Indrani Choudhary

A poem on indian mythological river ganga.

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Oh ganga you are the one,

Who flies fearlessly,

From Barisal division to Uttarakhand.

Every year, every season,
I see you flying in every division,

Any time, any day,

I see you working continuously.

Oh ganga,

You are the one,

Who carries fishes,

From Mrigal carp to Ganges shark,

You don’t let anyone to get spoil,

You take care of everyone,

Whether its living or dead.

Now we know that you work hard,

You don’t fly alone,

You fly with your millions of clones,

You let them live inside you,

You are same as lord Vishnu.

Oh ganga,

You are the one,

Your purity is just awesome,

You are pure and the one who steps inside you,

Is more than pure,

Any problem and you are the cure,

You are the best for Vedic rituals for after death,

There is something in you,

Oh ganga you are the one.

~Indrani choudhary~

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DC Dipika Choudhary
Great writing s beta
December 01, 2021, 08:01