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She has problems with Her social appearance Until one day she meets a girl who will change her life forever. She struggles with her new gift and has to journey places to help control it.

LGBT+ All public.

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Chapter 1

Ugh I have to go to school tomorrow ill just have to survive it, Ithought while Laying in her bed waiting for the alarm to ring. My mom called her down to eat and she got up and got dressed in haste. I ran down stairs And said thank you to my mom While sitting down to eat, I ate in haste to catch the bus.

I finally Finished and kissed her mom goodbye Picking up her back back at the front door.Bye mom see you when I get home, I said While running out the door to The end of the street.

I Got on the bus at 6:28 am, She found a seat In the front by a male slepping.I got off At school Home of the panthers, She ran to first period, Science.I went next door To ELA and hour later to Hear a group of makes talking about me.

Oh I heard that she Is gay and That's bad to this school, We should go confront her make her cry heh, They Stared at me but before They did anything The teacher Yelled shut up And we all sat down for our class.It was finally lunch time, I ran towards the lunch room Hungrily, I sat at table nine In my lonely spot. Thank god they called us first In starving, I got up and Got my lunch and sat down eating in haste.

BEEEEEEEP Was the end of my last Class And I Ran at the end of the school out the doors And to my bus 21-24

I got on and Found a seat by a new kid Hey can I sit by you? "sure" ThanksI said Sitting down looking at her appearance.

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