognise that their idea will not be completed within the #trendduration and thereby they will miss the market for their product or service.

What to take away from this article? Make sure, to extensively research what you’re going to write in your book or what is the position you are starting your business from and create the content based around your passion, your interest and your expertise. You won’t regret it.


Until next time! Author out! x

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