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my infant babies

THE Hi my name is Any, I'm 26 years old, and I'm a mother of 3 beautiful babies

They're childish, they're triplets, and they're called, Joalin, Sina, and Josh

Of the three, Sina is the shrewdest,Joalin and Josh are too, but not so much

It's now 21:00 at night and I'm putting Joalin to sleep , I realize that she slept and put her with her brothers, beautiful things

I kiss each one on the forehead

I leave the room and go to mine, watch a series before bed, later I turn off the TV and go to sleep

The next day

I was sleeping until I hear a cry, it takes a few seconds to identify which of the three is the cry, and I realize that it is Josh's cry

I go to the bedroom, I see the same one crying

Any: don't cry my baby

I pick him up and go to my room

Down my shirt putting my breast in your mouth

he is calming down

I dry your tears and caress your little face

Josh: Mommy

sleepy talk

Any: hii

Josh: Joshy wants to come back

I nod and put him to bed with the sisters again

I realize he slept when I was going out

Sina:mommy 🥺

Any: hi princess

I say walking towards her and putting the pacifier back in her mouth.

Sina:change Sina mom's diaper

Any: let's change

go to the bathroom with her

I change Sina's diaper

And I take her to the room again

Sina:Mom taking Sina to work someday?

Any: yes, someday you, Jojo and Josh are going to the company with Mom


A little later Joalin and Josh woke up, now Joalin is on my left chest and Josh on my right chest while watching a cartoon on TV

Sina was playing on the living room rug, cutest thing

Josh let go of my chest and lay down on the couch, but soon he started mumbling

-Your pacifier is here, love

I put the pacifier in his mouth

joalin: mommy

talk getting totally in my lap

Any: hi princess

joalin: change me

I go up with Joalin, change her diaper and go down again

Any: Celia, can you stay with my babies while I run errands at the company?

Celia: no problems

talk taking Joalin off my lap

Any: kiss my loves love you

I say kissing each one on the cheek

And right after that, I leave the house

In the company

There was only Any, and one more employee, Sabina

Any: Sabina

Sabina: Any

Any: did you really lose those papers?

Sabina: I lost any,forgiveness

Any: oh my God saw

Speaks with the hands on the head while sitting in the chair

Any: Sabina those roles were important

Sabina: I know! Sorry Any

Any gets up, puts her hands on her head, leaning on the counter inside the office.

Sabina: I think you're too stressed, huh?

Any: I am

Sabina: don't be like that baby, it's alright

She speaks starting to run her hand across my belly going down to my pussy

Sabina: everything will work out

Talks bending down, lifting my dress and giving kisses over my panties


She drags my panties to the side starting to lick me

And making me moan sly

She takes off my panties completely and pulls me in for a kiss

Sabina: get rid of those clothes

She talks and I take off my dress and soon she's naked too

Any: hot

sabina: no more than you

Anyway we stayed there, having sex, and later on, I'm going home


speech jumping in my lap

Any: hi my babies

hug them

She lets them go and Joalin and Josh go play on the rug

Sina:I want to breastfeed

Any: come my baby

take her on your lap

I put her on my chest and she starts to suck

Sina ends breast, I make her burp and she joins the brothers to play

While they played I watched TV

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