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The first time

So today is December 15th, 2021 I first started smoking marijuana in June or July of 2019 so more than 2 years of experience it's not as long as some of my friends or even my immediate family members but I know my body well and I have a good understanding of what weed does to you the more you smoke it so I'm going to be telling you about it the good the bad and the ugly side of smoking marijuana so before June or July of 2019 everyone who knows me would tell you that I was totally against the whole concept of smoking anything weed vapes black & milds anything harmful to the human body I was not messing with but with that being said the first day I hit the blunt I never stopped I had just got up for the day and I come downstairs to the living room, and my sister and mother were smoking a blunt and then I would always have an attitude or be walking around with one if I saw my sister smoking because of how against it I was but for some reason, that morning my mindset changed I figured I'll do what the fuck I want if I die I die so when she offered me the blunt i just hit like it was nothing didn't choke or cough and I ghost inhaled the smoke on my first try as well after that first day I never not once went without weed and I realized that now even though weed doesn't have any addictive chemicals it most definitely forms a codependent relationship so if someone who smoke as much as me or even more than me tells you it's easy to stop no it's not if you've been smoking as much as me I haven't went even a full 12 hours without a blunt in 2 years so I think I'm going to be able to provide you all with some good information about this subject

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