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C'est la Vie

Here's an interesting concept

for all you M.C.'s...

Try writing a piece, without

insults and cursing.

Insecurity shows in the way

we face our challenges.

Everybody knows,

there's effects from our decisions.

You could try to front, but the fact

of the matter is...

We could avoid a lot of heated

verbal collisions.

I am from the old school, and I

watched how music changed.

It's more deranged now,

Definitions rearranged.

Everybody's talkin' trash,

there's litter in the streets.

Make an album, grab that cash,

but don't give to their community.

A lot of people complaining about

the crackheads in the ghetto.

On every corner you can buy a dime

from a brotha, a vato, or a weto.

See, the game don't give two

shakes of a nightstick,

about who you are, or your race.

It's all the same for me and you,

better learn this quick,

or end up on your face.

Let me get to the point.

Let me light up this joint.

Let me chill with my rhythm.

Help me not get annoyed.

All these traps to avoid.

Where's the rhyme I enjoyed.

I ain't fallin' for this skism,

I'm not the one to be toyed with.

You'll be just another stiff.

See, I don't have to cuss you

out, I know you'll catch my drift.

Insults come and go like

empty bags in the wind.

That's how some of these

M.C.'s blow, saying the same

thing again and again.

Yeah, let's say you win a battle...

what does it prove in the end?

That you're better at creating an

illusion with words?

That's just a way to pretend.

I'm not sayin' there ain't

real thugs out there,

not tryin' to be part of that mix.

But most of these cats ain't

keepin' it real...

All they got is parlor tricks.

They playin' pick up sticks

with this language.

I'm leaving fake M.C.'s

in anguish.

It's strange that this dumbing down

has become part of the latest trend.

I'm turning another page in Hip Hop,

'cause music will always be my friend.

Music Is my friend.

I'll say it over and over again.

Don't give a cold shoulder

to this man on assent.

Watch how I do this,

The time that I've spent,

in arranging these lyrics

so that you know what's meant.

No cutting corners,

no rules have been bent.

'cause rhyming these words

is always easy for me.

I'm a prodigy, I oughta be...

put in my own catagory.

It's all a shame to me, that all the

tracks I hear, are all the same.

Real good beats, thumpin' bass,

but their lyrics are dryed out and lame.

They're only after fame, don't

even care much for the music.

Choose it or refuse it,

better use it before you lose it.

I'll tie a proverbial noose around it,

hang this hatred by a tree.

For far too long we've been told what

to say, now this Hip Hop's breaking free.

Follow me! I got a new way to

have some fun and move your feet.

Let's show these fools just how we do,

I needs some fans,

'Cause I'm turnin' up the heat.

See, you have been defeated, and I

didn't use needless vulgarity.

All these wack rappers that cheated...

to make their way in a fake industry.

So take this little lesson from me,

It's free, G.

Always keep 'em guessing...

Investing in your mystery.

C'est La Vie!

Written by: Michael Taylor

Feb 12th. 2021 ©

Feb. 12, 2022, 11:48 p.m. 0 Report Embed Follow story
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