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Having a mutual hobby could be more dangerous than you think. When they stumble across their next adventure, on a break from university, they get more than they bargained for, learning a timeline that seems like a timeless nightmare, that they can’t be woken from.

Thriller/Mystery Erotic All public.

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Torn Her Heart Out.

Welcome, take a seat! Get comfortable my friend, watch this story come to life in comfort until the end.

Sausages sizzling in their frying pan on top of a gas run white stove, a fork stabs into the meat, the porks juices run out like my football team onto their home pitch. Sausage's being turnt to get the other side more crispy. Looking back to reveal the bigger picture, a lady, her back to us with tied up curly rich chestnut hair, in her white dressing gown, is dancing to songs which Is playing out from their grey radio in the corner of their worktop. She is cooking a fry up for her fella that has been working all night at the local fire station. In this sleepy town of Sovereign, their last fire was in the towns only forest many, many moons ago, caused by a campfire also teenage kids smoking along with drinking, but during the day they aid surrounding towns or cities. But at night they only have one fireman or firewoman on, just in case something goes down in flames but Unlucky for this woman it was her fella, that was on last night.

She is Samantha, her hair swaying from her dancing hips. Performance is underway, in a happy mood. As she places the cooked sausages on a white plate, her sweat voice singing the lyrics of the song playing. She goes to the grey sexy fridge, you know the one I mean, with the ice dispenser, expensive but worth it, but that’s not the point. She opens the fridge getting the pack of bacon out, shutting their half full fridge, filled with different products which are stored correctly, she stabs the packet with a serrated knife, opening. The water inside their black kettle is boiling, steam floating out from where the water is poured from, along with specs of boiling water spitting out because the kettle has been over filled, Samantha never follows the correct level. Placing the first rasher in their frying pan, bacon sizzling in the same oil that came from the cooked sausages, as Samantha lays the second rasher of bacon down. She quickly washes her hands after drying them with kitchen towel, she pours the boiled water into their teas.

A knock on the front door reaching Samantha’s ear, she turns the stoves knob around, turning it off so she doesn’t burn her place down. Reaching over turning the radio down after she walks to the hallway, looking down making sure she hasn’t got a boob out, she ties her dressing gown properly around her waist. She opens her white front door…

A police officer stands on her doorstep with a glum expression on his face, as he takes his hat off.

Samantha says asking “Hi Justin, you alright?”

Justin is a friend of theirs, a tear streams down his cheek, his bushy brown mustache of his full beard, soaks up his streaming tear.

He chokes up a little as he says “Err, oh shit Samantha, Sam’s, ugh.”

He nearly chucks up the contents within his stomach, after he wipes the few tears that are rolling down his cheeks.

Samantha asks “Sam’s what?”

Even she is getting emotional but she doesn’t know why.

You can hear the sadness in his voice, as he says, “There is no easy way to say this, Sam was pronounced dead this morning.”

Samantha’s jaw drops open in disbelief, head drops as she starts crying in her hands, couldn’t even hold it back. Justin grabs ahold of her shoulders after brings her in to him, giving Samantha a tight hug.

Samantha has invited Justin in, she is sitting in her chair as he sits in the middle, on the edge of her sofa.

Samantha sobbing her precious heart out, as she asks“How? How did this happen? What happened?”

Tears streaming down Justins face, he takes a tissue out from the box on their coffee table, after passes her the box.

So let’s go to the early hours of this morning, Sam a stocky geezer, with styled black hair, clean shaven. He is walking up the stairs of the fire station, black boots stepping up each step, until he gets to the door at the top, walking through into their mess room, not much is inside just a tattered old grey sofa, which Sam normally falls asleep on, after he does his checks around the station, also the fire truck, that is underneath this room. Sam goes over to the sofa sitting down, taking his boots off. While he takes them off let me explain the rest of the room. Against the wall is a desk, no chair just a few bits of papers scattered around along with an old styled dirty white telephone in the corner. Opposite that is a window, the best thing in this room there is a football table top against the wall opposite the sofa, but it is a battered one, the lads play when there is nothing, only time to kill. Sam places his boots at the side after laying down on the sofa, puffing his grey t’shirt to let the air pass through because this room can get warm. Crossing his arms then closing his eyes to sleep.

Samantha now dressed properly , she is in the back of the paddy wagon, that Justin is driving. A ladies voice comes over the police radio but Samantha drowns her voice out. While she is still sobbing, looking out of the police car window. As people are going about their day oblivious of the pain that Samantha is feeling. The car takes a right corner half way down the road, driving past the half burnt down fire station, the scorched wooden flooring failing to stay erect, like a fella masturbating getting disturbed by a family member calling their name. The firefighters back away to not get trapped underneath this falling rubble. The police have cordoned the area off. As the scorched flooring crashes to the smoking rubble below, the blackened melted football table top distinctively sticking out.

Silver doors ahead keeping the contents inside safe.

*Ding* “Basement floor.” The female voice says from the elevator stopping.

Samantha standing beside Justin while the lift doors open. Clearing her tears away from her cheeks with a white tissue while Samantha follows Justin down a poorly lit corridor, to double doors at the bottom, that they walk through with Justin holding the door open for Samantha…

They are standing in the morgue, an older gent dressed in blue scrubs, a face mask doing its job covering his mouth along with nose. His old tired eyes peering through his glass lenses, at the naked body of a young lady, only pieces of cloth covering her genitalia, giving the lifeless lady a bit of dignity, older fella is cleaning the blood from the lady’s face.

The older gent says “One minute please.”

As he dips the blood soaked cloth in a metal silver bowl that’s holding blood tinted water inside.

Justin says “This is Mr Preserve, he is our towns Diener, in his hay day a wonderful surgeon.”

Samantha responds saying “Yeah I heard Sam mention him a few times.”

Mr Preserve immediately stops what he is doing, putting the cloth beside the water bowl, that is on the same slab that the lifeless lady is laying on. After stands up while walking over to Samantha he takes his gloves off, dropping them in a bin, after grabs ahold of Samantha giving her a tight hug, like a dick penetrating a virgins pussy, rubbing her back as Samantha has waterfalls trickling out from her tear ducts.

Mr Preserve “Listen, I am truly sorry for your loss, he was a great man.”

He rubs her hand while leading her over to the body fridges at the side of the room.

Mr Preserve “If you need time alone with him, we can go.”

Samantha is cleaning her cheeks from tears with a now damp tissue, she shakes her head in a no gesture.

Mr Preserve says asking “Brace yourself, you sure you want to?”

Samantha nods while Justin is holding Samantha. Mr Preserve pulls the silver metal handle towards him, mist is escaping as the fridge door swings open. He pulls the body out that is covered by a white sheet. He lets go of the pole that he just pulled the body out by, Frost has melted away leaving his palm print, after he pulls the white sheet back. To reveal Sam, his burnt face, no hair because it was burnt in the fire, closed eyes although his appearance is horrible, he looks peaceful.

Samantha sobbing at the confirmation while repeating “Oh god, no, no, no baby, you can’t be gone.”

She kisses around the burns on his face after hugging his cold lifeless body, both men have a tears in their eyes.

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