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Mind games

I woke up about eleven forty five,

coal out my eyes,

I got a headache and my mouth is dry. I kinda lost it there last night.

what the hell happened?

One minute we chillin, next minute we scrapping.

it's like my mind blackened.

The darker side of me decided it was time for him to start reacting.

You see he has a passion for pain and making his presence felt, my mind used to box him in like a shell. But that night he was anxious and waiting to grip up on reality.

So when he took over I started scratching like some allergies. That's when I spoke; but it didn't matter what I said because it's like watching a movie through a telescope.

now I'm watching him hook off on people I don't even know, I'm thinking thank God I left the tool at home. Had it been the night before these people would have had alot of holes and I'd probably be behind some metal poles. Holding on to hope and praying for control he said you can take our life but the devil has to earn this soul because we aren't afraid of none of you. Imagine what being stuck in the back of somebody's brain could do to you.

It like my mind started back tracking and backflashing, I'm trying to stay calm but notice me overreacting.

This can't be happening I must be imagining...That's when I heard a weird noise coming from the bathroom.

I cocked the tool back, pointed it at the door and hollered "WHO THAT?"!

Telling myself to stay in position incase somebody try to shoot back.

because it'll be the day I catch it in my own lab; I'm gonna count to three, then I'm gonna let the door have it.

ONE...stay focus in case they got a gun.

TWO...Be mindful on your who's who's

THREE!! I'm gonna squeeze, but I kicked down the door and it was nobody.

My minds playing tricks.

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The End

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Vijay Shriram Vijay Shriram
Nice check my Poetry Books , Hope you like it..
January 23, 2022, 10:00
Amber Pain Amber Pain
Love it, also thanks for the follow!
January 23, 2022, 03:56