amber-pain Amber Pain

Lilly has a crush on the new girl but she has to move in a year! Will Lilly tell Cristal before she moves?

LGBT+ Not for children under 13.

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A swim

'sigh' "want is it?" asked Cristal "oh--me?" asked Lilly 'oh great now she gonna think I'm a stupid idiot or something' Lilly thought. as Cristal smiled. Then Lilly blushed a deep red 'dang her smile is so cute keep it together Lilly' Lilly thought as she pretend not to see Cristal's smile 'that girl is kinda cute.... ' Cristal thought as she tried not to stare at Lilly 'she is looking at me do I have something on me?' wondered Lilly "what?" Asked Lilly "nothing" Cristal said kinda blushing

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