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Dreams aren't just what you see at night. Sometimes you see them at day. Sometimes, you see them as reality. What happens when reality and dreams are indistinguishable?

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Chapter 1: The Beginning


1) 8:45:25 in the morning means 8:45 A.M. and 25 seconds. Just for clarification.

2) Italics indicate events in the dreamland while normal font indicates events in reality. Both events take place in the same time frame unless otherwise specified.


Rose looked out of the window, bored out of her mind. She was in school, in the middle of math class.

She hadn't been able to understand anything and her mind soon moved onto thoughts that held more sway over her.

Rose was in a tree house. It was a cozy little place with a fireplace (It was surrounded by non-flammable materials and was encased in glass to avoid setting the tree on fire).

She was lying on a bed staring out of a window that overlooked a grassy plain. She stroked the head of her pet rabbit, Zaela (Rose liked weird names). She spoke,

” I'm so bored Zae. What do you think we should do today? "

Zae squeaked in a content manner and snuggled up against Rose.

Rose smiled and said,

” Ok then. Sleep it is. "

Suddenly, her teacher materialised in the middle of her treehouse along with a chalkboard with a math question on it.

He spoke,

" Rose, could you please stand up and give the solution to this problem? "

Immediately after speaking, he froze in his place.

Rose sighed as she opened her eyes. She looked at her watch. It was 11:36:24 in the morning. She slowly placed Zae beside her, jumped off her bed, walked towards the board and stared at it for a few moments. After she had arrived at the solution, she assured Zaela that she would be back soon, walked towards a sign that said ' EXIT AT YOUR OWN RISK ' and pressed a button right under the sign.

The floor opened up under her and she was suddenly standing in class. She quickly glanced at her watch. It was 11:36:25.

Rose smiled and explained the solution to the teacher. He told her to sit down and as soon as she did, Rose disappeared into her thoughts once again.


Rose was a little too old to be lost in an imaginary world but she couldn't resist the pull of this 'dreamworld'. She had tried before to remain anchored to reality but had failed miserably, even fainting once. So she simply stopped resisting and now spent most of the day in her head, returning to reality only when it was necessary. By this point, she could do many tasks involuntarily while she spent her time in her head.

The bell rang wrenching Rose back into reality. She glanced at her watch again. It was 3 in the afternoon, which signified the end of school.

She quickly gathered her things and assured her friends she would be back in a minute as she made her way to the washroom.

After finishing her business, she washed her hands and stared into the mirror.

She was a cute 14 year old girl with blue eyes and a ponytail. She was a brunette and wore slightly large, black-framed glasses with a blue lining.

She wore black converse shoes and a black, medium-priced watch adorned her left hand. She had a seashell bracelet on her right hand which she had worn for years. She did not remember where she had gotten it from, but had grown fond of the bracelet. She also wore a black and white striped shorts with a dark blue top.

She had a black coloured sling bag which carried her books and other personal items. It had gold sewing which said " R. M. "

She started to return to her friends when she felt her dreamworld call her.


Rose landed on her feet beside a rope ladder that led up to her treehouse. A man on a horse rode up to her and she waved at him.

“ Hi Qausar. “

The man was in his 40’s, had messy black hair and wore a blue T-shirt with olive green cargo pants. He had a pistol in a waist holster.

The man smiled at her and dismounted,

“ Hi Rose. So what do you want to do today? “

“ I was thinking we could continue our lessons on using a sword? “

“ Sure. Get Zaela and we’ll be on our way. “

Once Rose brought Zaela, she mounted her own horse - Fernida, and followed Qausar east towards the edge of the grassy plains that surrounded the treehouse and they reached the entrance to a compound she called ‘The Arena’

This was where she learned to fight and fought. It was a massive expanse of land which had various sub-compounds dedicated to different fighting techniques, weapons and even gadgets.

Betsy and Carol walked beside Rose as they made their way towards the subway, which was their way home. They gossiped about the couples in their class while Rose remained silent. They had gotten used to Rose’s silence by now and respected it. Rose walked at a pace to keep up with her friends with her eyes focused at the ground. She seemed to have an intuitive sense of obstacles in her path and avoided them without any conscious thought. For instance, as she approached a puddle of water, she automatically lengthened her stride to cross the puddle and then returned to her old pace.

As soon as they entered The Arena, they made their way to a compound dedicated to sword fighting. They dismounted their respective horses and as soon as Rose hit the ground, Qausar threw a sword at her.

“ FIGHT! “

Rose gracefully jumped into the air, caught the sword by its hilt, hit the ground rolling and stood up on her feet with her left foot forward and right hand holding the sword, the blade pointing towards the ground.

Qausar came running at her and slashed at her abdomen. Rose jumped backward, narrowly missing the edge of the blade and made her own strike, meeting Qausar’s in mid-air with the sound of screeching metal. They exchanged several blows but none of them managed to score a hit. Finally Qausar managed to hit the blade out of Rose’s hand and into the ground, a few feet away. He pointed the blade at her neck,

“ Checkmate. “

Betsy, Carol and Rose silently walked under an overpass which was five minutes away from the subway where they were headed. Suddenly a man wearing a mask jumped in front of them.

The clouds turned black. Qausar was about to say something but before he could, he turned into black smoke and dissipated. The same happened with both horses and Zaela. Rose had never seen this happen. She spun around trying to make sense of what was happening. The air seemed to turn pale, if that was even possible.

The man pulled out a knife.

A grey fog appeared in front of Rose. It did not have a perfect shape instead something within it kept shifting. It assumed a vaguely humanoid shape but still had the consistency of fog. There seemed to be a ‘heart’ inside of it. Its shape kept changing but it pumped in a manner akin to that of a heart. A black sabre appeared in its hand.

The man spoke,

“ Give me your money. “

A deep voice resonated from inside the fog.

“ I want your bracelet. “

Rose hesitantly looked at her bracelet. Her features tightened.
“NO! “

She dove forward, knocked the sabre out of the fog’s hand and stabbed the heart like object within it.

The fog dissipated and a low echoing voice said,

“ I will take the bracelet. One way or another…”

Rose had jumped in front of the man, drawing a knife from thin air and stabbed his dominant hand. The man lashed out at her with his other hand but she dodged his attack and lodged her blade in his chest and punched him in his face. The man crumpled onto the ground. Betsy and Carol had gone into shock and remained rooted to their places. Rose bent down and pulled her knife out of his body.

Carol was the first to regain her senses.

“ What did you do Rose… “


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