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Carissa is the typical 19 year old, but she has a strange past that calls her back to where it all started. Returning to New mushroomton 300 years later, she will make new friends and defeat a returning evil that threatens the very fate of magic and peace.

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300 years ago, there was magic.

Everyone lived in harmony under the eye of a mighty King and Queen. The king was a powerful wizard and his wife was The Oracle, an all powerful spirit that possessed the powers of the 4 spirits. Fire, Wind, Water and Earth, together formed the Silver Crystal Gem, the embodiment of all 4 gems. When they gave birth to their firstborn, the queen knew exactly what her name was going to be.

"My Love, I was thinking about, Sybella"

The king looked up to his wife and smiled warmly.

"It's perfect, Princess Sybella of Ravaryn"

The king said proudly. Before they could say a world more, a sound deafened their ears as their guards rushed in.


The men said, worrying the queen. The king reassured his wife to make an easy escape while he fought off the enemy's.

"But, Asir-"

She began, be he cut her off by ordering her to escape with their baby.


She stared while her husband ran toward the front of the castle. She was taken to the back of the castle, where a boat waited. She boarded and watched as the kingdom burned and fell apart. She knew what she had to do, and it was for the sake of her child and her safety. She used a teleportation spell and arrived at the only place that could help her in time of need, The Manticore's Tavern. She banged on the door, not waiting a second longer before she answered.

"Corey, take her, I must fight for my kingdom, whatever you do, protect my daughter with your life"

The queen said before disappearing into a portal. Corey stared down at the baby in her arm and knew what she needed to do.

Over the next 300 years, Corey trained their daughter to be strong, wise, noble, and courageous. She mastered the Tome of spells and become the most powerful Acolyte to exist in the land. Though a war between evil and 2 kinds would drive her and Corey down 2 separate paths, as magic soon after would entirely fade away and be replaced with technology.

Now residing in the human world, now going under the name, Carissa, she will return to her roots and answer a mysterious call that's been beckoning her, Onward.

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