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Elindil and Mireth

If you havent read the little ive written on DragonFyre, I would suggest you do so now. Elindil (the 'I' in this story) is a shapeshifting dragon, explaining some of the things that occur within this fantasy. Mireth is the maiden who captures his heart and soul. This chapter may be put into the story, or may just be a stand alone, not sure just yet.

I took you out into the woods, far away from anyone who might find us. Acres of massive pines had been planted in straight rows. The sun filtered through the green, chasing beams of light amoung the shadows on the red/brown needles that covered the ground like a blanket. We were walking between the trees when I had an idea. I got close to you and pulled you into me, surprising you with a kiss before running off behind a tree. "Hey!" you shouted after me, laughing as you tried to find me. I was able to move quietly on the pine needles, weaving between the trees until I could come around and sneak up behind you. I paused for a moment to admire the shape of you before I moved up to you. Watching your hips rock side to side... I was put to memory of a time before, when I watched that same motion while you were on top of me. I couldnt help but let out a soft growl as that fire only you ignite swiftly caught inside of me. You froze when you heard me. "Elindil?", you called softly, turning your head just enough to see me behind you. "Do you realize what you do to me?", I responded, feeling a primal urge building within. I heard the smile in your voice as you replied, "only the same things you do to me". Closing the space between us, I leaned in close to your ear, "clothes. off. now", I half whispered, half purred. You gave a low moan as I licked your ear, taking the lobe between my teeth. I used my body to nudge you towards a tree, pulling at your top, lifting it up and off of your arms. I shifted, changing from my clothed human form into my nude one in a moment. "Not fair", as you felt my bare skin touch yours. I chuckled against the back of your neck, reaching around you to unfasten your pants, pushing them down as I scraped my teeth down your back, feeling you arch as I slid down. You kicked off everything else, showing nothing to me except bare skin, adding fuel to my fire inside. "Turn around", I commanded, wanting to see all of you. You did, looking in my eyes first, then downward, biting your lip as you saw how hard I was for you. I took both hands and pushed your back into the tree behind you as my mouth covered yours, my tongue finding yours in response. I wanted to be out of control, I wanted to give myself entirely to you. I pulled away for a moment, chest heaving with each breath, each heart beat pounding violently inside. You looked into my eyes, just as breathless. "Its ok, you wont hurt me". I reached behind your head, and taking hold of your hair in my hand, I pulled back, tilting your head, exposing your throat. My mouth found the spot between your shoulder and neck and as I used my other hand to pull your body closer to mine, I bit down on that spot. I felt you shudder along my body in response, felt you push into me as though you were trying to will my cock, trapped between us, to be inside of you. I moved my mouth from your shoulder downward biting and licking as I went, leaving a trail of red marks as I tasted you. Bending down some, I licked along your breasts, occasionally flicking my tongue across a nipple as i switched sides. I paused for a moment to let go of your hair and you placed one hand on the back of my neck, guiding my mouth back to your nipple, your other hand grazing along my arm. I wrapped my lips around the sensitive area, and sucked on it as I slid my tongue across it, making your fingers dig into my skin. The sudden pain made me blaze even hotter. I released you from my lips and slid down your body, kneeling in front of you. I grabbed behind you, fingertips pressing into your skin as I pulled your hips toward me. I breathed deeply of your scent, making me drunk in my lust. I elongated my tongue for you, and in a single stroke, pulled it along your lips, tasting of your sweetness as I brushed it across your sensitve clit. I delighted in the sounds you made for me. You were so wet, my face was soaked in you after just a few passes as you ground against me. I changed the shape of my tongue again, making it rounder and thicker, placing the tip, right against your opening. Pushing forward, I slowly sank my tongue into you, the feeling of it inside you making you moan some more. "Unh, oh that feels so good", you mumbled breathlessly as you wrapped your hands around my head, greedily pulling me further into your molten core. You kept grinding as your clenched fingers held my head in place, your wimpers telling me you were swiftly approaching your climax. A few flexes of my embedded tongue sent you over the edge, shaking from your core from the intensity as I devoured you. I pulled back as you finally released your grip. Looking up your body, I watched for just a moment, your eyes half closed as you leaned back against the tree, breasts heaving trying to catch your breath. You were even sexier in your afterglow. It made me want you more, I needed to be inside you. "My turn Starlight", I growled as I stood up, taking your hands in mine. Before you knew what was happening, I spun you around, and leaning both of us forward, my hands were over yours, using the tree to keep us on our feet. "Fuck!", you moaned out as my cock slid into you, a swift push burying it completely inside. I didnt hold back, and began to thrust in and out of you relentlessly. My hands left yours, one grasping your shoulder, the other holding your waist, using the leverage to pull you back to me as I thrust into you. I felt my release quickly approaching, I brought my hand from your shoulder, dragging my claws along your skin as I placed it on the other side of your waist. I barely controled my form as, with a final thrust, I began to spill into you, a primal half growl half roar escaping my throat. Wings manifesting in my unrestrained state, they stretched out and upward as I came. Collapsing together as our legs and arms gave out, we stayed there for several moments, feeling the final pulses pour into you as I began to soften inside. Sliding off of your body, we lay on the ground as we recovered. You languidly twisted to face me, a look of pure bliss on your flushed face. Reaching out I brushed your hair back, looking over your body at the bite marks and scratches, a story written in flesh of what just happened. "I didnt hurt you too much, did I?" I queried. "Mmm, I could ask the same of you", you replied. You snuggled closer to me and I wrapped an arm, and a wing, over you. "My Starlight", I whispered to you. "My Dragon", you murmured back, laying your head on my chest.

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The End

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Sean Elliot I write mostly because and about my Starlight, a person very close to me and something more. The twin of my own soul. I write mostly poetry, but also some short stories.

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