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Its about a boy who was visiting his Best friend who was out of town for 3 months. However when he was going home he met in a terrible accident and he was in a coma for 2 Months.

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The night Thomas almost died

It was a bright and sunny morning.10 year old Thomas could not wait any longer to play with his Best friend Julia who he was best friends with since kindergarten.he was heading to Julia house which was 2 minutes up the Street so his parents said he should be back by 5pm for dinner. when he arrived at her house he saw Julia singing in the trampoline that was in her backyard.he was excited to see her,who was out of town for 3 months.he started to run to Julia and Julia started to run to him and they hugged again after 3 months of not seeing each other. they went into the trampoline and started to play.after a while of playing they got out and started to play hide and seek.after hours of playing they got hungry, they went inside for a snack.After eating they went outside to play again.Thomas realized that it was getting late and he had to go home. they said there goodbyes and he left. while he was walking he was thinking about how much fun he had and wanted to tell his parents but sadly never got to because when Thomas was crossing the street to go home came a car speeding. the driver was drunk driving. he didn't see Thomas and accidentally hit Thomas and drove off.Thomas was injured and had blood running down his face.he passed out on the street. his parents started to got worried so they called Julia's mom(Andrea) and ask if Thomas had left.they replied and said Thomas left a long time ago,but Thomas hadn't reached home yet his parents said.so everyone went looking for Thomas. after a long while of searching,one of the neighbors (billy) who was so kind to Thomas and his parents found Thomas unconscious. he picked up Thomas unconscious body and yelled out Thomas's parents name.his parents ran to billy and saw billy holding Thomas they started cry.

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