May North

A girl born in the capitol, power over others at birth. She does not want this power so she tries to sabatoge her parents system. Her parents find out and are stricter then they were before. Forcing her to be perfect.

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The Perfect Girl

" I was born on midnight, of a new year, the year of perfection. I was my mother's first child after 2 tries, so my parents we're very happy when I was born. I was born in the capital, which is the city of Bumbioo. My parents would spoil me rotton cause they knew I would be there only child, I was also part of the royalty family."

"My name is Cynthia Brown, currently 15 years old and the "Perfect Girl" according to everyone in town. I visit the other towns on my birthday every year but my 1 birthday wish is to live a normal life. Sadly no one's life is normal here, after most the population died...we had to find shelter, and our remaining people were divided into 5 different cities."

"Everything changed after the war, the war of life and death basically. If you were not in the war you would be killed. People betrayed you even in the war, they would kill you if you messed 1 little thing up. There was no escape, the only people that were safe were my family cause they are royal...And of course my family needs a "Perfect" daughter to meet there "Perfect"standards"

"I have been to Camooli enough to know 2 people I'm fairly close with, Carina and Benni. But that does not help me get out of this horrible wor-"

"CYNTHIA! ARE YOU WRITING IN THAT STUPID JOURNAL AGAIN!?" My mother yells while bursting into my room "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING, YOU HAVE A PHOTO SHOOT IN 20 MINUTES!" She yells at me thinking I take as long as her to get ready.

"Mom did I not tell you I don't want to do photoshoots anymore?" I say starting to get irritated.

"WELL OBVIOUSLY THAT IS NOT HAPPENING!" She says in an bratty tone. I hate it when she uses that tone, I feel like my eardrums are going to pop.

I head for one of our many bathrooms to get ready. Although I tell her I don't want to do something she does not listen, instead she makes me do extra. right now I am doing ballet, in a week I will be doing five more things to waste my time.

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