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bonnie-pacheco Bonnie Pacheco

This is a magical story of a girl named Jeni. She enters this world and it shakes her faith in God.

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Short tale
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Chapter One

Now Alroy Potcheko was not a smart man.  His wife Karole was no better,  But they honestly thought they raised their kids Jeni and Brein in a loving way.  Yet both of them had secrets.

Karole's secret was that her family was rich.  So rich they could buy a country.  But Karole was ashamed of her money, so she played like she was poor.  And lived off Alroy's job as a construction worker.

Now the budget was tight.  Even though Karole's mother Halen bought the house free and clear.  It just was too expensive to live in Kailua, Hawaii.  But they stayed there anyway because Alroy grew up in Hawaii.

Back to secrets.  Alroy Potcheko had an unusual secret.  He was ashamed too.  And that's why this book was written, read on and see.

Chapter 2

If Brein lived, for one thing, it was to torment his sister Jeni. Oh, he was a devil.  And Jeni would grow more and more frustrated each day.  But she would pray it away.

Now Jeni believed in God. My how she loved her Jesus.  And if she were to learn her father's secret, it would shake her faith in God.  Like it will in the coming book.

Jeni did not know it but her life was to radically change on her tenth year.  She has placed two grades in sixth grade, she was so smart.  So she would go to middle school.  Sort of like Oprah, a major genius Jeni was.

In fact, her new school was to be Tellsworth Academy.  Principal Padme of Jeni's current school was talking to Alroy and Karole about child abuse. How not letting Jeni go to a smarter read more expensive school would make Jeni dumb.  So they agreed but the school was in New York City.

Chapter 3

"I'm going where?" Jeni asked.  Her mother Karole replied, "To your grandmother Luci's house in Wainaku."  Karole added, "Also, you're going to start school in New York, in September." "More Strangers!" Jeni cried and ran to her room.  "That went well," said Alroy.  (So not people.)

"Honor your mother and father." Jeni chanted this as the days went by.  Soon it was summer.  And Jeni packed her bags to live in Wainaku, Hawaii.  (That's on the Big Island people.) And Jeni was not happy.

Jazman her cousin, picked her up at the airport from her trip.  Jeni packed light hoping to hurt her leg and be rushed home to her family.  But Jazman was cool.  She was an adult who looked like a runway model. 

So they settled in Grandma Luci's home.  But Jeni was surprised that Grandma Luci looked so young for her age.  (Read she took a beauty cream to make herself beautiful.) And Grandma Luci brought out a big, yellow book.  On it was written Lica Nar Nes Demi Sevla.

Chapter 4

Jeni was like "What's this?"  After she unpacked her small wardrobe.  How she would break her leg was beyond her thoughts.  Still, she was bored.

"Come Jeni."  Grandma Luci said.  "This is a magical book."  "I don't do spells grandma, take me home now!" Jeni screamed. Jeni loved Jesus remember?  But after a brief call from home and explanation from Jazman did Jeni settle down.  So she read the book.

Alroy's secret was that he was a member of a special group who once built the temple of God.  Families passed down the secret gift of making magical things by prayer.  And there were fairies too!

Jeni met them outside Grandma Luci's garden.  Bejinda was her favorite fairy.  "Roses make us sleepy," Bejinda said. "Really, I did not know that," Jeni said.  Jeni met other fairies like Renat and Gari, boy fairies.

Chapter 5

"I think your brother is suffering from Molaris," Jazman told Jeni.  "Mowatta?"  Jeni asked.  (Read what's that?) "It's when smart boys are given smart pills in their orange juice," Jazman replied.  There they sat in Jazman's house watching Jazman's special television set show Brien hammer one of Jeni's shoes into the wall.  "Oh that explains the.." said Jeni. 

Now Jeni loved her time at Grandma Luci's house.  So much that she did not want to leave.  As she was packing her bags, Jazman became alarmed.  "Jeni!Jeni! Jazman said.

"A fairy told you her secrets, then she belongs to you," Jazman said.  "Really?  I did not know that!" exclaimed Jeni.  One of the reasons she fell in love with Bejinda and did not want to leave.  "Jeni, I'm serious!" Jazman said.  

"Bejinda is a princess fairy, she belongs to her people," Jazman said. So Jazman ordered a special home for Bejinda.  It was made of glass and wood.  It would allow Bejinda to travel to Wainaku on a rose and come back to be with Jeni where ever she went.

Chapter 6

Karole, Jeni's mother cried hard as Grandma Halen took Jeni to the airport.  Grandma Halen was Karole's mom. (The rich one remember?)  Together after a long flight, they arrived at Tellsworth Academy. It was there she met her roommate Tamor.

"Is that your maid?" Tamor asked Jeni when she saw a picture of Karole in a frame.  "That's my mom!" Jeni replied.  "Well, she doesn't look like you!" Tamor said. "Princess!" Jeni said out loud.

From that time on Tamor did not speak to Jeni.  Oh, Jeni was blonde with white skin. Whereas Karole was Japanese with long messy hair.  But Jeni loved her mom's hair and really wished she looked more Japanese.

Well, Jeni loved her classes.  Especially her creative writing class with Mr.Baeman.  He was the kindest teacher in the school.  And she met the janitor Avil there too.

Chapter 7

Soon school became boring too.  Oh, it was a fancy place.  Students had bodyguards.  Even Jeni when she wanted to go outside had Ms. Tanyo.  Ms. Tanyo was an ex-marine who loved Jeni.

Jeni lived for the times when she would talk to Bejinda with her special glasses.  See fairies are very tiny to see, so Jeni needed those glasses to see them.  But only when Tamor was not around.  Mostly Saturdays, because Sunday was the church day of course.

Jeni met a girl named Matia.  Soon they were best of friends.  Jeni wanted to tell Matia of her secret but Jazman over the phone told her no.  So Jeni kept two of her favorite things to herself.

TYOMMB,  It was the music box and the mirror that was Jeni's favorite things.  The music box played whenever someone told a lie around it.  But Jeni would practice and say she fibbed instead.

Chapter 8

The mirror could show her home in Kailua, Hawaii. Jeni missed her room there.  She could see almost anything with the mirror; Anywhere she wanted to go.  She saw Brein doing something bad and told her mom about it on the phone of course.

But one-day Tamor went missing.  The F.B.I. was called in. It was when they spoke to Jeni that Jeni thought to use the mirror to find Tamor.  All she saw a boy instead.  A crying boy.

Jeni told Jazman about it on the phone.  Jazman prayed for Jeni.  Jeni also went around asking questions to people about Tamor using the music box.  It played when Mr. Farsee the gym teacher spoke.

Mr. Farsee said he did not know where Tamor was.  Jeni got smart too soon.  Becuase Jeni did not hide her joy, Mr. Farsee got wise.  He grabbed Jeni and drugged her.

Chapter 9

When Jeni awoke she was in a dark room.  Tamor was there looking like a boy.  Her hair was cut skin tight.  And Tamor was drugged too.

"Help me!" Jeni said.  But Tamor did not answer.  A door opened.  And Ms. Acau, the school librarian came for Jeni.

But Jeni got up and jumped on top of Ms. Acau.  Ms. Acau fell to the ground.  Jeni still dizzy put her knee on Ms. Acau back.  It broke.

Jeni ran to the open door.  Not too fast, she still was dizzy.  Ms. Acau moaned and could not get up.  Jeni closed the door and bolted it shut.

It was like a maze to Jeni.  She was downstairs somewhere.  She looked for a door.  She prayed to Jesus for help.  Then she saw a big door.

But it was locked.  She wanted to cry now.  Instead, she saw a picture of Mr. Murai in her mind.  She remembered the 4-7-8 game he taught her.

The 4-7-8 game was a breathing thing.  Breathe in for four counts, hold for seven then exhale for eight.  That was the game.  So Jeni breathed.

Jeni prayed"Oh God you are my help, but if I do not make it out of here in your hand I give my spirit."  Just then Jeni heard a loud crack.  Someone was opening the door very hard.

Chapter 10

She saw Mr. Avil the janitor with a large metal stick.  Jeni was happy.  So happy that she fainted.  Mr. Avill was there with Detective Abee.  They rescued Jeni and Tamor.

So the ambulance took both girls to the hospital.  Jeni was surprised she missed school.  Mr. Farsee and Ms. Acau were arrested because they were the bad guys.  And later both girls were released to their parents.

Karole came up to New York.  And then things went back to normal again.  Tamor became close friends with Jeni.  Becuase Tamor said Jeni rescued her.  But Jeni said no, Jesus did that instead.

All too soon it was time to go home for the summer.  Brein stopped tormented Jeni half the time.  This is because Jazman talked to Karole about the smart pills in the orange juice.  So Karole gave him a special milk to drink to behave.

But Brein was in for a surprise too.  He would follow Jeni up to New York.  He would also spend the summer at Grandma Luci's house.  So this is the start of TYOTMFW.  (stay tuned)

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The End

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Tiffany Petty Tiffany Petty
I love the way you picture things. The description of the characters I would love more of that. It interests me. Good Job Bonnie!
November 01, 2017, 21:24