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The beginning

The book of Ethur

Chapter 1

The beginning

It was a dark cold stormy night in a nice area in the west side of Shinjuku Japan; most people that live here only worry about them self and nothing else. My name is ICHIROU and my name means first son in Japanese (Variant spelling of Japanese Ichirouu, meaning "first son."- 一郎) I am the first son of the Kawano, and a master in Kendo, and martial arts, my parents told me on my tenth birthday, I will have to take over the family business and become a Demon and spirit slayer, and help those that are in need of protection. I will explain it more better a demon and spirit slayer, is someone that has inherent the power to slay those that have come to our world to destroy it. One thing we all got told is that we have to keep it to ourselves and no one must know about it.

I have one younger sister and two older sisters, my little sister is about three years old and my other two are twenty and twenty-five years old. Spirit summoning is a hard tool to be using when you are in battle with those that want to take over and destroy the human race. Some spirits are able to take over a human’s body even when they are awake, they use a spell known as spirit take over, but they also call it “Kitsune” which is also a word for a fox which is also a demon. The Shinto Kami, or spirit also services as the messenger of the “Kitsune.” This role has reinforced the fox's supernatural significance. The more tails a kitsune has—they may have as many as nine—the older, wiser, and more powerful it is. Because of their potential power and influence, some people make offerings to them as to a deity. It is widely agreed that many fox myths in Japan can be traced to China, Korea, or India. Chinese folk tales tell of fox spirits called huli jing that may have up to nine tails or Kyūbi no Kitsune in Japanese. A nine tail’s fox demon is the most powerful demon of them all.

So, my grandfather taught me how to use the Talisman’s that were passed down too me when I was a little kid. We use the Talisman and the Shikigami to protect us and those that are around us. Shikigami (式神) is the term used for the summoned spirits of an "onmyouji", a Japanese sorcerer. Shikigami are used to protect and serve their master, much like the Western concept of the witch's familiar. There are many types of shikigami described in legend, the most common type being enchanted paper cutouts that can produce the illusion of another real-life object. Also, Shikigami have one rule they are never loud too hurt humans and they are only supposed to service their masters only and no one else.

Nonetheless, as I get older I also get told that there is a greater threat larking in the night that is plotting a plan to destroy all creatures on earth, and since I am the first son too my father I vowed that I will not disappoint him and I will do my best to protect my friends, family, and also earth. There was also another family that also claimed to have an heir in their family. The families are the Fujimoto, Ojima, and the Kojima, each family is giving the task to protect certain parts of Japan from the evil spirits that come out. We were all from a noble family group and we were picked to save and protect our families honor, without fail. The Shujin of the household is my father and if you haven’t figured it out Shujin means Head of house and the characters of this is 主人 which also mean’s master/ or head of a place or family.

The Shrine is in the back of our place, it is a Shrine to be used for worshiping the god of the shrine and the name of the god for this shrine is called Ōyamakui-no-kami. My family is the Shrines protectors and I was told that if anything ever happens to the shrine that the God of the Shrine will punish us, although I have no idea if it is true or not. The Shrine possesses one National Treasure, a sword. It also holds 14 Important Cultural Assets, 13 swords and one naginata. The shrine is also one of the most popular for Japanese families to visit during the Shichigosan coming-of-age festival.

Today is the day that my sofu(Grandfather) is supposed to teach me how to summoned a good spirit that is welling too help me out when the time is right, here is the words that I have to say…………………………………..

Spirit I summon you to my dream and my life,

Show me my path and my outcome

I welcome you in hopes for help,

I cry out to you.

Tell me my future and help me through it.

Sprit of good I summon you to follow and lead me

Night and day be by me, and show me the way

So mote it is!

He had told me to say it three times and then blow out the candles and then go on to bed and wait until the next day on. I woke up the next day that I thought it was the next day but I was only dreaming sleeping in my bed draining in sweat and cold all over, all I see is a dark creature just staring at me and I had no idea what it was or what it wanted with me at all. Then I screamed and I was able to wake myself up quickly.

What was, that I seen in my dream? ICHIROU had said concerned about what the dream was trying to tell him about.

That dream was probably about me Ichirou-san? Said a creature that had stood in the corner of the dark room, the thing was, but it was white, and blue with black stripes down his back, and his tail had a sharp end to it and it had small claws on its feet. I am Byakko and I am the Guardian of the west and the one that you had called.

So, you are my spirit animal sent here to be my guide in this world and to protect me and my family? Ichirou asked while he was lying on his bed, but why are you small and not big anyway I thought Guardians are supposed to be bigger than that?

No, I will only get big when you start training and growing, and then I too will grow long side you and I will be your guide and protect you in battles and for those that well be coming. Byakko confidently said moving its tail back and forth.

Konokami!!! (Elder brother) Father wants you, the Dojo, he told me it was very important that he needs to see you quick. Shouted younger sister Izumi while standing on the foot side of the bed, Papa, said come quick and he also said bring your animal spirit with you and he will explain the rest to you.

Ok, I am on my way, you ready and I am going to call you Haiku and I also vow to make the both of us grow as one Haiku. ICHIROU had said very satisfied of what he had said to him and then the two of them had left the room together and then headed off into the Dojo to see what sort of stuff that grandpa had to tell him.

(The doors slid wide open)

Kneeling on his knees, with his head down, you called me Father, said Ichirou

Yes, I did and I see that you have finally received your spirit animal and I see that it is a Byakko, the Great Spirit animal of the west, and she will also be your protector and your guide in this world for here and out now. Explained Father Tatsuki He is the Head of the house hold and the last one in the family that, also had to train to become the strongest slayer there ever was in the world, but when he had married my mom, he had to pick two paths either divorce her and continue slaying or keep her and try to have the first heir to the family and it has to be a boy child, not a girl and the child has to have the same power as the father and carry, the same sense of hearing and seeing and be able to sir pass their dad in power and strength.

Son, you do know that you have to train your body day and night so that, you may be the strongest, of all in this family, without any fail and to do that you really need to sharpen up and start learning more spells, so that you don’t bring shame too this family. I have registered, you up to a new school since you have your spirit animal, you are now eligible, for this school and it is located in east near Fukushima, Japan at a Trade off school, all of the students there are training too be the best sorcerer and slayer there ever is. Father explained, while packing up all of ICHIROU, things and putting three scriptures inside of his things.

Are you ready to get going to are next place of travel Haiku, we are going to head to Fukushima, that will be about 185.12 miles to get there if we are walking to the place. Said ICHIROU as his spirit leaped on to his shoulder and then he put his back pack onto his back so that they could head out, but before he left, he looked at his Father and said; dad where is mom at so I may say bye to her before I wonder off onto my journey.

(Sighed)Father: Your mother is in the daidokoro (kitchen), I think she said she was making you a lunch to go along with your new adventure, and please stay safe son and look out for spirits that have been lurking in dark close spaces. There are going to be a lot of encounters of different types of spirits, but the ones that you really have to make clear of are the shape shifters that can turn into anything and the tuff ones are the bakeneko.

(Questionable look on his face)Ichirou: Bakeneko...What are those Father?

Father: They are a type of Yokai; they had come from the sasakibara Family years ago, they would wear a napkin on their head and dance, they had said this creature would, go out every night and then start too dance, They also say that the thing has two tails, and the two tail one is supposed to be the strongest, there is. But people are only able to see the one tail not the two tail, we have no Proof If the two tails is even real at all or what it even looks like. So, please son be careful and take care my son, on your journey and make sure that nothing bad happens to the both of you, Oh, and I almost forgot and take this with you, as well.

“Father handed over a square box and inside of the square box was a sterling silver dragon pendant with peridotite with it.”

“It was so cool, that I couldn’t stop, looking at it, I could feel so much power inside of it like the pendant was trying to tell me that it was supposed to belong to me.” The middle of it looked just like a dragon’s eye it had sterling silver everywhere on it, inside was a greenish blue color that looked just like a grassy green color and then on it, the silver was wrapped just like a tree and looked like branches everywhere. All I could feel is power soaring out of it and then when I took it out of the box, it started to glow and then it was showing me quick flashes of pictures of battles that hadn’t even took place yet.

“Flashes of pictures stop.”

Dad, what was that, which I just saw? Questioned, ICHIROU as he just stared at his father with a stunned look on his face with getting a better answer from his father as he sat on the floor with his knee’s on the board first.

Father: What you have just witnessed is the future of this world if you don’t study and learn your powers quick, the picture of the huge dragon with blue and white dark flames everywhere will destroy this world. The dragon is called, “EGRA” and he is the strongest Dragon that ever is, and it is also a spirit as well, but inside this crystal is where this dragon lives, and if you ever need, the power of the dragon you will find it in your heart and you will learn the ability, on how to summoned the dragon. On your way to the school, I need you to go and stop at your grandfathers he wants to talk to you and also to give you something as well. He had moved to Nasukarasuyama, Japan that is on your way to Fukushima, Japan, and when you go and see him I hope that you can learn a valuable, lesson from him and his teachings.

On, our way out; we grabbed everything and finished packing everything up and then we headed out into our new adventure, and whatever awaits us now is up to us and our choice, in this place.

So, Ichirou-san, I guess for now on we will be partners and look after, one another no matter what, happens right,? Asked Haiku, “While he was riding on Ichirou’s shoulder along the side of the road”

Oh, yeah right, but first I have to learn how to use and read this spell book and talisman’s so we know what we are up against, and you to stop these spirits from entering our world. My dad only should me how too summoned Shikigami, only if we need to use them. Explained Ichirou

As, we were walking towards our first stop, all of a sudden both of us could feel a weird aura in the air like something was coming towards us quick as ever; and that we will have to keep our guards all up and everything.

Do, you feel that strange power coming towards us; it feels like a powerful power coming in our direction. Said Haiku as the black strips on his back started to turn into sharp pointed mental, nails that stuck out on both side, and then blue fog started to circle around Haiku, just like a fog protector.

“A strange creature walked towards them,”

“Where are you going human?” they asked as their voice started to echo through the clouds and the air too.” The voiced looked like it belonged to some Yōkai’s and my father had explained to me what they were and a lot about them to. The word yōkai is made up of the kanji for "bewitching; attractive; calamity" and "apparition; mystery; suspicious.” They can also be called ayakashi (妖?), mononoke (物の怪?), or mamono (魔物?). Yōkai range eclectically from the malevolent to the mischievous, or occasionally bring good fortune to those who encounter them. Often they possess animal features (such as the Kappa, which is similar to a turtle, or the Tengu which has wings), other times they can appear mostly human, some look like inanimate objects and others have no discernible shape. They are good for their shape shifting and their good powers to trick others right in.

Look, at that! What the hell type of animal is that thing anyway, Ichirou-san? Questioned Haiku, as the tigers blue flames stared to spin faster and faster, around the tiger’s whole body.

It has to be a Bakeneko, but a different type of Bakeneko, which is Orange with nine tails and its body, is made out of bright orange body flames, just like a demon, that has crawled out of the pits of hell and back again. Thought Ichirou looking so amazed at the creature that looked like it wants some fleshed blood of a human child like me and it looks very hungry to me too.

ICHIROU!!! DON’T LOOK AT THAT DEMON!!! IF YOU DO, it WILL PUT YOUR SOUL RIGHT OUT OF YOUR BODY, INTO THIN AIR, Shouted one of the first sons name Haruna, the first son of the family in the Fuji moto family line.

“Ichirou quickly closed his eyes just like Haruna had said to him to do”


GO FOR IT!!! Seiryu!! It’s time to place our ties you foul demon beast, evil that which forms below no longer will you dwell death takes you with this spell!!!! DEMON!!!! BEAST! BEGONE!!!!! GO FOR IT SEIRYU!!! USE FLAMES OF THE HOLY FIRE!!

Haiku had stopped with his smoke screen barrier

Right, boss!! FLAMES OF THE HOLY FIRE!! Shouted Seiryū as he opened up his mouth and then large amount of blue river flowing flames stormed out of his mouth at the Yokai and then the Yokai fled from the scene before, the flames could even hit the demon.

Demon circle hold!!

That attack is an attack so that the demon will not able to flee from us. Explained Haruna as he walked over to Ichirou and then helped him up, he had smiled and then said, Ichirou, so I can see that you are also on your journey heading to the same place that I am heading, the school that is past the mountains and how about we travel together, and I heard you’re on your way to see your grandfather, please let us travel with you, we can help you get to the school from here and also to your grandfathers place. “Both bowed at each other”

Sure, I have no problem if you company us to the school, and also thanks for the help with that demon back there, if you hadn’t showed up we would have been killed back there. Ichirou said relieved and glade that someone had helped him out.

No problem but that demon isn’t gone it only ran and fled from the battle cause it felt that it was endangered by us and the attack that we were about to use on it. Explained Haruna tuning to look the opposite direction, too see if the close is clear from danger and from harm of anymore Yokai demons.

Then, before we even started to walk a small spirit like animal that resembled a dragon flow up onto Haruna shoulder, with a loud but irritating voice on him as he introduced, his self to us with a nice and friendly greeting.

Hello, I am called Azure which also means the blue dragon and I am also known as the dragon of the east, and I am also one of the four guardians, just like lion breathe over there, and for my understanding when you humans had summoned us to this world. That summiting had to copy our digital make up, and brought us to life in order to fight by all humans side, however one of our rules are we are never allowed to attack humans at all, and if we do something horrible will happen to us. Azure happily said with a smirk on his face.

“As I looked at his tail it almost looked just like, Haiku’s tail with a spike on it. But for some reason I have been having that same flash back off and on again time and time again, just like when I was touching the box that had, the dragon shape eye in it. I can’t stop thinking that we almost had forgotten something when we started to walk to our stop. “

Midnight Hit

“Turned and looked at Ichirou and had said to him” Haruna: Hey, how about we camp out here for the night since we have a long way to go to make up, your grandfathers, and to the school?

Slightly nodded his head yes and Ichirou had said: Ok, I am kind of tired anyway and I think we all need a break anyway. Oh I almost forgot you know how to set up a tent because I have no clue on how to set one up at all.

Haruna looked at him shocked with a very surprised look on his, and then said you are sure born of the hair of a good family of one of the first sons, but when you were training, I always thought one of your training was supposed to be how to survive all by yourself without any help from no one at all?

Bashfully Ichirou had said: Well I really wasn’t paying attention when my father was teaching me, I was only worrying about one training at a time, I wasn’t worrying about anything else at all, and beside the only thing I really care about is fighting spirits and winning so that I do not disgrace the families name or reputation, and to never bring shame to my families honor on doing the best.

Haruna then pushed Ichirou before he could finish his sentence and looked at him with both of his fist clenched, and then he had said: if you are worrying about honor but first you need to worry about is yourself and who we are supposed to be protecting in this world and nothing else. We are to protect this whole entire country, the human lives are at our hand, this whole entire would life’s are in trusted to a bunch of children, and you need to learn to cool down your pride a little bit before you talk.

Both looked up in the air before laying inside the small tent that had been put up by, Haruna, I was just staring at the sky thinking about what Haruna-san had said to me and I understand what are purpose is and what we are supposed to do. However, I don’t understand why years ago the gods had said to my father and all of the ancestors, which were a live before us and told them that in the feudal days of Japan, is when kids will be the ones to save this country from evil creatures. But I do know that if anything would happen to my family I would never forgive myself or those monsters and then that is when hell will really break loose, and then I will demolish them once and for all. But I will go to sleep for now maybe I can think about what my strategy will be tomorrow morning and what we will decide on doing together. ”Yawned”

They all drift on to sleep, in their own separate beddings and they slept peacefully, under the night skies with nothing to worry about, but then Ichirou started to have another dream of the same picture but this time of something different and in the dream it was like the creature was trying to tell him something, all Ichirou could see in the dream was that he was floating in the sky and then he had looked down. Saw a red dragon, it looked just like the same creature that tried to talk to him before. The creature it was a mixed between a dragon and a couple of other creature. It had two big wings like a dragon, two silver horns that looked like they had come off of a huge bull, it’s body was as big and head as a mountain lion and his head looked like it was from a tortes, and the last thing was his tail it was able to wrap like a cobra’s tail. I had tried to talk to the unknown creature but all it kept saying to me was that I mustn’t open up the gates, and that they need to say close, if they would to open, then bad things will happen, and the world will be blown away for good, and then that is when the demon’s and the spirits will be able to take over the worlds for good. All I know is that when he started to say that too me I had started to become nervous and really for me it looks like our adventure as the demon slayers has only just become even harder. I just hope that grandpa will know what to do about my dreams and if he has a true answer about them and why is it that the dreams had to pick me of all people to see them.

The next day the sun had risen; and it was time for us to get up and get ready to move out to the first stop, it was as sunny as a red flame light glazing up in the sky; it wasn’t as hot as it was yesterday but I think we can manage it all. We came to a city named Kanda which is one of the cities that reside in Fukuoka, the town looked small but it seemed that something wasn’t right when we entered the town, the small place looked like no one hadn’t been there in a long time, the village had no one there at all it had looked like everyone was hiding out in their house, scared of something or someone. Then all of a sudden there was a huge feeling in the air it had felt like some evil being that was trying to drain this entire area away.

Hey Ichirou, do you feel that power source; it feels strange like something is in the area, and that we can’t see whatever it is. Haiku had said softly to Ichirou and then he had thought to himself, “This feeling feels like a Demon and doesn’t feel like a powerful one but it does feel like a demon to me, and Ichirou sense must doesn’t work that good yet, but I have no idea why, yet but this demon must be the reason why the people here must not be outside of their places.”

Then all of a sudden the ground started to shake, all we head was someone yelling and then screaming and then out of no were an animal that looked like a gigantic mammoth with huge tusk, which had amount of blood dripping down on it. It looked like it was successively running around in human blood for a long time that its whole entire body had a wicked odor to it.

RAAAAA!!!! Yelled the beast in a up roar at us

We have to destroy him maybe this is the demon that we were picking up this whole time, there are demons that are able to hide out in side other things to make them do what they want to. Explained Haruna, Azure, and Haiku try to distraught him long enough so that we can be ready to attack him together.

Haiku & Azure started to power up

The spikes on Haiku’s back started to form and then his whole entire body started to glow and then the spikes started to cause a thick smoke screen, and then the blue fog started to become bigger and then it started to form lightning bolts.


It’s attacking, now Azure, use dragon of the holy flames!! Haruna had shouted and then took out his Pendent and then with his two fingers, he put his pointer and middle finger together on his forehead and then closed his eyes and then said Dragon of fire.... Rise with full power, I ask of thee.

Now quickly and immediately visualize the flame turning very big into the shape of a dragon, and separating itself from the candle.

To make it disappear, recite:

Dragon of fire.... Return to where you came from, I ask of thee.

Right, Dragon razes flame of despair!! Attacked Azure the flames of him begun to form all around him and then he attacked, quickly, his flames turned into a gigantic dragon and then he attacked quickly and fast. The attacked hardly did any damage to the beast, and then they beast looked at Azure and then kicked him with his right leg right into his face, hard as ever, and then Azure wacked into the wall hard with a big loud bang.

Azure!!! You okay!! Screamed Haruna, and then he looked at Ichirou and then asked him if he was going to join the fight or was he going to let him do all of it by his self.

Ichirou had took out his pendent and then said Kotodama, and then he closed his eyes and then begun to say "by the power of the almighty gods and goddesses I ask upon you to lend me your power allow me to do as I see thunder strike before me so mote it be!!! Shouted Ichirou and then his pendent started to glow and then Haiku started to show a lot of lightning everywhere and then gave out a huge roar.

Use Lightning Savior Blast!!! Commanded Ichirou as he crossed both of his arms on his chest and then had Haiku to attack the Mammoth with all of his power, but then the mammoth had shook the attack off of him and then charged Haiku with a powerful fire attacked known as Darkness flames and then stroked Haiku with all of his might.

Haiku!! You okay yelled Ichirou as he ran to Haiku to make sure if he was alright and then he had picked him up and then asked “what can we do now, both of our powers didn’t even work on him at all and it appears that he is about to attack us again.

Hey don’t worry you two we will help out!! Yelled a voice on top of a building and then he jumped from the building onto the ground, and then said that he is Reika and he is also one of the first son’s, that was also born, and then on his should was an animal that looked just like a small Black Tortoise, Ready Tortie, Embolic power soars, I call upon for the powerful three.

The power to freeze, heat and shape is what I feel to have.

Please listen as I call upon the.

The Powerful three should come the next day.

I shall discover them, when I touch water.

Witches one and witches all, please listen

To what I feel to have!!!! Go Element Freeze! Commended Reika as he was holding his pendent in his hand and then Tortie begun to attack using the new element power of water.

Water frozen ball!!! Attacked Tortie as his attacked started to freeze the ground and then he made a huge circle with his attacks around the gargantuan mammoth. We both looked at the Tortoise and we saw the emblem, on the back of the shell of him and it had a shape on it.

If you both hadn’t figured it out yet; tortoise is the protector of the north and his shell is also as hard as diamonds and bricks. Since this mammoth is a hard one to beat; I had a good idea on what type of attack to use on him in order to slow him down, so I need you guys to help us out real quick so get up and let’s go for it. Requested Reika as he took out one of his talisman and then wrote the work summand on it, in the Kanji written.

Okay, let’s go for it Ichirou and do it now. Said Haruna and the both boy had took out their pendent and then both

them started to shine brightly and then they all put their hands in a psi ball position and then said Merlin fire ball attack!!Yelled the three of them together, the attacked turn into a giant fire ball and then the power had turned into one big fire ball, and then the guardians were able to hold the beast down long enough and then the tortoises shell on the sides had stared to turn into spikes and his whole shell started to spin fast as ever and then it was able to injury the mammoth with his spikes on the side.

NOW!!! Spell cast!!! Eliminate this Spirits Spell cast now!! Yelled all three of them together and then their attacks combined as one attack and flow around the mammoth, as he was trying to escape the power of the attack, but it could go anywhere at all. Haruna had placed his pendent on and then said, a new spell Dragon of Ice I summon thee, to protect the friend to hurt foe. Use all your might to destroy them quick so they can suffer your poisonous lick!!! Use Ice Dragon Frozen Ice!

Understood, Ice Dragon Frozen Ice, the shape of the dragon’s tail turned into a sharp sword and then turned into a sharp blade and then he was able to attack the mammoth, the blade had cut the mammoth on its side and then blood started to drip a little bit.

Rrraaa!! YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!!!! Shrieked the mammoth he then placed both of his tusk onto the ground and then a golden glow started to gaze onto the ground and made it change shapes, that also caused the ice to melt, and then the mammoth was also free to move now.

Rraaahh!!!! And then his tusk came off and shot at the both of our spirits and had them on the ground hurt and everything. We both didn’t know what to do to help them and my father wasn’t done showing me all of my training yet, but something came to my mind and I had a good idea to get out of this trouble. So, I then remembered one chant that my father did teach me to get out of this problem, by the dragon's light and power, On this July night and within this hour, I call to thee to give me your might,

Protect me and all within sight. Now go for it Haiku use TIRER LIGHTNING ROAR NOW!!!! I had shouted to haiku and then energy had started to come out of haiku’s body and then his spikes had started to gaze into his skin and then his body turned invisible, like lightning, His body looked like a ghost and then he attacked the mammoth, with its lightning, he had vanished inside the mammoth and then the mammoth had vanished without a trace.

We were both amazed that, the power had really helped us and saved us just in time, however both of our spirits were in very bad shape, so we looked inside one of the scripts that my father gave me, so, we could look for a healing power to heal us and to find out what happened to everyone in this village, we sat down together in a comfortable position, and then we place our hands on the wound and closed our eyes, and then we began to visualize our hands glowing with bright green energy and gather the healing energy in our hand again and this time we had sent it into the wound and as the healing energy enters the wound we had visualize the cells around the wound and in the wound glowing bright green or white to a mixture of both and then we spoke out loud while thinking about the ones we want to heal: “with the energy green, I make it clean,

Heal all of us with the energy taken from me,

So mote it is!"

Then we visualize the wound closing and then from our hands we could feel the heat from our hands enter into the body as flames, and then the wounds on all of us started to heal and then disappeared, I was relieved that we were all okay but if we don’t get to my grandfather and quick we might meet our match soon enough, that might be as stronger then that mammoth was.

“Hey let’s look around, and see if we can find anyone that,” be able to tell us what has been going on here, and see if we can fix the problem of these demon showing up here. Suggested Reika, with a grin on his face and then him and Haruna, had told me thanks for saving them both, all I told them is not to thank me cause the power I used was the power that my father had taught me to use when I was in dire need of help.

We started to walk down a road, that was dry and that had cracks everywhere, the sun was beating on us, and then we came to one building and the door was opened a crack, and then we looked into it, there was a small little child sitting on the floor on his knees in the corner crying in tears . We had walked in, to see why the little boy was crying; he was around a lot of blood that was on the ground, and the boy had told us in tears that his parents, and his sister, and brothers were all slaughtered by the monster. The boy had said that he had; no one else to stay with and his grandparents lived somewhere else in a town named Okachimachi, which is the next stop that we are supposed to be going to next. We took the boy with us; and then before we had left this town we wanted to search a little bit more around to see if we could find anyone else that was still alive. I had the little boy on my back and then we started to walk around to see if anyone was alive in this place, but still we couldn’t find anyone at all that was still alive, it had only looked like so far that this boy was the only one that was still a live, but then behind a corner building we had no idea that someone was looking at us and watching our every move that we were making until now. I turned to Haiku and then asked him if he sensed anything or anyone that is following us at all.

Yes, I do sense something staring at us, but if you are asking if it is a Yokai then no it isn’t, it feels like a human is following us, and we have to be on out best regards and watch our backs and let’s just see where this is going to lead us and see what they want. Haiku had mentioned, and then haiku had looked behind him to see if the person was still following them, or not.

Ichirou: We then came to a stop and I had looked behind us and said, you may come on out now I know someone is following us, so please come one out and show your selves!

(Hiding)Voice: You mean me, I was just wondering what you people are doing here looking around, are you guys lost or something?

(tortie hopped of off Reika’s shoulder)

You don’t have to be scared, we are not your enemy, and you may come out of hiding little one you have nothing to fear at all. Said Tortie

The little child had come out of hiding and he was wearing light clothes and he was dressed like a monk, and around his neck he too had a pendent just like we did, and his pendent had a symbol on it, and it stood for fire bird. We were shocked when we had saw the little boy and then we came to an concluding that this kid must be the last of the first sons and also the youngest of all of us.

Boy! What is your name come over here, and please tell us. Asked Ichirou asked him and the others just stood in one place waiting for the kid to walk up to them

My name is Kazu and I am the first son of the Kojima family and I am the youngest of the Kojima family I am eight years old, and this is my fire emblem. Explained Kazu and he had told us that he had been in this village for a very long time, and since then he said he was hiding because of that mammoth, and because he doesn’t have his own spirit yet to help him, and his father, had told him that when the time was right that is when he should call forth his spirit, but he did explain that right now wasn’t a great time to call him yet.

So, this little boy is also one of us too? Asked Haruna

We all didn’t know what to think when we saw the kid but sense he is one of us I feel that it is time for us to start walking now so that we can get onto our next place where we have to go too. It was starting to get hot as we were walking to the next town called Okachimachi where we were going to drop off the little boy that we had found in the building that was lying near blood, on the ground near a corner. He had told us that his grandparents,’ had lived in one of the nearby building, but he doesn’t know which place it was. Nonetheless, in seconds, an older man walk outside of his place and then stepped outside, the little boy had opened his eyes and then shouted, SOFU, SOFU!!!!

The old man had looked, at us and then said, magomusuko (grandson) what are you doing here my boy? Asked his grandfather

I had answered to the man that we had found his grandson in a home by his self, covered with bruises, cuts and around a lot of blood everywhere, but from somehow the old man started to smell wired like he was a demon his self, and then we looked at the little boy and I was going to run and save him but then, something was coming out of the man’s hands and then his voice had change and then he said, “if you come near this little child I will kill him and I will destroy this body, as well as this little boy,”

Ichirou, it’s a demon that has taken hold of his grandfather’s body, and we have to find a way to save both people without hurting the little boy or the grandfather. Haiku had said to Ichirou and then we were trying to figure out a quick plan on to getting the demon and the little boy from each other.

All I want from you humans is the pendants that you all hold, if you don’t I will destroy, these two quickly, hand them over it now or I will destroy them all. Necessitated the demon as he called in a very low voice and then looked at us like he was about to eat us.

Don’t listen to him guys we have to figure out a way, to execute this demon and quick. Ichirou and the others had started to think about a plan on to getting both of them away from the powerful demon. We were all standing in worry on what we should do, then something had happened, Kazu’s amulet had started to glow bright red flames everywhere, circling around him so nice and bright. Then a voice had stated to speak out of the flames and then said, don’t worry the guardian of flame is finally here to help you fight if you need my help.

My, name is Zusaku and I am the final and only one guardian left and I am the guardian of the south and I am also the protector of what is right, my holy flames protect those that are good of heart and those that want to fight in order to win, one’s power.

Demon’s voice

It doesn’t matter what type of power you try to use, or pull against me; if you try you will not win and then I will kill both kid and grandfather at once so it really doesn’t matter anymore. The demon had shouted out in Rage and anger

Kazu had a terrified look on his face and then he had remembered a chant that his father had taught him a while ago, and then his father had told him that one day that this would come in handy one day, and if he needed this power he should know how to use it wisely. Kazu then took out his amulet and then he held it in his hand so tightly and then closed his eyes for a few minutes and then started to chant something three time, La' khe un' na birta

Le UN' na brisingr

mor khe naa la omios

UN' tale na varya freor


And then the amulet started to glow bright red and so did Zusaku and his flames had started to go faster than it was going before. Zusaku then said Ancient blazing flames and the coat of the flames had hit the demon hard and then it braised it good, and the flames had made the demon shrieked in fury penetratingly.

THAT DOES IT, I HAD TOLD YOU WHAT I WAS GOING TO DO TO THE CHILD AND HIS GRAND FATHER SO PREPARE TO DIE NOW! Bellowed the demon loudly at all of us and then he had opened his mouth and then air had stormed out of his mouth quickly and powerfully, and that power had blown all of us in different directions.

Now tortie it is our turn to help out now yelled Reika as him and his partner had flown into a wall hardly, amulet started to glow and then Reika had put his two fingers together and then he placed both of them near his forehead, “I have cast this chant now "Earth" and roll in salt or rub with the coal. Visualize the energy of earth being absorbed by the object. Now visualize the energy surrounding it but the energy should have 3 equal portions this time, one for fire, one for water, and one for earth, now Tortie protect us now use shell protector.

Understood, sir, and then tortie had jumped in front of Reika and then said “Shell protector,” the sharp ends on the shell had started to stick out even more than ever the power that tortie holds is greater than anything that we all had ever seen in our life time put together.

I have been told that a turtle can live for a very long time and so can its shell too and that its shell is harder than anything ever and that it is very difficult to break it if you try too. We all had order our spirits to join their attacks together and attack that thing.

Demon had shouted, I am a demon that takes over the humans mind and soul and after I am done with them, I will devour, whoever body I have took over and then keep their heart as an award for myself, and do you really think little child can defeat me, you all still are just beginners who have just gotten their very first spirits and your spirits haven’t evolved yet. Humans and spirits should even be able to coexist in the same world at all. That is why I and my brethren have come here to destroy mankind before mankind destroys all of us; I think we are doing this world a great deal by destroying all that tries to stop us. Humans are nothing but only bug, that have to practice spells in order to keep all of us away from them. One thing for sure nothing will keep us from continuing our goal to open a path to the underworld, so that everyone will be gone, including you children too, your spirits will not always be there to protect you all anymore. .

We won’t let that happen, you and the other spirits will not have a chance to destroy our world at all, we will be the ones to stop all of the demons, from entering into this world. Explained Ichirou as he took his amulet out and held it near his heart, and in his mind he was thinking that only their spirits are capable of saving and slaying these demons.

It was almost like hope was lost for all of us together and like the demon was going to kill all of us, but just then we came up with a plan on how to get both humans away from the powerful demon. There are seven different types of demons, and they are all under different levels. This demon is one of the level six demons and one of the more powerful demon’s there are. That is how this demon is able to possess other people and take over their mind and soul because this demon is a level six type and it is supposed to be one of the powerful ones that there are.

We have to find a way to make the demon show it’s self as a true Yoki monster in its real form and not be inside the humans’ body anymore. Haruna had said looking around to find a clear opening in order to attack the demon, and then he had started a new chant that his great grandfather had taught him along time ago and he had decided to see if it would work on this type of demon…… "Guardians of the Spirit realm hear and guide my plea. When the witching hour rings true, bring my friend to me. Other souls who hear my call are not welcome in this place, only the one known as may enter sacred space." Then after that chant had taken place, a shadow had started to form behind the old man and then a demon was starting to come out of him in lots of pain. The shadow of a much more powerful demon had come out of the old man’s body and then the old man had clasped onto the ground unconscious. Kazu and his spirit Zusaku had rushed over to make sure that both of them were ok and well. The demon had finally took his true form and it had looked like a big boar, with red blood running down its back and with brown fur everywhere, this demon looked like it was about as big as a large mansion and it had stood up like a very tall building up so high. It had a small tail on him with a big bush at the end of it. It’s only thing that is really missing on it is its horns on it; it had looked like it had lost in a fight and its horns were the prize for losing the battle.

I am one of the unknown demons that well be taking all of your life’s at once and destroy everything that is in my path. The demon had said to all of us, the demon had looked like it could devour all of us at once in a blink of an eye. That is also how we all knew that the real battle is about to start now, and even know we are all still trainers and we have no way of fighting a level six demon yet, but just then when we had thought hope was lost someone had used a vanishing spell on the demon and it had trapped the demon between two different walls of armor, and then so the thing was stuck between two different places with no escaping at all. We all had looked towards a corner and near a corner had stood a younger man and he was also what had looked like a demon slayer as well. He had road an animal that had looked so much like a flame horse with two heads. The man had cast a spell around the demon so that it couldn’t leave its field at all and so that the demon would become stuck in there. The demon started to shout and then say leave me out of here and then when he said that the boy had ordered his spirit to send that demon to the underworld for good. The flamed horses flames had started to become one with his owners body and then the both of them had started to work as one and the flames had become one enormous flames covered with red fire and black smoke everywhere, and then it covered the demon and made it vanished from know where. After everything was over we had all approached the man slowly and then when we tried too the horse had tried to kick us to stay away, but the man had told the horse to stop and then he smiled at us, and so the horse had let us pass.

You kids should know that demons like this one has to be tamed differently than others, strong spell casters have the power to control these types of demons from going on a rampage in the real world. My name is Jiro and I am the second born son of my family, I am the chosen hare of the family. I have also been studying a lot to be able to keep up with everything. I was told to come here to guide you all to NASUKARASUYAMA; it is not that long from where we are right now.

Hey jiro can you please explain something to us how comes you get a different spirit animal than all the rest of us I only thought that your spirits are only given to those that have level 5 and Up Power higher and greater than our powers put together. Asked Kazu as he walked over to his spirit picked him up and placed him over his shoulder. “I was just wondering how on earth a demon horse is under your command all of a sudden.”

(Everyone stopped walking and then sat down)

I’ll explain it to you it happened about 10 years ago when I was only a little boy I was stuck all alone in abandoned house with no one my older brother was the only one I had then one day everything was taken from me. Spirit demon that I never seen before had attacked us and so the demon had control my brother’s mind and soul to the point I knew what I had to do I was scared though I was only eight years old at the time so what I did was I cast a spell the spell was known as the holy grail and in that spell cast and finally summoned my spirit animal there was a horse a little horse he was very hard to control. this horse head flames and the Flames help me get to where I had to be so when the beast attached us I summoned a very powerful attack which made the creature flee from the scene, and ever since then we have been untouchable. For years now my ancestors have been trying to look for a horse with flames of Steel if they obtain that power they can do anything that they want.

Well I believe we should start on moving again before it gets dark, if we don’t move other Spirits haunt the night sky and look for stragglers at night. Explained Jiro as he looked at his demon horse puzzle and confused on what type of powers his demon has.

So the trio started to walk to the next Village it is named Hiroshima. Hiroshima is the largest city in the Chugoku region of Western Honshu. Hiroshima has a humid subtropical climate characterized by mild winters and hot humid summers, it also has great food one of which is called Okonomiyaki. It will take about nine days to get to where they have to be, and also Plus they are running out of food and also more emergency kits. Walking through Hiroshima felt kind of strange there weren’t a lot of people around you seen people standing at karts serving food other people and the others staying in their house like they were scared of something.

I was told by my father that Hiroshima had a lot of ghosts and demons lurking at every corner and Underground. I was a kid back then I didn’t really understand a lot of stuff what was really going on in the world but now I’m a soldier and I’m going to protect my pride and my people no matter what. Ass later means that you have to give up your childhood and start adulthood early. On this road I met good friends and now our Adventure has only just begun.

Walking through Hiroshima

Hey I’m hungry can we please get something to eat. Haiku had asked as he stopped walking and plopped on the ground all you could hear was his stomach rumbling. His fur looked like it needed a bath.

Ichirou had looked so stunned when his partner said that. He was hungry as well so was everyone else that was with so they all walked up a little farther and came across a cart a food cart and it had something very good and tasty on it was called Okonomiyaki which is pancakes. The food smelled and looked so good, that each one of us ordered one.

May we all order eight Okonomiyakis please. ICHIROU had asked as he placed his order at the cart. The Okonomiyaki had looked so good, I grabbed it, open my mouth and tried some, the taste had made my eyes water with delight, it warmed my mouth. There was enough for all of us to take one for now.

After we had all ate, it was time for us to keep on moving towards out next direction on where we are going. While we were walking we ran into a temple that was in Hiroshima, the Temple is called Mitaki-dera which means three water falls. The two story vermillion pagoda at Mitaki-dera contains a statue of the Amida Buddha. The pagoda was brought to Mitaki-dera from Hiro-Hachiman-jinja in Hirogawa, Mitaki-dera is famous for its spring cherry-blossoms and the road leading to the temple is also lined with cherry trees. The Temple is where everyone comes to worship the God’s. So that the spirits don’t bother this place they make a sacrifice to the God’s so that they may horde off the evil spirits, but I was told that even know everyone one does that the spirits still come here. As we were walking down the road we suddenly heard a loud bang and then a crowd of people just begun running in different directions. Something started to walk in our direction, it was a spirit, covered I’m smoke the spirits name was Enenra, it started to move closer to us. My Amulet started to glow, the spirit spotted us and started to come towards us.

I’ll handle this Ichirou! Shouted Haiku as he jumped off of Ichirou's shoulder. His stripes on his back started to light up, and then Ichirou started to command his spirit animal to attack. Thunder started to come out of Haiku, he powered up and then charged at the spirit with everything he had.

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