Indrani Choudhary

this poem is dedicated to all the teachers world wide, this poem is just waning answers to some of my question for every single teacher.

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I sat down to count my blessings,

The blessings from which I got my earnings,

Maybe what I an is just because of them,

For me they are much more costly than a diamond or a gem.

In this poem I want some answers to my questions That How??

How do you manage so many children and their howls, screams and fights?

How do you fill our lives?

With so many lights?

Don’t you get bore?

Teaching same things every year?

Well apart from it,

You are the one who I want to hear,

You are the one who discovered us in us,

You are the one who groom all the students

And generate a specific talent in us.

So, thank you for getting bored,

Thank you for managing us

Thank you for everything you are giving to us.

~Indrani Choudhary~

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DC Dipika Choudhary
Through out the world teachers are least valued and under respected group. Thanks for thinking about us
December 01, 2021, 08:02