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Bar battles are rhyme based lines structured to go at the opposite person. In this series, it's line for line, bar for bar. (Rolls)series

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Me vs him


Hey man I make people's head sick, Like getting your head kicked, you mad because I'm dipped Like breadsticks?!

him- Oh yea well.. you Like a ugly chick, you get the stupid stare till you feel awkward like a bar of soap with a pubic hair..

Me--Oh word...I said, To walk in my shoes you gonna need some bigger socks, and you gonna need to know more shit than litter boxes...

Him--Oh word...well, I'm postal in the field. I should have been a fisherman because everyday I tangle with the real...(reel)

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Orlando Castro Orlando Castro the man playa!
January 17, 2022, 13:57
Michael Taylor Michael Taylor
Funny... Got a few spelling errors you should attend to though. 👍😁👊✌️
January 17, 2022, 13:48

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