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Kim and Alex set out on a journey to kill every person from their old friend group after they caused the death of a close friend. They need to act quickly, before the group can come for everyone else they love, including the two of them. embark

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I heard a chilling scream come from a girl two stalls down.


I realized me and her were the only ones inhe bathroom. It was my idea to skip our second class, even though I knew she was a good kid. She was rarely absent from class, and school in general. I was having a really hard time in that class, and she knew that. She's that type of friend that would never let you down, no matter what.

I sat still, shooken by her voice. I'd never heard her scream like that before, not even on rollercoasters, and those are her biggest fear.

"Cassady?" I said in a low, shakey voice. Putting my nails in my mouth, I waited for a response. I didn't even have the chance to notice the tears forming in my eyes.

I heard a shove, then a grunt, and thud, landing right in front of my stall. She was hurt- I knew that. But I couldn't move. If I didn't do something soon, I knew that would be me next, lying on the floor, dripping in blood.

Wait, blood?


It began to seep into my stall. It had reached my brand new, white sneakers, soaking the bottom half in red. My socks started to feel wet, like when you step in a small puddle after a storm the day before. I put my feet up, attempting to stop the blood from wetting my feet anyore, while hoping and praying nobody would be able to see me hiding. I tried to deny it was her blood, which was running over the dirty and cracked, tiny white tiles, but who elses would it be?

"Please be okay Cassady," I said under my breath, pools of tears now flooding down to my cheeks. "I'm sorry-"

I tried to catch my breath.

My feet trembled. Somehow my mind was more stuck to this stall then my feet were to the toilet seat. My throat ached from holding in a sea of cries. It was almost as if someone was grabbing my throat, twisting it, and trying to make me suffocate, lose my breathe, and drop to the floor. I was trying not to sob, not to be heard.

Something in the back of my mind thought that I would better off to have this be my ending; to be on the floor, face purple, instead of covered in cuts that oozed a deep color, coming out my veins and out from something that was once a good heart, something that was once my stupid brain, and something that was once me.

At the same time, it was either die or try.


I hit the back of my mind with a hammer and pushed myself up. I unlocked the door to my stall and ran to my right. My goal was to reach the exit just in case I needed to run. But before I could even take a step on my left leg, I tripped in a puddle of cold, wet, dark-red blood. I turned my head back, while lying on the floor, boths elbows supporting my body up.

I will never forget the way Casey Andrews held the neck of the girl who was once my best friend. I will never be able to erase the thought in the back of my mind. The way she held the red hunting knife up to her throat.

Just a split second after I turned my head back, she was gone. The last thing I saw of Cassady we're her light brown eyes, holding onto heavy weights of fear and pain. They were fooled by false hope when pierced into my dark, brown eyes.

The last thing she saw of me was my dark brown hair, dyed red with the blood that once belonged to her just five minutes ago. Not my eyes or hand, reaching out, showing her she would be okay. She wanted that, needed that, but I didn't even try to comfort or help her. I turned my head away to hide my helpless tears. The tears that tinted my eyes blue.

After the adrenaline of tripping soon swept away, I finally felt a sharp pain. I yelped and realized I twisted my ankle. The last hope I had was dragging myself across the floor. So that's what I did. I crawled helplessly on my elbows, yelling off the pain of my ankle, the pain of watching my friend die, and the pain of fearing for my life, while blood trailed across the floor behind me.

I got to the door 🚪 and reached onto the handle, like a 5 year old trying to open a door. I heard the heavy breaths of Casey. She just stood there, holding a lifeless body.

Until she dropped my best

friend cassady












I yelled. She charged towards me with the knife in her hands, head tilted down and eyes staring dead straight into my soul. The lights flickered, causing a more dramatic scene. I felt helpless. I sobbed and pleaded for her to leave me go.

"Ill" *gasp* "stay" *gasp* "quiet" *gasp* "I won't" *gasp* "tell anyone!" A sob came from my throat and left out my mouth. With my back against the door, sitting down, ankle still twisted, right arm on the doorknob, I rested my head against the right shoulder and tried to catch my breathe. I knew I had no hope left and tried to relax. Today's been a horrible day, I guess you could put it.

The sound of a fan shutting off slowly exhoched in the distance of the green painted walls. They had rust forming, and old, dirty toilet paper globs stuck on the wall, probably from the 1950's. That's what you're given once you're in a public school.

A horrible public school.

I hate school but no one deserves to die, or witness YOUR BEST FRIEND DIE.

I felt strength in my bones, like it had been given to me by Cassady. And just when I was ready, lifting myself up, the lights flicked on.

She was gone.

The body was gone.

The screams were gone.

It was all gone.

But I was here. The blood was here. In fact, it had spread everywhere, all over the walls of the stalls and even reaching the ceiling. A trail lead to the back door, like her body had been dragged.

I trembled as I sat up, and limped to away from the door.

I let out a big groan, I had underestimated my pain due to the trauma I had just been burdened with. I forced myself up and walked. The mirror stood right in front of me. There were 3 mirrors. I put both hands up to my face as they shaked.

They were full of blood.

My face.

My clothes.

My elbows.

Everything was red and i

"I'm sorry." It's all my fault and I wish I could go back. I miss everything and I should have been more greaful and had fun with you. I shouldn't have messed it up for you and for everyone. I don't know why I did it back then, maybe I did but it was just to be annoying and immature because I knew it would bother you and have people feel bad 4 me. Now I wish I could take it back. I miss it. I miss it so much. Being so happy by the little things. I wish I could go back. But the more I dread and cry here hiding in a hole I know it's not going to make time any slower. But it's not just as easy as picking a choice and doing it. I feel helpless and know all the happiness left is ticking and it will end soon. I feel so much regret and wish I could just be me again. The me I use to be. I wish we could go back in time and everyone could be who they use to be. Everything could be what it use to be. Everything could be normal and happy and fun. Just like it all use to be, what it all once was.

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To be continued... New chapter Everyday.

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Addy Tuite Addy Tuite
Not bad. I really like the character's train of thought, and the drama involved. Keep it up, can't wait to read the next chapter!
October 29, 2022, 15:40