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This is a short story I wrote in a lesson and decided to build on.

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"It was an accident"

As the heat rose I cracked three imperfect circled eggs in the pan. As the bath of oil slowly cooked the eggs I heard little foot steps jump into the kitchen. The eggs sizzled away in the boiling pan I heard the little feet get closer to me and speed up. They got faster and faster.

"Hey, stop messing" I quickly said keeping my eyes on the pan.

"Okay" a voice said, I knew whome the little foot steps belonged to then. It was my little brother. I warned him hoping he would listen and go off somewhere else but he didnt. I heard the foot steps slow down then stop.

Then they sped up. I could tell he was running in circles. Bang! What was that! "My head! Owie owie." he said. In that second I spun round and grabbed him.

I held his soft smooth face gently in my hands. "Shh, it's okay" I repeatedly said in a hurry to calm him. He buried his little face in my shoulder. My shirt was soaked in thousands of tears. I held him. I told him to stop for a reason.

What's that smell I thought. I smelt burning? I turned to see crimson and umber flames grow from the burnt eggs in the pan. They just grew and grew and grew. They danced for a little before leaping onto the nearby towels on the wooden counter. Panic flooded my thoughts. Smoke was filling the air too fast. What is happening? I grabbed the closest cloth near me that wasn't ashes and wrapped it round my brothers button nose and little mouth.

I picked him up covering his head and threw myself out the door. I hit the cold wet patio.

Coughing crazily, I saw a white fluffy substance fly over me. I didn't even hear the firefighters come in their trucks. I started shivering as the adrenaline rush left my body. I looked down to check on my brother. I looked up. The flames were falling. They fell to sleep faster than they woke. A sigh of relief.

I was suddenly picked up from the floor and wrapped in a itchy but warm blanket and sat in the heated fire engine. I couldn't believe what had happened. Did my own creation come to life? It was only a few eggs.

Me and my brother sat in holding eachother so tight you could feel the heat radiate of us. I stared. Not paying attention. "I'm sorry!" my brother repeatedly cried. I looked down him curled up

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The End

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