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It is said in the history of werewolves that only one Alpha's daughter can be on Earth at one time. What happens when loving alpha and Luna have their twin daughters ?? Something that's never been heard of in the history of werewolves. Also what happens when one of the twin daughters is out for her run with her newly found mate and discovers something to not have been existing for 250 years or more along the lines of someone a teeny baby only been a few days old in the basket floating down the creek. The baby is not a werewolf the baby is not full-blooded human .... So then what kind of shifter will this child turn out to be ??

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Chapter 1

“Ariana !! Get up, we'll be late”, I heard my, twin sister Alice hollering from the other side of my bedroom door. “ You know I want to get there, so I can spend time with Brandon before class !! ”, My sister cries. “Alright, Alright... I will be down in 10 minutes .... JUST GET OFF MY DAMN FUCKING DOOR... ” I roll off my bed, jumped up running into my bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. {Something is ..... Something}, My wolf says as she's walking around in the back of my mind. {Mystery ??}, She doesn't seem to hear or even notice me.

This is quite odd. You see Mystery is the only wolf ever to shift two in a half minutes after being born. Mystery and I have always been together when everyone else gets their wolf between 13 and 17 years old.

I am uneasy, about the way my Wolf is being but I put it on the back burner for later and run to my closet. I threw on a pair of my MissMe jeans some random top and head out the door grabbing my stuff. As I get to the bottom of the stairs I see Alice waiting by the front door holding both of our lunches ", There's money in our lunches." she says. " Did Mom say why ?? ", I ask grabbing the bag as I walked out of the front door. " She wasn't there this morning .... Just our lunches ", says my sister, as my eyes meet Slayers. Slayer is our Father's second in command. " What's going on Slayer ?? Where are our parents ?? ", I ask him. " What ?? .... I woke up extra early this morning just to see you, beautiful ladies, off... Not even a good morning or a smile from you Ariana !! Only to have you interrogating me ?? ", Slayer said being dramatic, while opening the car door for me to get in. " Precisely, now spill.", I say. " Alice .... Good morning darling." He says to my sister while now opening the door for her. " Good morning, Slayer ", she giggled getting in. Waiting for Slayer to get in and to start the car, I lean forward and gently whisper as my lips brush the edge of his ear, "Spill Slayer, or I will tell father how you forgot to pick me up last week from track practice and why." I tell him. " You would, wouldn't you ??" he replies. I just sit back with a smirk on my face, " Considering you told on me the other day... For sure." I tell him. Glancing back at me through the review mirror he finally cracks. "Fine... They went to meet with the FireMoon pack. They have a few kids that have been expelled from their pack school, so they will be joining yours." " How many ??", I ask. "Around nine or so I believe."



As we pulled into the driveway at school I can't help but notice that there's only half our usual number of guards. {So I want to take off after the second period... Will you help me ??}, I link my sister. {Shall I provide you with a decoy or do you already have one lined up??}, was her reply. {I already have one meeting with me in the girl's bathroom.}, I tell her. " See you later. “ she says as we split up.“ K, later ”, I say back to her as we head our own ways. By the time I hit the second period the whole school is buzzing around about the new kids coming to our school. I put my head down using my arms as my pillow, I don't even realize that I have fallen asleep until the bell rings ending class. I run to my locker throw my books in, pulling out my big hoodie and my purse I head into the girl's bathroom. Surrounded by the entire cheerleading squad standing in the center are Emily and Alice. Emily is the daughter of my parents Third in command and my best friend. She is already stripping down to her birthday suit as my sister pulls out clean undergarments from a bag for her to put on. The girls that are circling in the cheerleading squad open up so I can get to the center with them and I start doing the same stripping to my birthday suit as I pull a clean pair of undergarments out of another bag. We each put on our clean new undergarments and swap our clothes. " You know that you're going to end up being the best Beta ever once I become Luna of a pack", " Yes as well as I know that you are going to be a great Luna," Emily said back to me. " Ariana what makes you think you're not going to be the alpha of this pack ?? " My sister Alice asked me. " Because you were born 5 minutes ahead of me making you the oldest and you the next alpha. " I say. " We'll see." She says.

" Anyways we ready girls ??" Emily asked throwing on my hoodie as I squirted her with my only perfume refusing ever to wear anything else Victoria's secret tease. " Open your Link ", {Done}. I link Alice. Without another word, Emily throws My hood over her face pulls out my phone from the pocket, and starts playing a game looking down at the screen as she walks out the door with my sister right beside her as the rest of the cheerleading squad follow in suit. I stand there as I hear one of my guards, Blake asks Emily thinking she was me if there was anything that she needed before going to class. I can't help but laugh when my sister comes through the link telling me how Emily just flipped him off and kept on walking. That is something I would do especially to Blake, he is such a jerk. He is always telling on me to Alayer. Once I get the okay from my sister saying that they bought it and both she and Emily were sitting in class while the guards were posted up in the back of the classroom. Emphasizing that I needed to just hurry up, I threw the hood of Emily's sweater over my head grabbing my bag and walking out the door of the girl's bathroom. I walked casually into the hall nobody looked at me twice or even notices me walking out the double doors of the front of the school into the parking lot. Once I get to the edge of the woods. I walk about four to five trees into the woods, setting my stuff down. Shifting into my beautiful, pure as the softly fresh fallen snow-white wolf. I pick up my bag with my mouth and take off running as fast and as hard as I can, my wolf has been dying to get out and go for a run to shift into herself for days. We run for about forty-five minutes until we reach my favorite spot to stop and think. A relaxing place to just getaway. It is this beautiful Creek called, Deer Creek, in the Sequoia forest. My wolf laps up water enjoying the cool delicious taste of the freshwater Creek. She goes to the deepest part of the creek and wades into the water doggy paddling to the very center and then without any notice shifts back to me. {{Oh Mystery, that was so foul !!!!}}, I think. {{Got you}} she laughs hysterically in the back of my mind rolling on the floor. I just shake my head and dive under the water. I pop my head up out of the top of the water and as I do I hear what sounds like pebbles being thrown into the water from behind me. Slowly spinning around I have to admit is the finest male specimen I've ever laid eyes on. " Whom may I ask might you be ?? ", I ask him. " I will answer your question if you will answer mine ??", He says with a very sexy smile on his face. I just nod my head agreeing in response. " My name is Stephen Dean Kidworth, but my friends call me Dean." he says. " Well Stephen Dean Kidworth my name is Ariana it's a pleasure to meet you. Now, what is your question for me ??"

" How old are you ??" he asks as he's jumping into the water and swims towards me. " I am fifteen " ' I say thinking what an odd question that is to ask. He dives under the water leaving me without a clue as to where he is. All of a sudden I hear him speak as his lips brush my ear, " Then when do you turn sixteen ??", His arm's now around my waist sending a shiver down my spine. " Four days from now." My voice comes out as a low whisper. My heart skips a beat as I feel his lips kissing up from my shoulder to just below my ear. It is at that moment that I realized we are both completely naked in the water, and his manhood is at full attention pressed against my back. I quickly regain control of my mind telling him, " not that I don't find you very attractive .... Very, very attractive, but I am waiting to find my mate. " " You are really ?? " he asks. " Yes I am really... Is that a surprise to you ??” I inquire. “No… It just makes me happy, to hear you express that, is all.” He replies. “Then you understand why I have to be going now,” I ask while leaving his arms and swimming to the shore. Climbing out of the creek, I grabbed my bag, pulling out my clothes and putting them on, earning a deep growl from Dean. Laughing, I spoke while walking away," Bye sexy, maybe I'll catch you around ??” “ Count on it.”, He speaks back, and I leave.


“ Look …. There have to be at least ten FireMoon pack SUVs. It involved how many kids in the expulsion ??” I asked Slayer. “ Let's see …. There is the son and daughter of the third in authority, the daughter and two sons of the second in authority, the two sons of the Beta, and then the Alpha's heir. “ How in the hell did all the higher Ups get expelled from their school, that's almost unheard, of, no that is unheard of." my sister says. “ Where would they be living ??” I ask. “ All but the alpha's son will be living in the packhouse. The Alpha's heir will be staying in your family's house. “

The car comes to a stop as I waste no time getting out. I walk over to my parents who are standing with the group of teens. “Hello and welcome. Please come inside and have something to eat and drink. I'm sure you all are hungry after your long journey.“ I say as I walk into the double front doors of our home. I mind-link the staff and tell them to prepare snacks of all sorts, of a variety of refreshments. I wait for the maids to bring out the refreshments and drinks before excusing myself to my room so that I may shower and change.

I make my move to the staircase and climbed the thirteen flights upstairs to my floor. I have always preferred to take the stairs as it's great exercise over taking the elevator. As I make it to my floor, I head to my chamber and open the door, closing it behind me as I walk into my chamber. I head over to my closet. Look through all of my clothes and pick out the outfit I would like to wear for the rest of the day. I snatched a pair of my Miss me jeans and a black spaghetti strap with a picture of a white tiger on the front, also grabbing my globe slip-on skater shoes as I head into the restroom. I get in the shower. Running the hot water. Taking off my clothes I climb in. I just let the waterfall run over me freely, nice and warm, soaking into my every pore. I grabbed my herbal essence shampoo and shampoo my hair rinse it grabbed my horrible essence conditioner. Conditioning my hair, I leave it in for 15 minutes and then wash it out with ice-cold water. Now that's the way to finish a nice shower. I get out throw on my clothes and brush out my hair, deciding to let it fall where it may. Picking up my dirty clothes throwing them in the laundry hamper before I head out into my room.

I head over to my vanity mirror on the wall just opposite the edge of my bed, putting on some makeup. When I'm finished and feel that I am presentable enough to go outside, I turn around and walk over to my bed and fall flat down, laying back to rest my eyes for a few moments. I'm not sure how long I was lying there before I heard a knock at my door. “ Hold on… I am coming!! “ I moan, as I wanted to avoid getting up. I opened the door and was shocked at the person standing in my doorway. “ Oh… It is you… Hello again. “ I spoke as I stepped aside and motioned for him to enter. “ To what do I owe this honor, Dean ??" I ask. “My friends went over to the packhouse to get settled in. my, bags are already in my room, so I decided to come and say hello to you, I was bored. “ He says as a matter of fact. “ Oh well, I was just taking a little cat nap, you're more than welcome to join me if you like?? “ I say as I walk over and flop back down onto my bed. “ Don't mind if I do “, is his response, and before I know it, his arms are wrapped around my waist, and he's pulling me towards him. He's settling in my bed with his front to my back just like that within seconds. "I was kidding Dean", I say. I do not know why, but I did not get uncomfortable. It dose not seem odd or as if he shouldn't be there. I think I felt so comfortable that I fell asleep with him laying down next to me.

I'm surprised when I wake up to discover that it is the next morning. Thankfully we didn't have school as it was Saturday. I go to get out of bed and realize I can't, then it hits me, is he still in my bed asleep ?? I look over to my right enough, there are Dean's arms bound around my waist, still sleeping like a baby. “ Um …. Uh …. Dean …. What are you doing ?? If you don't mind my asking ??" I ask. “I am sleeping now shush I am not ready to get out of bed yet “, he adds as his arms which are still bound around me tighten up more. “ Dean, did you sleep in here all night since yesterday ?? “ I questioned him. “ Yes baby now please shush as much as I love hearing your voice I'm still exhausted let's just lay here and enjoy each other's company, for now, we can get up later “ he says." WTF …. Are you insane??" I say. “Aww …. See now baby I tried to tell you, but you just can't shush now I'm going to have to make you. “ He states as he's flipping me underneath him and is now pinning me to my bed. “ W — w — what are you doing?? “, is all I can stutter out before his lips are connecting to mine. My eyes go so wide as he bites my bottom lip, causing them to part as he sticks his tongue in my mouth. I didn't even realize then, my tongue was massaging his tongue as he was mine. I did not know how good it would feel like my first kiss before I know, my hands are tangled in his hair as one of his hands is behind my head and the other is now pulling my leg up by my thigh as he's wrapping it around his waist. I cannot help the moan that escapes me as he is now rubbing his manhood against my clit through our clothes. “ Aww, Dean “, I moan." What is on your mind, huh, baby??” He says as he works and thrusts his colossal and very hard-long shaft against my core. “ What is this that is happening to me now?? Oh my goodness, Fuck!!”, I moan louder." Shush Baby, we want to avoid being heard now don't we?? To explain your question, what you were feeling is called pleasure. “ He answers with the wickedest look in his eyes. “Have you ever gone with anybody this far before??"he asked. “I had never even kissed a boy before. “ I pant in between happy breaths. He must appreciate that answer I give him because he is now grinding down harder and faster, holding my leg up still around his body, before I realize it he is ripping my Miss me jeans off me and now has his face between my legs. I was unsure what he's doing until I feel one of the most pleasurable feelings in the world. “ Holly …. Fucking …. Dean… Oh …. “, I moan throwing my head back against the mattress.“Sh or I am going to have to force you. “ He says. “ I can't …. Help it.” I whimper. Before I realize it he is ripping his shirt into long enough strands so he can wrap the strand's around my mouth and tie it into the back of my head gagging me. I am now thrusting my hips up and down, riding his mouth and tongue as if my life depended on it. “ Mmm..... mmm “, is all the noise I can seem to generate. I shake as I start to lose control of myself.

“ Come on baby, cum for me sexy. Just release yourself and let me saver your delicious juices. Please, baby, come for me now. ”, unable to hold back any more I obliged him by letting out a breathtaking moan. “ Iiii …. Umm …. C-C-c-cummming!!!! “ My words coming out muffled because I am gagged. I lay there still shaking as he does not stop, and I let the pleasurable feeling take me into darkness, letting it consume me as I drift into a peaceful sleep.

Unsure of what has just happened or exactly even when it had happened. I decided to finally roll out of my bed and head into my bathroom to quickly take a nice ice cold shower, I get out drying my body and hair off with my towel. I walk into the walk-in- closet and throwing on my bathing suit, heading downstairs to the lower floors to go for a swim in the indoor swimming pool. This always helps me to clear my mind. As I get to the secret passage {My private shortcuts} I slip in making sure my secret door is latched just right. I turn around and head down the spiral staircase as I am hoping that there isn't anybody in the swimming room. Thankfully luck appears to be on my side at the moment. [We are not a human/fish shifter !! We are a human/wolf shifter .... So why are we in the swing room ??], Mystery whined in my head. [This coming from the Wolf who thought it was funny to jump into the creek and shift without any warning??], I spit back as I am climbing the latter of the diving board. I reach the top and quickly and gracefully complete a perfect swan dive into the deepest depth of the pool. Basking in the glorious feeling of the cold water as it surrounded my entire body, relaxing every muscle, peace, and tranquility overtake all my senses. As I resurface popping my head up out of the water, I wiped away the water from my eyes to see more clearly. Jumping trying to move backward but being held in place by a pair of very strong arms around my waist, accidentally letting a low yelp, at the surprising sudden proximity of the one and only Dean. "What the hell is wrong with you Dean ?? Why are you such a fucking stalker ??" I asked still trying to get out of his arms. " I was finished with my training so I thought a swim would be nice, you know to help me to cool off." He says to me. " Well, then I shall let you enjoy the rest of the swim .... have a great day," I say finally freeing myself from his arms and getting out of the pool. [We need to stay away from him so he does not stray us away from our mate any more than he already has... For the sake of our mate.], say my wolf. [Yes, Mystery you are right... I will let him know now to let us be.]

I grabbed my towel from the hook it was hanging from on the wall, as to turn back to tell Dean to stay away from me, I now noticed he too is out of the water. Water dripping down his chest over his tone six-pack abs, his muscles that flex naturally every time he moves, and his god-like face that just makes me for some odd reason want to go week at the knees. "Why do you stare at me the way you do ??" I hiss at him. " You will find out soon baby .... Do not worry," is his response to me with a devious smile spreading across his face. "Oh, Stephie, baby there you are... I have been searching everywhere for your sexiness ??" Says some Barbie doll looking bleach blonde as she enters the swim room. A loud and powerful growl echoes throughout the room, it is not until Dean speaks do l realizes that it is coming from him. "Bitch .... How many times do I have to tell you not to call me BABY ??" His eyes never once looking away from me as I look between him and the bleach blonde. "But Stephie baby .... You were not saying that in your SUV on the travel here to this pack .... Remember ??" Says the blond as she rubs her fingers across his bare chest. "Stephany .... Get the fuck away from me before you make me lose my patience and I have to explain to both of our parents why I have murdered you .... And for the last time quit calling me baby Bitch because you are not now or will you ever be my fucking mate." His eyes now starting to turn darker almost black meaning his wolf wants to take over. "Stephie... I think you are not feeling good and that maybe you have become sick .... Come let us go back to your room and let me make you feel better by going to my knees and sucking your dick dry... Yes ??" I can not believe what a damn whore this Stephany chick is, I mean come on now have some self-dignity or something. Unbeknown to me as to why, I find myself walking over to Dean and removing Stephany's hand from his chest and leaving mine in its place, "Breath Dean, calm yourself and I will do something with you .... Your choice." His eyes instantly filled with an emotion I can not myself identify. "Umm .. excuse you slut but that is my Alpha and my man you are touching there .... So get your fucking hands off of him !!" " Dean .... You must calm yourself before you do something both your wolf and you will regret by hurting one of your pack." I say as sweetly as I can hoping then it will go through to him. " Stephany, get the hell out of here now before you say anything else more stupid." He says he pulls my arm making me slam into his chest and nuzzled his face into the crook of my neck and inhaling a deep breath. "Her ?? Are you for real ?? You were not bullshitting then ??" She whines.

" IF YOU DO NOT GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW I WILL PERSONALLY RIP YOUR HEAD OFF AND FEED IT TO YOUR PACK FOR DISRESPECTING YOUR ALPHA !!" My voice boom's through the whole pool room. Stephany who is now running away pissing herself yelping as fast as she passably can. I look back to Dean who is now staring at me his eyes wide and mouth dropped. "Pick your mouth up off the floor it's unsanitary you're getting drool everywhere," I say jokingly as I close his mouth with my finger under his chin. "You made Stark wince... I have never seen him wince !!" he says, "When you figure out what it is you want to do let me know .... Until then later," I say walking away so I can go take a nap, not feeling so well all of a sudden. I make it as far as the elevator doors, (Knowing there is not any way I can make my way up the stairs), spots start to fill my vision along with lightheadedness and then darkness.

###### DEANS POV ######

" Dean what makes you think that your friends and you tying the headmaster of the school to the flagpole naked tarring and feathering him was a good idea ??" Screamed my father, Alpha Luke Kidsworth.

"Oh now darling, I am sure the kids have a good reason for their little pranks it's nothing but good fun you know." Said my mother in a calm and loving town trying her best not to live and she says it.

"Look Kat, my love I'm sure it was in good fun and all that nonsense; hell I'm not even saying that headmaster Jackson didn't deserve it he is an ass of a man after all ....", " Good thing conversation settled right let's have a snack no harm no foul", my mother says cutting my father off she's the only one that could get away with doing that. "I wouldn't say no harm no foul darling considering the man lost flesh as they peeled the tar off of him the feathers as well.", "Oh darling his wolf will heal him and no time I'm sure he's already completely healed really what kind of wolf cries about something so benign ??"

" Yes I suppose you're right dear as always I must be getting off to the office now Dean. I'll be getting into any trouble my love I love you and I'll be missing you until I see you again tonight as always", he says he grabs his suitcase and heads off to the office. " yes I love you too darling kiss now and here is your lunch and I'll miss you until tonight to snookums." My mother says kissing my father as he walks out the door.

"Wow, now that your father's off to work and all this nonsense is behind us I must ask you a question my loving son now be honest with your answer for I am your mother and I can tell when you are lying you have learned this." " Yes mother", I say to her and not for her to continue. "How did you manage to get the headmaster to ask Jackson tied to that damn pole to tar and feather him anyways he is a huge giant of a man ??" I can't help but let out a laugh looking my mother in the eyes as she smiles and it reaches from her when I to the other. "Hypothetically speaking mother somebody may or may not have slipped him some Ambien smashed up in Nyquil slipped into his coffee hypothetically of course with her", I say smiling. " that's my baby using that hypothetically word I swear by it I tell you", says my mother laughing. " Now finish your breakfast get cleaned up get dressed in a nice outfit and get your things packed to make sure everything's all together because alpha Dennis and his Luna Sandy should be here in a couple of hours to come and pick you all up now I want you ready and I want you on your best behavior while you're gone. Remember to look your best because you never know when you're running to your mate darling", " yes mother I love you I am finished with breakfast if I could be excused I'll go do all that right now." " You may and I love you too."

I always dress my best looking to impress because my mother said you never know when you'll find your mate, and was I ready to find my mate being 19 years old in the future alpha. Do not get me wrong I can have my pick of a lot of the unmated she-wolves in my pack or any other but whores get boring they're all the same. I want my mate and how I wish and pray that she isn't another horror not that I wouldn't love her, all the same, she would be my mate after all but I wouldn't mind a good pure girl for my mate one that waits for me her mate. After double-checking that all my things are packed and gathered ready to be loaded into the SUVs and moving trucks I hop into the shower letting the hot water run over me washing up and getting out until drying my body off. I throw on some basketball shorts in a random black T-shirt because I know at some point my wolf is going to be hounding me to go for a run whether it be before or after the alpha and Luna come and pick my friends and me up. Alpha Dennis and Luna Sandy have twin daughters which are unheard of for there to be two alpha daughters considering there can only be one alpha daughter on the planet at a time living until now. I believe my mother said that the girls are names were Ariana and Alice. I'll be staying in their house well my friends will be staying in the packhouse maybe I'm not bored with whores just the ones here in my pack might be nice or fun or interesting or something with new whores we shall see.

After greeting The Alpha and Luna of the SunMoon pack, my friends and I said our goodbyes to our loved ones, and family hopped in our SUVs and were on the road. Stephany asks if I wanted any company on the ride there so I said why not might get bored. "Stephy baby, I need something to feel my mouth .... May I use your cock ??" Stephany says her lips brushing my ear as she giggles. "As long as you don't call me baby anymore Stephany sure I'll let you fill your mouth with my cock why not ??" I say pushing her head towards my lap with my hand on the back of her head. She unbuttons and unzips my pants using your hand to pull out my limp dick, she starts devouring it in her mouth. The suction this girl has is like a Hoover Vacuum I swear. I can feel my dick becoming erect in her mouth as she bobs her head up and down. "Fuck Stephany, you're such a fucking whore .... Mmh... But DAMN suck some mean dick bitch." She looks up at me as she takes her other hand and starts massaging my balls. I don't even wear her before I can cum. Shooting my load as I ram my dick to the back of her throat. She licks up every drop of my load happily. Leaning over and trying to kiss me after, "WTF Bitch .... Brush your fucking teeth .... Do not ever try to kiss me again ever !!!!" I tell her. WTF, is she thinking I have never kissed her before. I have only fucked her and let suck my cock. "Stephy,... I was wondering if you would let me be your girlfriend ??" "For the 1000 time Hell No," I say in a growl.

[Little Alpha .... We are almost to the pack territory, do you want me to pull over and let you free your Wolf ??], Jack my guard asked through mind Link. He is trying to give me a chance to get away from this crazy whore. "How dare you interrupt yo...." Stephany starts to say as I cut her off. " Yes, jack thank you for reminding me." Pulling the car over I leap out the side door quickly shifting letting Stark take control. [Bam, jump in my SUV and keep Stephany from trying to fallow me yeah ??], [Can I fuck her ??], He replies. [Just don't kiss her because I just got done shooting my load in her mouth .... Unless you want to taste me.] I reply laughing as I say the last line. [No... I just want to fuck her] he says. "Hey Stephany wants to fuck ??", "Yeah sure Bam" I hear her reply to him as Stark takes off into the woods.

About ten minutes into running through the woods Stark comes to an immediate stop and starts sniffing the air. {MATE .... MATE ....MATE .... MATE'S SCENT}, {Well fallow it you DAMN fool !!!!}, I yelled in our mind.

Walking through the trees as quiet as a mouse, Stark slowly maneuvers making sure to stay downwind, so no one will pick up his sent. {Shift}, I say to my wolf, and he does. Coming up to a beautiful Creek I see a beautiful snow-white wolf. {She beautiful .... Our MATE'S Wolf is Beautiful !!}, {Yes she is}, I agree back to Stark. As I find myself in a trance just watching the wolf my eyebrows raised as I wonder what is she doing what's normally don't just go for swims. I guess I watch this wolf swim out into the deepest depth of this Creek she all of a sudden shifts. "MYSTERY !!!!", my mate screamed.

[Mystery .... Her wolf is named Mystery.] I hear Stark as he yip's in my head. I watch as she dives down into the water. I see a couple of flat Stones good for skipping them cross the water and wait until I see just the top of her head start to pop up out of the top of the water. I start skipping the stones straight across from me to get her attention. As she slowly spins around in the water and looks at me only showing a split second of shock surprise and something I can't describe over her facial expressions as well as in her eyes before she Sports a poker face. So beautiful auburn hair falling and floating around her shoulders in the water, I can't help but look to her beautiful golden color eyes with just a few hints of hot pink. she asked me who I am so I tell her if she answers my question I'll answer hers and she agrees so I tell her who I am. I was curious as to why she hasn't shown if she's picked up that were mates yet so I asked her how old she is, and she says she'll be sixteen in four days. She does not know where mate's yet then. This should be a fun few days to play with my mate before she finds out we are mates.

°°°°°° Ariana's POV °°°°°°

Waking up to my head raising then back down and light but fast drumming sound in my ear. Fluttering my eyes open realizing that my head is laid against Dean's chest and he's carrying me. I looked up at him as I see the tops of all the forest trees moving above his head. , "Where are you taking me ??", I ask. his arm suddenly stiffening and tightening a little more around me he stops and looks down at me .... Am I see panic and worry in his breathtaking eyes ?? "You are awake... The Pack Doctor is where I am taking you." He simply States as a matter of fact. "Why I only fainted .... Please could you put me down now ??" I ask him. "No", is all I get as a response.

So I do the only thing I feel I can do and that's to punch him in the throat. He goes down to his knees gasping for air as I use my wolf reflexes to land on my feet, Not even sparing him a second glance or thought I turn on my heels and start heading back towards my home. Going through the big double doors of the front of my house I go to the stairs and climb the many many flights up to my floor going quickly to my bed lying down and mind-linking my mother asking her where my sister is. She, informs me that my sister and a few of our friends had volunteered to go in exchange for the students that came here. [Why Did Know Ask Me ??] [Well Dear no one could find you and Dean said that you had promised to help him with his studies while he was here so that you would not be interested in volunteering to go to the there pack.] [WHAT ??]

The nerve of that guy. How dare he even think to answer for Me !! I mean who the hell does he think he is ??

concluding that he is not worth the energy to dwell over at the moment I hop off my bed and walk over to my bookshelf grabbing my favorite book titled the forever faithful series by Karen Kingsbury and walk over to my windowsill to have a seat and start reading. I'm not sure how much time has passed as I've gone through about five or six chapters I look up out the window and see Dean and his friends hanging out. Dean looks up directly at me our eyes connecting as he gives me a smug cocky smirk to which I responded with a roll of the eyes flipping him the bird. I noticed as an extremely fine-looking specimen, I'm assuming his friend obviously, pushes him and starts laughing at the actions I have made towards his Alpha friend. I give a little flirtatious wave and wink to his friend causing Dean to glare at me as he's not taking his eyes off me once. Just to irritate him further, I blow his friend a little kiss. I could not believe that Dean let out a growl loud enough for me to hear from my window up here very high up on my floor. I think to myself good Dean's just as pissed off as I am about him answering for me so I wondered just how pissed off I can get him ?? I guess it is time to have a little fun since I turn 16 in less and 32 hours meaning I could find my mate and no longer be able to act recklessly in a childish way, I'd have to start acting recklessly in an adult way. I hop off my windowsill walk over and put my book back on my bookshelf where it goes deciding to change my clothes. I put on a black pair of booty shorts with hot pink writing on the back that says spank me and a black tank top with hot pink riding across the chest that says, want to touch my melons ??, Then slipping on my black and hot pink Nikes I run out the door to the elevator. Stepping off the elevator into the main living room I hang a sharp left into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle before heading out the side door. I start jogging slowly in the direction of Dean and his friends making sure to go past his very hot-looking friend. "Hey good looking .... Want to join me for a jog ??", I ask as I pass the hottie. " I would be an idiot not too gorgeous", is the hottie's reply as he starts to jog alongside me. "So .... You gotta name ?? Or should I just refer to you as Hottie ??" I ask Hottie as we jog off towards the forest, earning a not-so-nice growl from Dean. "Beautiful you can call me whatever you'd like, but my name's Bam", he says with a laugh. " What do you like to do for fun Ariana ??" He asks me. "Damn Bam your good already knowing My name .... To answer your question I like doing lots of things like reading, running, swimming, Longboarding, and at the moment most of all... I like pissing off your alpha friend." I say with a smile on my face. " That is something we both seem to have in common as pissing off my Alpha friend is one of my favorite things to do for fun", we both laugh. " You know Dean is pretty good at longboarding too. He's got some pretty badass boards", he tells me. " So do I my new friend so do I", is my reply as I notice Bam turning into a blurry ball of gone.

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