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Love's Nightmare [Album 2] Canciones interpretadas y escritas por Tania Javték ~ Sound for Land

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Watching you

You haven´t watch my eyes, yet

but I know How is your smile,

Im near, you don´t imagine,

Im watching you

when light falls between us,

when darkness borns again.

Near, walk, across the garden,

however I wish it, I can´t know

the life you hides behind the door,

you don´t deserves who, yet,

has Inspiration

Im watching you,

you don´t imagine who

because of you give stars.

I shared you

secrets that nobody understands

you´re the one

who is watching me

on dark abyss beyond us,

Im watching you,

Im seeing you.

And, on this World of Ashes

Im watching you (watching)

and you watch me,

you listen my melody

don´t know

comes from

my inspiration (inspiration)

between us (us)

Im watching you.

Every day when I come back,

look the stars on high sky,

I wish, wish, wish

don´t fall in love with somebody else

didn´t sell your heart,

Im watching you, watching you…

Im watching you,

call me by my name,

Im watching you,

watching you.

(only, watching you)

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